Antichrist. Now here is a topic that has sparked much debate and speculation. Even the Motion Picture Industry has gotten into the act with it's making of "The Omen" in 1976.

What is interesting is that the making of this movie follows with the pattern of what many believe about Antichrist: That it is a singular powerful and influential end-time demon-seed and leader who come as an adversary of Christ.

The false "Bill of Goods" that the world is being sold by religious organizations is "Who Is The Antichrist" rather than "Who Are Antichrists." The world has been misled down a path to look for the coming of a person rather than looking at the qualities and characteristics in all humans and their organizations that display the spirit of Antichrist.

But is the idea of an singular powerful adversarial leader spoken of in Scripture?

Where Is Antichrist Mentioned In Scripture?

There are only four instances of  the word "Antichrist" in Scripture. These instances appear between only two books in the Bible: 1 John and 2 John. They appear at:

Many persons incorrectly associate Antichrist with The Book of Revelation. Antichrist is never mentioned in that Book nor should anyone presume such. (I cover 666 and the Beasts of Revelation in another article.

Do Scriptures Speak of One Antichrist?

The answer – quite frankly –  is no. It speaks of many Antichrists. The Apostle John even tells us that they were even in existence back in his day.

Young children, it is the last hour, and, just as YOU have heard that antichrist is coming, even now there have come to be many antichrists; from which fact we gain the knowledge that it is the last hour. (1 John 2:18)

What or Who Are Antichrist?

The Apostle John answers this question too. Antichrists would be persons who hold to some religious believe in Christ but prove false to it. Listen to what John says in this regard:

They went out from us, but they were not of our sort; for if they had been of our sort, they would have remained with us. (1 John 2:19)

This Scripture shows that there were persons who were within the fold and the true teaching and who later departed from it. John identifies them as Antichrists.

The Apostle John also says something that today is earth-shattering with regard as to who is Antichrist. John – at 1 John 2:22 – says that any person who denies that Jesus is The Christ (Messiah) and any person who denies the Father and the Son is Antichrist.

Who is the liar if it is not the one that denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one that denies the Father and the Son.

This merits expansion in explanation.

The Apostle John linked the denial of Jesus as The Christ to denial of the Father and the Son. Why?

Because if anyone ascribes to Jesus the  title and position of God, denies the Father that exclusive position. if Jesus is made God, then he cannot be the Christ. Therefore, this denies both the Father and the Son.

The Scriptures are clear concerning the two separate entities: God and Christ. Notice what The Apostle Paul says in this regard at 1 Cor 8:6:

There is actually to us one God the Father, out of whom all things are, and we for him; and there is one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things are, and we through him.

So a person would be in error to believe that Jesus is anyone but the Christ. They would be Antichrist.

A popular Trinity teaching – which is taught and believed in by millions – is an demon-inspired teaching that promotes this Antichrist spirit in the world today. It teaches that there is God, The Father, God, The Son, and a God, The Holy Spirit. All three being but one God. That does not add up and it goes against what the Apostle Paul stated in 1 Cor 8:6.

Those who believe in the demon-inspired teaching are Antichrists.

There is More

The Apostle John associated false "expressions" or teachings as being Antichrist.

YOU gain the knowledge of the inspired expression from God by this: Every inspired expression that confesses Jesus Christ as having come in the flesh originates with God,  but every inspired expression that does not confess Jesus does not originate with God. Furthermore, this is the antichrist’s [inspired expression] which YOU have heard was coming, and now it is already in the world.
The Trinity teaching is one such expression. Does the Trinity teaching confess that Jesus originates with God. Not really. It teaches that Jesus is God. This teaching is the Antichrist's inspired expression; and those who adhere to it are Antichrists.

At 2 John 2:7, The Apostle John confirms that there are many Antichrists:

For many deceivers have gone forth into the world, persons not confessing Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist.
This Scripture appears to contradict itself but it doesn't. It mentions many deceivers  (plural) and then uses the word deceiver (singular). But the deceiver are many persons.

