Where Are We In The Stream of Time?

In this video presentation, I discuss where this world stands in the stream of time with regards the things that MUST happen before the return of Christ (with power and glory), what happens after his reign ends, and what MUST occur before it is all over.

There is a timeline and all should know what it is and where we all in it. This is important because you will not be thrown off or out of that timeline duped to believe that we are well advanced in it. Namely, that we are in the Last Days.

We are nowhere close to being in the Last Days. 

If one believes that we are, it makes it much easier for Satan to mislead you.

Therefore, learn the truth – not a lie – about where we are in God’s scheme of things. It is His timeline – not ours or Satans – that we should be paying attention to.


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The Book of Revelation – Chapter 1:6-8