What and When Is Armageddon


Does the image above invoke in your mind what Armageddon is? If so, how did that image enter into your mind? Is it an accurate description of what Armageddon is? Let’s see.

The mistake so many have made concerning Armageddon as to what it is and when it is that they have not listened to the one The Most High God has told us to listen to. (Luke 9:35)

Dead Prophets such as Daniel and others – who The Most High did not send to us –  have nothing to do with defining what Armageddon is and when it will occur. Did God tell us to listen to these Prophets of old? Did He send them to us? The answer is, no!

The Father in heaven sent us His Son and he is called The Word of God. A title not given to ANY Prophet of old. And, to this one, God says: “Listen to him.” (Luke 9:35)

So to come to an accurate understanding as to what Armageddon is, we MUST listen to Christ.

In The Book of Revelation at verse 1:1 we are told,

The revelation from Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place.

It seems to me that since this is a revelation that God gave Jesus and since Armageddon is mentioned in The Book of Revelation, it is Jesus [the]Christ we should be listening to and not the old Prophets and devising systems using the 70 weeks to figure out when Messiah would come. Doing so, are acts of disobedience faithlessness to God and Christ; as Jesus said that no one but God knows when he will come. (Matthew 24:36, Matthew 24:42, and Acts 1:7)

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.

He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.

I have never seen so much blatant disregard for what Jesus as said with regard his return. I see this same level if disregard concerning listening to “him” with regard to Armageddon and many other things. As I see it, the religious systems and organizations the masses of people belong to have them afraid to speak or question these things. They become complacent in what they have been led to believe is the truth and lackadaisical in questioning what they have been told. They blindly accept it all because the majority or the others about them believe it to be true. 

According to Rev 16:16 Armageddon is a PLACE not a war and it is NOT the end of the world. It is the “PLACE” where the resistance of the coming down of and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on the earth will be waged.

And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Ma·ged’on.

That PLACE is NOT the world in which we live today. That PLACE is NOT the world that immediately follows this one: Christs 1000 “definite” 1000 year kingdom.

The PLACE where the resistance to the coming down of and the establishment of God’s “indefinite” kingdom on earth is “The Throne of Satan.” (Rev 2:13) In other words, the PLACE is Satan’s Wild Beast System of things that will be established on the earth AFTER Christs 1000 year kingdom ends. (Rev 20:6-8)

Armageddon is the situation the earth in future days will find itself controlled and engulfed in where resistance to God’s Kingdom being established will occur: The Wild Beast. Satan’s Wild Beast system of things will have misled all of mankind to such a great extent, that all of the world will believe that it is existing in a prosperous, long-lasting, system of peace and security. They will believe what can be better than that! They will say in those days within Satan’s Throne over the earth. As Revelation 13:4 says:

Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?

Notice the reference to war. Since there will be no other governments on earth in the days of the Wild Beast, the only who in this Scripture that could wage war against the Throne of Satan on earth is God’s Kingdom. This tells us that the Wild Beast will have misled the people to such an extent that they will not believe any other power can stand up against up against it. 

It is unreasonable and illogical to believe that the people in those future days would think that not even God cannot stand up against the Wild Beast. It is for that reason that I believe that the people of the world in those future days will be misled to believe that the system in which they will be in is from God. It makes perfect sense! The people will have previously lived through a 1000 year time period within Christ’s kingdom over the earth; it will be a paradise. When that kingdom ends, Satan is released from the abyss and he will not make any drastic changes to what Christ took 1000 years to establish. I believe Satan will usurp what Christ established and make it his own. He will even usurp those who were kings with Christ for the 1000 years. Revelation 17:12 shows this:

The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast.

The kings mentioned in the Scripture above are not political kings or kingdoms existing today as the nations and kingdoms of the world of today will have long been destroyed and a thing of the past. So, Satan will cleverly mislead people into thinking that the Wild Beast (Satan’s Throne over the earth – The PLACE) is a continuation of Christs Kingdom or is God’s Kingdom already come down!

It will be within that PLACE where the “Good News of the Kingdom” will be preached by an angel – not any human(s). It will take the loud declaration of this angel to awaken the misled world who will be in a slumber and comfortable state. The lie being dispensed today is that the Good News of the Kingdom is in existence and that it is being preached by humans today. In fact, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that they are preachings this Good News yet no one among them can tell you specifically what that Good News message is.