The Trinity teaching is taught from the pulpits all over the world and believe in countless millions of persons. These persons, in turn, teach it to others. The result is many deceivers having gone forth in the world promoting this teaching.

Association With The Book of Revelation?

There is no association with Antichrist and The Book of Revelation. There is no association with Antichrist and the number 666 or the Beasts mentioned in The Book of Revelation.

It simply amazes me to hear persons – in one breath – mention Antichrist and 666 and The Beast as a matter-of-fact. One hearing such explanations should slow them down and say to them, "Hold up, not so fast. Let's look at what Scripture says about this."

Persons who believe those things speak so fast about it that you have a difficult time to slow them down to look at Scripture. They make a lot of assumptions. If Scripture teaches that there are many Antichrist – as I have shown from the Scriptures above – why are they trying to tell others that there is one main one that will come? They are going against what is written.

I guarantee to you that they cannot produce one Scripture that speaks of Antichrist being a singular powerful and influential adversary of Christ who is to come. That too, is in disharmony with what the Apostle John says of the many Antichrists that existed even back in his day.

Is All Religion Antichrist?

Undeniably – and sadly – yes. When Jesus came on the scene, he did not come to create a new religion and call it "Christianity." Christianity is a name that men created. Jesus came with a message from God and as a Savior for the whole world. Rather than coming to establish a religion, he established a simple Brotherhood.

It would make no sense for Jesus to establish a religion called Christianity as that would be doing is own will and not the will of his Father. Jesus knew that it would be his Father's kingdom that would bring everlasting peace to the human family. 

What today is called Christianity by men, is a counterfeit. The Apostle John in The book of Revelation saw it in vision and wondered in amazement over it. Jesus spoke of it too in this way at Matthew 7:21-23:

Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will.  Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’  And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew YOU! Get away from me, YOU workers of lawlessness.
So there will be many claiming they know Christ. They will use his name and title (The Church-systems today call themselves by his name and title). they would expel demons and many other powerful works, but Jesus says that I does not know them. Wow !!!

Why because they do not do the will of the Father. They do their own thing. They establish religious organizations and call them by his name and title. Jesus did not even do that neither did his Apostles. Jesus and his Apostles focused on accomplishing God's will.

Sadly, the massive Church-system and all religious organization established themselves on their own and they are all Antichrist.

So What To Do?

Remove yourself from the influence of the world and it's thinking. In case you haven't noticed it, the world is a very religious place, but one in which war is rampant and danger is around every corner. One would think in a world so full of religion, it would be a relatively peaceful place. Leading the world in crimes against humanity is what men call today call Christianity. It is not of God and Christ.

While focus is being placed on Islam and terrorism, those nations that claim to be Christian are just as guilty in participating in that which Jesus told his followers not to. There is no "Love of Enemy" in any of the nations claiming to follow Christ. They are acting hypocritically.

Sadly, members of those nations who claim to follow Christ listen to their Political and Religious leaders rather than to their one True Master: Christ Jesus.

Listen to Jesus and what Scripture says about Antichrist – not religious organization and certainly not The Motion Picture Industry.
  1. You have many valid points. But Yahushua (Yah-oo-shoo-uh)/Jesus is still the head and his followers are still the body. We are still to gather in his name (not an Eurocentric false name). I too left the JW’s simply because they’re a false religion. I just found your blog today. I will be leaving a few comments in the near future, and some food for thought. We have our former religion in common as well as our Hamitic origin (most certainly)…

    Talk soon,


    1. Jake, I think if you peruse through my website, I still amplify that The Son of God is our Head (mankind’s Head, not just those claiming to be his followers). (1 Cor 11:3)

      Our gathering to him are as his disciples (taught by him) and not a gathering to religious organization of any type. (John 8:31-32)

      My sole interest is to champion Christs teachings apart from any religious organization. I have no interest in aligning myself with any religious organization or to persons who are “former” JWs who are angry or disgruntled and view it as their life’s mission to speak abusively of them or of any religious organization. Such is a waste of time and energy best used for helpful teaching and directing to the Christ. It is not the way of my Master to do such a thing or something he taught us.

