Is There a True Religion

In order to answer this question, one must carefully consider what religion is and the role it plays on the world scene.

We must also go into Scripture to see if religion was something that Jehovah God wanted established on the earth.

Why Was Jesus Sent?

According to Scripture, Jesus was not sent to establish a new religion on the earth bearing  an offshoot of his title: Christ, that is, Christianity.

For Jesus to do that would be taking it upon himself to do his will rather than the will of his Father; and Jesus would never do that. If Jesus was sent to establish a religion on earth – and he wasn't – he would have insisted that it be something that would reflect the His Father – not himself.

Jesus was sent by God to the earth to offer himself up as a sacrifice in all of mankind's behalf; to restore what Adam lost for is all: Eternal life and alienation from our Creator.

In doing this Jehovah gave Jesus a message to bring with him – Good tidings – that essentially state that all who believe what God told him would not perish, but have everlasting life. That the word's Jesus spoke were God's words and any believing these words would lead them to life. Jehovah is the ultimate giver of life.

This is no different from what God told Adam in the Garden of Eden; that Adam's continued existence depended upon him feeding from God's Word as presented by the fruit on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad.

Even Jesus told Satan:

Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4)

Adam had the other trees in the Garden to physically nourish himself, but they alone would not sustain him. It was essential that he feed from the words that came out of the mouth of God in order to live,

God sent Jesus as his representative and bearer of his word. Therefore, any listening and believing on to him – The Word of God – would have life.

So, Jesus was not sent to establish a religion called Christianity. Rather, he was sent by God to present to them the words that God gave him to deliver. Those believing in these words would assemble themselves into a simple Brotherhood. They did not establish an authoritarian system like what we see today in the Church-systems. In fact, it was men who coined the term "Christianity" and made it into what it is today.

Is There a True Religion?

Since Jesus did not establish any religion on earth, it only follows that there is no true religion. This writer believes that all religion on earth is counterfeit and false. If there is no true religion on earth, what is there?

The truth in Jesus. The bearer of God's word which is Truth.

Jesus said at John 14:6:

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

It is Jesus – and no human or human agency, that is the bearer of the truth. He bears God's Words! Jesus is also the way. The way to what?

Recall in the Book of Genesis where Adam and Eve were put out of the Garden of Eden. What was it that was guarded? The way back to the Tree of Life. A tree that Adam free partook of. (Genesis 3:24)

Jesus is the only way back to that Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is Jehovah God. The fruit is his words. That was what would sustain Adam indefinitely if he had only listen to God's word (fruit) rather than listening to the fruit (words) of the Serpent through his wife Eve.

Jesus is the gateway to the Tree of Life. That is why he could say: No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

At the transfiguration in Luke 9:35, who was it that Jehovah said we were to listen to?

And a voice came out of the cloud, saying: “This is my Son, the one that has been chosen. Listen to him.

So, it is to no human or human agency that we are to listen to, not even if they claim that they are for Christ and speak for him. Jesus showed the danger in doing this at Matthew 7:21-23. Here, Jesus said that there will be many who would use his name and  title, even performing many powerful works – yet Jesus will say to them that he never knew them.

The Church-system today takes for itself his title and name when giving their organizations names. They freely call him Lord and claim to perform many great works in his name. Many have set up impressive printing and distribution systems to spread a teaching. Powerful works, indeed. But at the end of the day, Jesus says to all of them, "I never knew you."

All religious organization today – especially those claiming to be of Christ – stand in a place where they do not belong: between God and men. They block access to the Father. They unwittingly deny Christ this holy position. If they block access to the Father, then they also block the truth from reaching down to us. Therefore, the only way to have access to the Father, is to remove oneself from the tightly embracing arms of religion. Once this is done, standing there in the sun are the outstretched arms of Jesus who is the truth and the way to the Father. Human agency is removed.

Some religious organizations say that those who are within it's membership are "in the truth." It is simply incredible that any religious organization would make such a claim for itself. Any leaving the organization are no longer "in the truth." What does that tell you? That Jesus – who is the truth – exists within an organization. If one leaves that organization, they are no longer in Jesus.

