Who Today Has a Celebrated Name For Themselves?

This article was deleted on 7/9/2015. I am compelled to write a new and updated article on the subject. Look for it soon. R. Jerome Harris

  1. Hi there.  Just read your article – 'Who today has a celebrated name for themselves".

    I would like to ask you about your comments –

    This Babylon the Great became "a dwelling place of demons and a lurking place of every unclean exhalation and a lurking place of every unclean and hated bird!"

    That means that she was not always that way. Formerly she was clean and undefiled.

    What religious organization on earth today has a history of being clean and containing Jehovah's people inside of them. There is only one: The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.


    I have researched quite alot concerning the WTBTS.  I don't believe the organisation has ever been 'clean' or showing a history of being clean and undefiled.  Surely you are aware of the false prophesies and pyramidology that started Charles Russell on his journey to truth.  So how can your statement be true?.  Yahweh does not lie to 'his' people, or to the 'anointed ones', but there are many lies and falsehoods as you already know.  Thanks for your time, looking forward to your reply.

    1. Hi! This article was written back in 2009, not too long after I disassociated myself from the WTBTS and started this blog. I still carried with me many of the teachings of the WTBTS that I no longer possess. I was prejudiced in that arrticle. There are some things in the article that I no longer believe. I am taking this article offline and re-writing it.

      For example, I have ceased using the names Yahweh and Jehovah because Jesus never used them. He always addressed God as “Father.” I do not believe Jesus told his disciples a personal name of God. Rather, he taught God’s “reputation” (name in that sense).

      I have to go back and revisit many of my older articles and either delete them or edit them.

      Yet, it is a religious system called by men – Christianity, who the WTBTS is a part – that has created a celebrated name for themselves.

      Look for the new article in about a week. I have some new thoughts on the subject.

      Thanks for visiting.

      1. Thank you for your honesty.  Please don't delete your older writings.  They show a sincere journey to Truth that will help other Witnesses on their journey.   I have no doubt it would be difficult to cease the belief of the WT being God's Channel.  Very difficult indeed.


        Regarding not using the names Yahweh and Jehovah.  I also have been researching this.  Yahweh was never a name (noun) to begin with.  It most definatley is a reputation/character, and i also couldn't find any evidence of Yeshua using his fathers name.  Ex 3:15 – Hours of study involved here.  Wonderful isn't it………  🙂

      2. R.J., It is with respect of your accumulation of  greater knowledge than myself that I must comment on your writings. If, in fact God is using his Word (Jesus) and not the Bible or just scriptures selected by you and you are obviously in contact with Jesus and or the Holy Spirit, why would you need to revisit older articles to delete or edit them. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit would make sure you get it correct the first time. You put yourself in a lofty place and then backtrack, much like the WT does. I am not a JW or a christian. I do aggree with some of your writing and conclusions. God's will be done.

        1. Believers in God and Christ would NEVER bring into question that God has appointed and authorized His Son as “His Word” or spokesman. Facts really are not factor here. This is not science. Rather “faith” is a factor.

          With reference to my articles: I would think that people would see that I am honest and sincere and transparent in that I would admit error. Yet, there are those who would wrongly sieze on that so as to discredit or attack me. What those persons do not consider is that some of my earlier writings were the result of many of the teachings I held as a JW. Not all of those teachings had not been purged from my system. In time, when I began to practice relying upon prayer and asking the Father for Holy Spirit, I saw that some of those writings were in error.

          I did could have easily left those articles on the website. Yet, what did I do? I admitted error. Why? Because the truth is important to me and serious business.

          No one knows all except God. Even Christ does not know everything. (Matthew 24:36) As a Disciple of Christ, I am always learning because I am always being taught by The Master, Christ Jesus.

          Even now, I could be in error about some things. But what is different now is that it will not be a book (Bible) or a religious organization correcting me, it will be The Master himself.

          Because a great Teacher (Christ) teaches the truth, does not mean that the student initially understands what the Teacher said. Jesus taught a great many things to his disciples and they initially did not understand him. So he had to teach using parables. This will be the experience of any who become a true Disciple of Christ. He will teach us the truth, but will we understand him. If not, we pray to the Father and ask for understanding.

          Prayer is an extremely powerful mechanism in which one can gain tremendous knowledge, wisdom and understanding (something one will not get from a book of about 1500 pages).

          Plus, prayer to the Father draws us closer to him and rely on Him (not a book) for understanding. The closer we are to him, the more we receive by way of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

          Do you think Solomon – one the wisest men to have ever lived – became wise because of a book? He had no Bible! Solomon relied on God for his knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

          So do I.

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