      I believe that their is still a very strong pull and influence to visualize The Son of God as Europeanized. This is improper as no one today has seen him and he is no longer flesh and blood. Thus, to render him in the likeness of “any” race of man is improper and blasphemous.

      I do not believe the Bible is The Word of God, else God would have sent it in place of his Son. It is ONLY his Son who IS the Word of God. (Rev 19:13) and we – according to The Most High God – are to listen to him. (Luke 9:35)

      Many will misunderstand what I write because my focus is not with upholding popular religious thought and teaching or labeling certain ones as false against others being true. I view all of them as false because “religion” is not what the Christ was sent to the earth to establish; man established religion. Christ established a simple Brotherhood that involved love and forgiveness (even of enemies) and a viewing of the world as mankind as “Sheep without a Shepherd” and a world of mankind that “knows not what it is doing.” Knowing that this is the mindset of our Master should prompt us to rise above the mire and mudslinging view the world in deperate need of its Savior and his future 1000 definite year kingdom. (Rev 20:6-7)

  2. The interesting thing about the bible is that it is both a mirror and a double edged sword. When one gazes into the bible, it gazes back into you and thus revealing what is in you.

    For instance one will read, see, and gravitate towards – their consciousnesses affixed too:

    Judgment vs. Salvation.
    The end of the world (Day of the Lord) vs. the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
    God existing as the law for the lawless, or as the one law of love (where there is no law there is no transgression)
    God existing as apart from oneself, unknowable, foreign, judgmental. or God existing within themselves vs the holy spirit.
    Christian dogma and religion as the way, or Christ as the way.
    Lack and necessity or Faith and abundance.
    Flesh or Spirit.
    Fear or Love
    Thief or Bridegroom.

    The beast, dragon and false prophet appear to be coutnerfits to the real deal, so close that one cannot tell them apart. For instance, the false prophet/anti-christ comparison they accomplish the same works and have an earthly ministry which spans an identical amount of time… even he has the same amount of disciples. He also exists within the same hierarchy, with the “beast” who also has the same amount of names which are God’s but “blasphemous” since they are attributed to evil. These have already come. They have been around since the first distortion of the idea of God They are already worshiped… They are nothing more than a doppleganger created from the truth being distorted and bent into something completely perverted from the truth.

    Any version of God, Christ or the Holy Spirit that is taught and perverted gives existence, power, and ministers for the 666.

    “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”.. This word has been progressively revealed to us through the bible, and through the historical backdrop and story relayed thru the bible – dimly at first until fully realized and revealed and one day will be revealed to all to see with their own eyes. This is One God only shown in 3 revelations…

    If this concept is perverted, and we take the One God and rip Him into 3 persons, the word Persons coming from “persona” which is something attributed to man who’s number is 6, we create the abomination. This is the abomination responsible for the crusades, the inquisition, many forms of war. The idea that one must belong to a special “club” to be saved. The idea that spreads judgement and killing and hate. The form of teaching that is muddled, attempting to teach grace in one breath, and then teaching law and judgement in the next. Which is it? First they say God redeemes and forgives – never remembering this sin. Then, enumerating and defining sin and judgement and man’s laws, attempting to mix one covenant with the next. In the first the serpent must be lifted up. In the second Christ must be lifted up. Choose this day whom you serve? Do you want a school master, or a husband! Oh I pray someone hears this!

    We know the truth. Christ came to destroy religion and superficial identities and unite us under the banner of love. There are they who profess to be “Christian” that I will say are not. They are some who profess to be of some other, or no other religious persuasion that I would say are walking the christian path although they do not know it because of how the christian-religion has conditioned the minds of humanity – despite the teachings of Christ. This truth is captured in the parable of the good Samaritan. This is known by looking at what fruit is produced, since a tree is known by its fruit. This is known because there is no Jew or Gentile in Christ.