Myself, a former 30 year baptized Jehovah’s Witness (I disassociated myself about three years ago), knowing full well that most Jehovah’s Witnesses – if any – can articulate what that Good News message is. They have been told and think that the act of going door-to-door, house-to-house in what is called Field Service and placing Watch Tower publications in the hands of persons they encounter and establishing Bible Studies is preaching the Good News of the Kingdom.What message is there in dispensing literature that few read anyway. Most Jehovah’s Witnesses, if honest, do not even read the publications.

That the Good News of the Kingdom (God’s Kingdom) has not been given yet and that no human will declare it can be seen at Rev 14:6:

Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people.

This is in harmony with what Jesus said would occur in distant future days at Matthew 24:14:

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

Notice that in both Scriptures who is being preached to every nation, tribe, language, and people. All of the nations (of people).

The Watch Tower teaches that angels in midair direct humans in the preaching of the Good News on earth. That is a stretch as does Christ nor his revelation says that. It says an angel will declare it.

It must be understood that within that PLACE, ALL of the inhabitants of the earth will have been misled. (That explains why an angel has to declare the  Good News of the Kingdom as all humans will be thoroughly misled and not qualified.)

It will be that angelic declaration that will incite and stir things up within that PLACE. Those who respond to that angelic declaration and having their eyes opened and faithfully enduring to the end of that PLACE will be granted everlasting life.

Those who do not respond to the angelic declaration of the Good News and who do not want to see that PLACE (Satan’s Throne) go away (which will disrupt their “peaceful and safe lives) are resisting the establishment of God’s Kingdom – will perish.

It is within that PLACE that what Jesus said at Matthew 10:22 takes on meaning. He said:

You will be hated by EVERYONE because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

PRIOR to the giving and declaration of the Good News by the angel, Satan will have misled ALL of the earth. That is what we are told at Rev 20:8, Rev 12:9, 1 John 5:19 and many other Scriptures.

Therefore, ALL of the world will be of one mind and united. Thus, what Jesus says at Matthew 10:22 would make sense when he says “You will be hated by EVERYONE …”

In order for his faithful followers who will have responded to the angelic declaration of the Good News of the Kingdom to be hated by everyone, a time period must come over the earth where EVERYONE is united. That time period is in the PLACE of Satan’s Throne is in future days: The Wild Beast.

The declaration of the Good News of the Kingdom by the angel to that PLACE will disrupt that unity and cause SOME persons (a relatively few among many) to respond favorably to the angelic declaration. Those who respond are the ones who will be hated by EVERYONE (by those who do not respond favorably). 

All of mankind living prior to Christ’s Kingdom will have died off completely before Christs kingdom is established, then later resurrected into Christs 1000 year paradise on earth, see that 1000 years come to an end, and then exist right on into what Satan will cleverly and subtly establish on the earth after Christ’s 1000 kingdom ends. (Yes, the earth will be devoid of ALL human life for a time span prior to Christ being coronated king). 

It is within Satans Wild Beast Throne that Armageddon is. Satan’s Throne is the PLACE where the resistance to God’s Kingdom being established will be waged.

We are nowhere close to Armageddon or the Great Tribulation (which also takes place within that PLACE).

In fact, the Great Tribulation is the harsh treatment those who respond to the angelic declaration of the Good News will receive by those who do not respond. (Those they were formerly united with. Former spiritual Brothers and Sisters will be the source their tribulation. They are the unfaithful slaves).

Tidbit: Christ (Michael) is that angel who will declare to that PLACE the Good News of the Kingdom. That is why Christ says at Matthew 10:22:

“You will be hated by everyone because of ME …”

Why? Because he will be the one declaring that Good News as a witness to all of that future world (PLACE). The world in those future days will hate those who were once with them, but who detach themselves because of the preaching of the Good News by the angel (Michael). As Christ said” Because of ME. Because of his declaration of the Good News of God’s Kingdom.

Supporters of the Wild Beast will hate those who remove their support (worship) from the Wild Beast because of “ME” (The declaration by the angel Michael of the Good News).

Many will not accept and will reject what is written in this article. I know. It goes against everything they have been told and taught. It goes against the popular and established teaching about Armageddon. But I encourage you to think seriously about this as you are not being told the truth.

You see, I belong to no religious organization and thus have no desire or motive to lie to you in order to sway you into joining one. My desire is to point persons to serious discipleship to the person of Christ as free persons as he directed and to help them see that something is not right with the religious system called by men Christianity and her more than 41,000 contending denominations. (John 8:31-32 and Matthew 28:19-20)

To encourage them to ask the difficult and hard questions that this religious system does not want them to ask. To encourage them to put to the test all that any would say is from God. (1 John 4:1)

To help them realize that they have only one Master and Teacher: Christ himself. Not religious organizations and the leadership within them or their human founders claiming to speak for him or act as some kind of go-between for them. To help them realize that their faith and loyalty are to Christ  – a person who is alive – and not to systems of religion.

