Book of Revelation

Here, you will find a verse-by-verse explanation of "The Revelation From Jesus Christ That God Gave Him" (you know it has The Book of Revelation).

It is a fresh and unique explanation unlike you will find anywhere. No one - and I mean no one - explains it in this manner. (No, not even Jehovah's Witnesses; in case there are those of you who would like to unfairly link my Jehovah's Witness past with this. There is a vast difference in my explanation). I have respectfully concluded that all explanations of this revelation God gave His Son provided by ALL Christian (so-called) organizations are inaccurate and sprang from the same false assumptions and foundations; and that they are NOT based on the utterances of The High God and the teachings of His Son, Jesus [the]Christ.

Do I believe that it is the best and most accurate explanation? Absolutely! I believe it holds more validity than any explanation ever given on the subject ... ever!

The Book of Revelation