    Jesus literally died redeeming our physical nature and soul through the cross, a powerful event which has saving effects reaching beyond time and space.. You all know this literal event also serves as as a metaphor for dying to our own false selves and realizing who we truly are in God, in Christ, in Spirit… something that many other faiths have discovered in seeking to become more like Christ.

    It’s as if the christian world was given a gift, but they never tore off the wrapping or opened the box to realize and see what was inside – believing the box and outer wrapping was the gift itself. On the outside, the physical man we have a Jewish carpenter, who is on the inside? Who is the spirit man? God is I AM and he is perfect Love.

    Those who follow Christ are meek, patient, enduring, forgiving and loving thier enemies and there is no judgment in them, they are servant hearted, they seek God’s face and kingdom and will find it. They are of Love and Christ and what better place for Love than at the wedding banquet where a setting has been prepared for them!

    They who profess to seek Him but know Him not work lawlessness (the bible says the law is for the lawless), focusing on sin and judgement, puffing up their own hypocrisy and self-righteousness, talking down on everyone, preaching corruption – they are only casting judgement on themselves. They seek judgement and they will find it and will be judged accordingly. They teach that they are safe and then the day of the Lord is on them like a thief in the night. And we know how the bible defines the word “thief”.

    That’s how it works. From out of the treasures of your heart…


    1. Once again, “The Bible” has been substituted for the one who IS “The Two Edged Sword.”

      There is only ONE Two-Edged sword as there is only ONE Word of God: Jesus [the] Christ; not the Bible. (Rev 1:16, Rev 2:12, Hebrews 4:12 and Rev 19:13)

      Your premise is incorrect, therefore anything built upon will be incorrect.

      You mention “False Prophet/Antichrist” where the expression “antichrist DOES NOT appear in The Book of Revelation. Therefore, what you state is a particular religious system view, not something of God or His Christ. You added what is NOT stated.

      I gladly allow such posts on my website because they speak for themselves. When others – those seeking to be a disciple of Christ – read them, they can see the “slight of hand” and gross departure from what Christ taught in preference for a particular religious systems view.

      The Most High God has NOT directed anyone to listen to the religious systems that stand upon the earth today. They are ALL counterfiet and the primary source of misleading the world. Neither has the Most High God directed anyone to listen to a book that men fashioned and gave the name “Bible” to as “The Word of God.”

      No. The Most High God has directed us to listen to His Son – who is a person.

      “A voice came from the cloud, saying, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.” (Luke 9:35)

      When “The Bible” is mentioned as being a “Two-Edged” sword then The Most High God is not being obeyed and neither is Christ being listened to.

      I sincerely hope people will wake up to see how the religious system men gave the name “Christianity” is diametrically opposed (anti) to Christs teachings.

      “The Bible” is NOT Christs teachings. It only CONTAINS those teachings. “The Bible” is NOT “The Word of God” Christ is. (Rev 19:13)

      Christ NEVER taught the False Prophet in The Book of Revelation as Antichrist. Like I stated earlier, a religious system added it in their teaching.

      Neither did Christ teach Antichrist is ONE person. He taught his Apostles that there are MANY antichrist and they have been around in his day. (1 John 2:18)

      Sadly, the many “indoctrinated” do not want to hear this and do not want others to hear it either.

      You claim you know the truth. Based on what you have written, it is not what “The Truth” himself taught. (John 14:6)

      You have called “The Bible” the Two-Edged Sword. Which IS NOT the truth. Jesus [the] Christ is the Two-Edged Sword.

      Yet, you claim “to know the truth.”

      Wake up readers. Listen to Christ.

      1. In your reply you tell David that the bible is not the Two-Edged Sword and then you go on to tell him that Jesus is the Two-Edged Sword…NO…Jesus is a European name given centuries after The Word ascended to heaven. So then Jesus is Not the Two-Edged Sword…Yahushua/Yeshua or The Word is the Two-Edged Sword…You must take correction, just as you give it. If you say that Jesus is such, prove that name even existed while he was on earth and that it was the name he answered to. Latin, Greek and Hebrew have no "J" sound to this very day!