Satan has established religion on the earth for this very reason: To prevent access to the truth and the Father in heaven; and Satan has been very effective in using religion as a tool to prevent the truth from coming through to the masses.

If, now, the good news we declare is in fact veiled, it is veiled among those who are perishing,  among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through. (2 Cor 4:3-4)
It is these religious organizations that teach their membership what to believe, what to say, how to think, what to read, what not to read, who to associate with and who not to associate with. Freedom of Christ-like expression of love is taken away from them.

These religious organizations set up rigid rules and regulations that if not adhered to, could get them in trouble with the organization. Fear of organization rather than fear of God is promoted. What really results is a discipleship or following to religious organization rather than to God and His Christ.

These religious organizations even arrogate themselves to label you not as a follower of Christ if you fail to follow their program. They take sheep that do not belong to them and do with them as they please. We belong to Christ – not to religious organization. Therefore, it is only Christ – our owner and Master –  who can brand us as worthy or unworthy.

So, is there a true religion? No. There is only the truth and it is in Christ Jesus. Listen to him. (Luke 9:35)
  1. Thank you very much. This article was and is very helpful to me and I would like to review it now and then so I can helpfully help family and friends to understand that it is through Jesus Christ that we gain salvation. I belonged to and organization that wanted to dictate how you are to worship and how you are to live. The organization I was in used Jesus only as a mediator and didn’t give much credit for his giving his life to save us. I have been taught lies for the past 35 years and now I am accepting our saviour Jesus in my life.
    Randy Ursua

      1. If you were the one asking if Jesus was God, Jesus has never called himself GOD.

        There many thing people have fail to undersatd. Religion is maney, fame and politics jesus was a freedom fight i mean the one that died 2000 yrs ago.

        I wanted people to think about someone whose tilte was stollen from as everyone benefits from black peple. Secondly as black are regarded as domes, powerless people, they know that we can easily be deceived and concered with religion that was what they did to Malcom X. Did any one know that Malcom X was the Eliajah we were expection before the interviention of the most high.

        The real king who was born to rule us would have been called Emmanuel. In his time, no one wanted to hear that a king should come let alone govern, they drove him and every thing of him was conserved but when they killed the real freedom fight with name jesus, he was not christ yet until after death, the began to worhip him becuse he was killed in the land governed by those king of the world.

        I am not afriad to say what i get from the holy spirit all i need is to tell the world to come out and hit the truth out. Although, the army of the most high is everywhere blowing things up.

        They know that the bible was altered. I have their secrit read every day.

        Their is one God and at his time, was a prophet, a priest a son of man. Why do they want us to call him God.

        He cannot do any thing with the power of him whose thrown is lented to him.

        Religion is a satanic congregation. Jesus was not a christain.

        1. Well said.

          It is a European-conceived universe that we live in. It is not the universe God created. It is theone that the man of lawlessness (the man of European descent) has created and has been on an aggressive push to make all of the world subscribe to it.

          That a people (Europeans) did this terrible terrrible thing and has not recanted from it, means that all that is in “their created universe” is false. Their portrayals of God, the Messiah, the first man and woman, angels in their likeness are all false. The religious systems that they have created to further push their “universe” are all false (though they push them off as true.)

          The idol and image that they created – called The Bible – as a whole is just that because no book can be what The Son of God is: The Word of God.

          There are many many Whites who get upset at you if you (and defensive) if you do not accept their conceived universe. Sadly, a great many Black people get upset at you if you do not not accept it! This shows the depth of this “great deception” when people of color push and insist on other peopel of color accepting what is not in their lineage. Many of us (Blacks) have more love and appreciation for what is European and Jewish, than what is African, Who or what caused this?  I do not see anywhere where White people have more love for what is African than what is European. Why? Because they have already establish a world in which we live and a universe that they made up. It is replete with false religions and gods that they push off as true and truth. Even their White Jesus is false as they have never seen Jesus and Jesus – in his present state – is not a man.

