It Was Never About The Bible

Yes, I know, the title of this post might at first glance appear to be shocking to some; but the truth of the matter is that it was never and has never been about “The Bible.” 

It has been and is the one The Most High God sent into the world of mankind: His Son, His Word, His Truth, Our Lord, Our Head, Our Master and Our Teacher: Jesus [the] Christ.

Please watch the video below. My intent in the video is to prompt persons to think that it was not a book that God sent to us; it was His Son. It is to this Son we are to listen to. (Luke 9:35)

I believe the world claiming to be of God and Christ has already been misled in a very large way concerning who they are to listen to and view as Teacher and Word of God. There is an insistent pushing to make a book called – by men “The Bible” – what Christ himself EXCLUSIVELY is: The Word of God.

One cannot get on persons who believe in a “Trinity” and not see that what they themselves are doing by making a book the Word of God alongside Christ (The Word of God) is the exact same thing Trinitarians do. Trinitarians make God three entities. Those who believe the Bible is God’s Word make “The Word of God” two entities. As there is only ONE God, there can be only ONE Word of God; and it is NOT a book called by men, The Bible.

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