        1. I stand by what I say concerning the Bible. It is NOT from God; Europeans created it and the religious system called by men – Christianity – cleverly duped persons into believing that it is a “two-edge-sword” and Word of God.

          With reference to the “European” name “Jesus” I have acknowledged many times on this website that this is an “English” rendering of the name he would have been called in Hebrew. 

          Likewise, his Hebrew name would have had a Greek and Latin rendering. Hispanics pronounce that Hebrew name differently.

          No correction is necessary. People are smart enough to know that even in the Hebrew – NO ONE knows the correct rendering of his Hebrew name. Why? Because the Hebrew language did not use vowels.

          You say Yahushua/Yeshua – very well! Yet, “Y” and “J” are used interchangebly. How do you know which vowels were used in that Hebrew name? You do not. No one knows.

          Ony modern man concerns himself with “correct” spellings. Back in Christ day (and even before him), it was NOT the spelling of a persons name that people were focused upon, but what that name “meant” and what it stood for. 

          How can you know that Yahushua/Yeshua was the name he answered to when you do not know which vowels were used in his name? You even render his Hebrew name in English letters as Yahushua/Yeshua. This is still English!

          Since the Hebrew language did not employ the use of vowels, his name according the Yahushua/Yeshua you provided would look like:


          So how would you pronounce his name? How would you render it? So how can you know what he answer to?

          What you state is a moot point. I would give it credence if YOU (or anyone else) knew EXACTLY how the person the world calls – in English – Jesus was addressed and by what “name” he answered to.

          The point is NOT the name or the spelling, but that name stood for. This one was The Son of God.

          Again, I know that no one called him Jesus back then because English did not exist. But neither do you – or anyone else – knows what he was called either because no one today because the Hebrew langauge did not use vowels.

          1. Good enough…it is not my intention to nitpick or quibble over small details. I will say that I agree with what you have said concerning religion and the bible. However Hebrew can still be spoken and that’s why it was translated Genesis through Mikah. The vowels that are in doubt have to do with the Tetragrammaton, not every word of Hebrew.

            Jerome, please consider that our communication with the most high is done with our inner voice and sounds. While every language purports to have a translation of the name Jesus, the fact is ALL names are supposed to be the same in sound regardless of spelling. Yah has to be in the Word’s name because it means Yah is Salvation and the ancient tribe of Yahuda has the name of the Almighty in it…simply remove the “d” and you have the sound.

            I have had childhood friends from Korea, Vietnam, China and India and no matter where they have gone on earth, “THE SOUND OF THEIR NAME REMAINS THE SAME!” That’s how they know they’re being called…by the sound of their name.

            Call him what you want…but Jeee Zus does not contain the sound Yah and the Christian dictionary will tell you that Jesus means God is salvation…again I tell you there are many gods…only one Almighty. But take the name the European man has trained you to say since your infancy…

            No one knows what vowels were in between YHWH because the vowel indicators were removed, however the other Hebrew names, places and people spoken of within Scripture do indeed reveal Thee Almighty’s Name and His Son’s…and Jesus and God are not them.


          2. The Hebrew language is a “consonant” one. There are NO separate letters for vowels. It is NOT just about the Tetragrammaton of the divine name YHWH or JHWH.

            Like the names Jesus, Yeshua, Yashua – no one knows the “correct” pronounciation of YHWH or JHWH. Some “prefer” Jehovah and Yahweh. But these are “personal preferences.”

            The fact is NO ONE knows the correct pronounciation.

            What Moses called Moses? I don’t it. Insertion of the vowels are a personal preference.

            Yet, it not the pronuniciation of the name that is important, but what that name stands for (it’s reputation).

            When Moses asked God “What Is His Name” in case he is asked by the sons of Israel God did not give him his name. (Exod 3:13-15)

            Rather, God focused on His reputation – What He name will PROVE to be: God. 

            If you are bothered that I use the name “Jesus” which I KNOW is not what he was called, you should be just as bothered if you or anyone else calls him by Yeshua, Jeshua, Jashua or Yashua.