To help them see that religious organization is all about captivity and taking people captive into THEMSELVES so as to control the captive and lead (mislead) them into what to believe. That religious organization stands up in a position where only Christ can be: Lord, Master, and Teacher of us.

What I write here, no one ANYWHERE is talking about or teaching. You MUST put even what I write to the test in accordance to 1 John 4:1. Earnestly pray to the Most High through His Son for His Wisdom, His Knowledge, and His Understanding. Do Not rely on your own understanding or that of religious organizations. God is able to open your eyes without them. He does this by His Son.

A religious organization is misleading you AWAY from the truth.

Time will show what I have written is true and passes God’s test of truthfulness and makes more sense than what is being dispensed today out of the religious system called by men, Christianity. A problem, however, is that Christianity has so drunkened and blinded its membership with emotionalism that many cannot be reasoned with or cease to think for themselves. Just as the intoxicated one cannot see, walk, talk, think, or speak clearly – so are the many within the religious system called by men, Christianity. Many react out of drunkened emotion rather than one of soundness of mind. That is what will prevent many of them from even examining what is written here.

It is not wise to reject something because emotion prods us not to like it or it agitates or upsets us or it is not what we are comfortable in believing. Or, having someone else conclude the matter for you without you yourself having heard all of the evidence.

The wise King Solomon said at Eccl 12:13:

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.

Before hastily rendering a conclusion to a matter, King Solomon heard all of the evidence. This would require careful consideration, research, questions and critical thinking. Not the hasty conclusions that the religious system called by men has indoctrinated it’s membership to make. (I believe the religious system does this so as to divert attention away from itself being questioned, challenged, tested, reseached and investigated.

Yet, in King Solomons mind,  those things not spoken and not commanded by God would be rejected. Today, God’s command is that we listen to His Son. (Luke 9:35)

Like King Solomon, we would be wise to do just that and have the common sense to know that because a religious system and the organizations within it say it is Christian is not the same thing as listening to Christ. In fact, it is listening to a religious system and religious organization. This is what has so many duped and misled. 

Armageddon is not what the religious system called by men say it is – neither is it what the Motion Picture Industry protrays it as.

Armageddon is a PLACE, the PLACE in a future earth (after Christs 1000 year kingom ends) where Satan’s Throne dwells – his Wild Beast – where resistance to the coming down and establishing on earth Kingdom will be waged. God’s Kingdom does not come down until:

  1. Christ’s 1000 year definite kingdom has come and gone. (Rev 20:7)
  2. The Satan ascends out of the abyss and established his Wild Beast (Throne) on the earth. That throne or kingdom (the PLACE) is Armageddon. (Rev 20:7)
  3. The throne of Satan has misled the entire world of those days. (Rev 20:8)
  4. The Good News of the Kingdom is preached to all of the inhabitants of the earth in those days by an angel. All inhabitants will be in the Wild Beast.(Rev 14:6)
  5. Because of the declaration of the angelic message of the Good News of the Kingdom, there is a separation of a few from the Wild Beast as they favorably respond to that message.
  6. These faithful ones (faithful slaves) will be hunted and persecuted by those remaining loyal to and not responding to the angelic declaration of the Good News. This mistreatment of them by their former Brethren is the Great Tribulation. The attempt by their former Brethren (unfaithful) is to get them to re-establish their support to the Wild Beast (Throne of Satan). 
  7. God intervenes and first destroys Satan’s throne along with it the False Prophet class. Then He destroys those unfaithful ones who persecuted at caused tribulation upon God’s faithful servants and who responded to the witness given by the angel when he declared the Good News of the Kingdom. Those destroyed along with Satan will be as the sand of the sea. (Rev 20:7-10)
  8. THEN God’s indefinite kingdom comes down. (Revelation 21:1-27)

Religious organizations will not like this. It is not truth they seek to dispense. Their hook is to take persons captive into themselves so as to control (mislead) them away from the truth.

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R. Jerome Harris

A Disciple of Christ in the strictest sense. I belong to no religious organization. I view Christ as my only Head, Master, Teacher, Owner, and Lord. (John 8:31-32, 1Cor 11:3) His God is my God and I champion his teachings above anything issuing out of ANY religious organization.

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