            My point: It boils down to ONES personal preference. 

            You should NEVER impose your preference upon someone else.

            Historically religion has been guilty of such impositions. All persons room and “freedom” to think for themselves.

            Close attachment to God will show how petty such things are by comparison to the much more important things God has purposed that one should be gaining an accurate knowledge about.

  3. Love the article ,you are spot on with your scripture concerning Christ and the father ,Corthinthians 1 15 20 28 says it all ,when Christ hands back the kingdom back to his father when all enemies are under his feet including death, then God will be all in all ,I would love to get your interpretation of these verses from 20 to 28 

    God bless karl


    1. I reply to your request to 1 Cor 15:20, 28 – Verse 20 shows the first one from among ALL mankind to have died and resurrected. (See John 3:13). What is this teaching us? That no human has ever been resurrected from the dead back to life. The Son of Man the world knows as Jesus [the] Christ was the first to be resurrected – that is, born again from the dead. So, the idea of people dying and immediately going to heaven or to some fiery place of torment is false and something Christ did not teach. What will follow in the future is the promise Christ gave at John 5:28-29 that ALL of mankind in their graves will hear his voice and come out.

      Verse 28 shows that under Christs 1000 year kingdom over the earth yet to come, all things will be under the subjection of that kingdom. That includes all of mankind that Christ paid the price for with his death. ALL of mankind will be resurrected into that kingdom. When his kingdom of 1000 years ends – in which he will have restored all of mankind back to their Creator – he will submit himself under his Head, the Most High God. (See 1 Cor 11:3)

      1 Cor 11:3 teaches us that Christ is OUR (man’s) Head. And, that God is Christ’s Head.

      Christ brings all of mankind under “his roof” via his future 1000 year kingdom. When that Kingdom ends, Christ brings his belonging – mankind – with him when he subjects himself to God under God’s Kingdom which is an indefinite and never ending kingdom.

      ALL OF MANKIND MUST – and I emphasize MUST – go through the same thing Jesus did – DIE and BE RESURRECTED. If we do not die and be returned to life again (born again from the dead), it will not be possible to enter into Christ’s 1000 year kingdom over the earth. If one never gets into Christs 1000 year kingdom, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for them to enter into God’s Kingdom that follows. This is what the Pharisee Nicodemus and many today do not understand. (John 3:1-8)

      No human is greater than their Head and Master, The Christ. If one thinks they do not have to die in order to enter into Christ’s and Kingdom when those kingdoms arrive, then they are saying they are greater than their Head and Master and will have an experience (not dying) greater than Christ.

      Christ is the WAY. Meaning that he is the WAY (the path) to enter into God’s Kingdom. If he died and was resurrected, so must all of us. The Son of Man did not enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens without FIRST dying and then being resurrected.

      There will be a Kingdom of God that will COME DOWN TO THE EARTH. In order to qualify for entry into it, we must die and be resurrected.

      It is tto bad that Christendom (Christianity) does not see this. Not one person ever born from Adam – except the Son of Man, Jesus – has gone to heaven. All others are still in their graves.

      Ask someone the question, “Where is King David?” He died thousands of years ago. The answer at Acts 2:34 will surprise a great many. Likewise a great many will not accept what is written there (along with John 3:13) that no human has died and gone heaven. If they are in heaven then what Jesus promised at John 5:28-29 cannot take place.

    1. Douglas, what have you “always” known? Please explain?

      Based on your previous comment, it does not appear you read the article because you say that the JWs teach this. I can assure you that they do not teach this.

      1. always known the truth about heaven and hell,there is no hell where people are punnished for their sin,nor do the dead go to heaven.Note i live in Africa and people are not very well informed when it comes to the scriptures only a very few take a true interest in the Bible. And yes the J W do teach this,anyway its nice to see there are people like you who is willing to teach the truth God bless.



        1. Douglas, I do not teach what the Watch Tower says is “truth.” I teach “Christ” because he is the truth. I say this with all due respect to you. I will never give to any human, human agency or organization that which Jesus [the] Christ is: The Truth. The ONE AND ONLY. Much of what Jesus taught goes against what much of the Watch Tower teaches. I have come to learn that ALL so-called Christian organizations teach SOME THINGS that are truthful. Yet, NONE OF THEM teach ALL OF THE TRUTH. The reason why they cannot is simple: They are not the truth, Jesus Christ is. (John 14:6)

          That is why The Most High God told us to listen to the Christ because he and he alone bears God’s Word and he alone is the truth. (Luke 9:35)

          Such titles should not be given to a religious organization or falsely to a book that the European man took upon himself to give a name to (The Bible) and call it “holy” and call it “scripture” and call it “the Word of God.” This is blasphemous and a gross disrespect to God and Christ. It would be unwise of anyone to listen to men in this regard. We are to listen to Christ.

          Douglas, I not referring to this recent comment. I know the JWs teach in this manner about heaven and hell. I was referring to what you said about “JWs ALWAYS teaching the truth.”

          Because a religious organization teaches something truthful, does not mean everything it is truthful.

          I mentioned to you 1914 in my last reply to you to show that this teaching is not truthful when we look to what Jesus said at Matthew 24:36, Matthew 24:42 and Acts 1:7. 

          I personally know as a long time former JW that these Scriptures were ignored when it came to 1914. Most JWs today cannot explain why they accept the organization prophetic date of 1914 and Jesus’ own words saying that it is not possible to know such a thing. If Jesus is “The Truth” then it is what he says – not any organization – that we are to listen to. (Luke 9:35)

          The date 1914 is false and much of what the Watch Tower organization teaches is built upon that false foundation and date of 1914. It is false not because I say so, but because of what Jesus said in teh Scriptures I mentioned above.

          In Africa, many people do read and know the Scriptures “as religious organizations” indoctrinate them to understand them. I maintain that the REAL PROBLEM is that people are being “led to”  a book called “The Bible” as The Word of God rather than the person of Christ as The Word of God.

          Interest should not be in “The Bible” (which is just a book men gave a name to), but their interest should be in the one God sent: Jesus [the] Christ and his teachings.

          Notice even in your reply (and you have done so unwittingly), you mention “The Scriptures”, “The Bible” and “What JWs Teach” and NOT ONE time mentioned our Head, Master, Teacher, and ONLY Word of God: Jesus Christ and what “he teaches.”

          The Bible gets more attention than the “person” of Christ himself.

          Jesus taught that we are to be “his” disciples. Not disciples of the Bible or disciples of a religious organization. (John 8:31-32 and Matthew 28:19-20)

          The word “disciple” means to be taught by or a student of. If anyone says that they “study the Bible” then they are disciples or students of the Bible. We are to be students (disciples) of Christ.

          The Watch Tower Organization and ALL so-called Christian organizations are guilty of replacing our Master with a book and they dupe and direct persons to study the book and/or published books of an organization RATHER than directing persons to discipleship with Christ.

          A colleague of mind asked me, “How can a person learn about Christ if he does not read the Bible?” My answer was, “With prayer to God through Christ.” Asking God through His Son is how we receive God’s wisdom, understanding and knowledge. No book by any name can contain God’s wisdom, understanding and knowledge. That is why Jesus told us to pray to the Father; he said nothing about studying books about him.

          Yes, this book men gave a name to – The Bible – does contain SOME of Christ’s teachings but not ALL. To gain the full measure of Christs teachings and what he expects of us can only be had by prayer and receiving from the Father through Christ.

          This is not happening. Religious organizations have stepped in and are blocking receiving from the Father. They have placed a book in a holy position where it does not belong. Only Christ can stand in that holy position.

          What I am saying here in a nutshell is that “The Bible” and what people erroneously call “Scripture” occupies a PRIMARY place in peoples minds and hearts and not Christs’ teachings. In most cases, people mention the Bible as teaching rather than Christ as teaching.

          Religious organization is an enslaver of men.

          Christ is the freer of men.

    1. I was a JW for more than 25 years. They do not teach this. Have you read the article?

      For example, is it truth that Christ was installed as king in 1914 and his second parousia occurred? Well, according to the WT these things are truth.

      We now have a problem because Jesus said such things are not knowable; neither by any human, angel or even himself.

      So who are we to believe? An organization that says THEY know when Christ returned or do we believe Christ himself who said at Matthew 24:42 “YOU do not know on what day YOUR Lord is coming.”

      The uncanny thing is that when I was a JW something in my mind prevented me from even listening to what Jesus said at Matthew 24:36, Matthew 24:42 and Acts 1:7. Instead, I was more concerned with LISTENING to what the organization was saying and defending an organization rather than Christ as the truth. (John 14:6)

      Many of the teachings of the WT organization are problematic as they subtly overshadow what Christ taught and the organization directs persons to listen to “an organization” and the “Governing Body” rather than the one Jehovah told us to listen to. (Luke 9:35)

      If Jesus said that we do not know when he is coming, then no one should be publishing and teaching a date of his return because what that does is call Jesus a liar. They effectively are saying that THEY DO KNOW.

      I have no problem with the persons who are JWs as I know that there are many good and sincere people with the WT organization. But no organization on earth teaches the truth. We have only ONE Teacher and he – the person – teaches the truth. We are to listen to him; not organizations claiming to speak for him.

      Most JWs have no idea where 1914 came from. No clue. It did not originate with the WT organization. It came from the Second Adventist movement in which Charles Taze Russell was a Second Adventist. Charles Taze Russell simply adopted that teaching when he broke away and formed his Bible Students Association. Yet, the WT claims that God has always had a Faithful and Discreet Slave on earth. Well, this 1914 teaching did not come “through” the WT organization but through another organization (Second Adventist). So the question: Was the Second Adventist movement (now known as The Seventh Day Adventist) the channel God used to present the 1914 teaching? The WT does not want to touch this question and it certainly does not want it’s members to know the truth about where 1914 really came from.

      Since this 1914 teaching is false (because of what Jesus said) and since it is a pivotal teaching of the WT and the International Bible Students today, those organizations are built upon a false foundation. Why? Because none of them have listened to Jesus’ own words at Matthew 24:36, Matthew 24:42 and Acts 1:7.

      The reaction I get from so many is an emotional one. Why? Because it is their way NOT to look at the truth of Jesus’ words and turn away from them in defense of a religious organizations teachings.

      All need to stop crediting “organizations” with “teaching the truth” and focus on the “person” of Jesus [the] Christ as the teacher of truth.

      How did “organizations” creep in and start usurping what Jesus himself is: The way, the truth and the life?


    1. Based on what is written about “antichrist” (four instances of it in the Bible) and “antichrists” (one instance of it in the Bible), he is not an an all powerful, influencial demon-seed. He is any person who is in opposition to what God’s Son has taught and prophecied to occur in the future.

      The Apostle John at 1 John 2:18 said that there were “many” antichrists even back in his day. The “coming of antichrist” simply means that the entire world will become more and more in opposition to God’s Son. The entire world will reject the utterances of God’s Son. It will get that bad!

      Even now, the entities that claim to be “friends” of God and Christ – Christendom or the system of religion called Christianity – is an antichrist. The reason for this is that it has deviated from what Christ taught and it has not obeyed The Most High God. It is doing as it pleases. There is no humility within it. It seeks to control people. It is like a predator seeking to “devour” (consume, contain, and control) the masses. It is an impostor.

      Ninety-nine-point-nine percent (99.9%) of the world today is a “practicing” antichrist. Most deceive themselves by a false sense of protection within their religious organizations that they are safe and not that at all. Yet, Christ will not know them. (Matthew 7:21-23)

  4. I have just finished reading this article and the comments. Thank you for reminding readers of Christ's words in John 14:6. Yes, all religions are false and there is only one truth, Jesus Christ. Continue to be prayerful and continue to be inspired to write and teach because there are some that really want to learn.

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