          The Most High God and His Son sees this and will act decisively with this false world and universe and usher in a new heavens (universe) and a new earth (world of mankind) where truth and justice will prevail forever. No longer will men (of any color) usurp what is not theirs: The heavens and the earth. These were created by God.

          The man of European descent is lawless not only in the terrible acts and crimes committed against the human family (history bears this as being true), but also that he has stolen and usurped what is not his to take ownership of: The heavens and the earth. He stands in defiance of God and Christ while cleverly making it appear that they are with them.

          None of this is to be viewed as a racial issue. Many Whites love to make you feel bad about bringing race into the mix. But this is far far above what is racial. This is about what is true and false. To ignore that race has nothing to do with ANYTHING is just a way to provide the perpetrators of the lies to continue with their “lying” agenda. The truth MUST be spoken as Christ expects his disciples to speak it; even if it is before kings and noblemen.

  2. i strongly believe what your article,because if true there is true religion there wont be any thing like doctrine in the church.more so,there wont be any thing like a particular congregational rules and regulation.the church of today is base on realm dogmatism and where as the bible establish that we should meditate the words of God day and night,not going to people to tell us what is in the bible,he even said he who lack knowledge should ask for definitely God knew that human beings can mislead one and another. thanks for the beautiful and sound article.

  3. Hola! I’ve been reading your web site for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the great work!

  4. Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4)
    Let me ask you, guy, do you live by God’s word which comes out of the mouth of God?
    if so what God told you yesterday and today?
    or why who undertakes to tell the truth never has good knowledge of what text of the bible is true and what text are really touching the same subject.

    who are discussing bible like that -it is only guesses and suggestions – not the truth.
    it’s obviously many denominations and confessions far away from the normal understanding of the bible.
    we only see this -this is already nice.
    we have to find connection with Christ. Then at list one of us could tell- Christ stood up by me and told clearly this and that……

    1. Your question is of the sort the Pharisees asked to entrap the Master.

      I live by the words that issue forth out of God’s “mouth.” And, who is “God’s Mouth?” His Son, Jesus [the] Christ THE WORD OF GOD.

      The underlying agenda in most the these types of responses is either the maintenance of something denominational or the maintenance of “popular” false teachings. I do not view a book as The Word of God; I view Jesus [the] Christ as The Word of God and I listen to him as The Most High God says I should. (Luke 9:35 and Rev 19:13)

      You are not teaching me anything as Christ is my only teacher. So to state that one has “to find connection with Christ” is very presumptuous on your part. I have made that connection to him.

      To make such a statement implies that unless one believes as you do, then they have not made the connection. Yet, none of you will address the Scriptures I raise in DEFENSE of Christs teachings and “he” being the ONLY WORD OF GOD (and not a book).

      Instead, you drag a Red Herring and make me the subject.

      It is for reasons such as this that wisdom dictates that I continue to listen to my Master Jesus [the] Christ and to be taught by him because many of you are doing something you ought not be doing: Elevating a book called the Bible and defending it rather than defending and championing the teachings of the Christ.

      This book called the Bible was given that name by men. It’s like naming a child. God had nothing to do with it.

      If we strip away everything from that book except the utterances of God Himself and His Son, then we are left with TRUE Scripture as ALL Scripture is “God Breathed.” In other words, spoken by God. If Moses, for example, says something of his own accord, it is NOT Scripture because God did not say it. But if Moses speaks what God told him to speak “This saith the LORD,” then that is Scripture. Thus, the Bible itself – as a book – is NOT the Word of God. Is Satan’s utterances in The Bible the Word of God of the Words of Satan?

      No, God did not tell you and I to listen to a book else he would have sent a book. He sent His Son and us to listen to “him.”

      The subtle insertion of a book serves only to direct ones attention away from obeying God and listening to Christ.

      That what many of you are doing. You defend a book and push Christ into the background.

      You commit idolatry in upholding this book and you blaspheme against The Most High.

      Your initial statement confirms what I am saying. YOU SAY: “Who are discussing bible like that -it is only guesses and suggestions – not the truth.”

      Look at what you said. NOT ONCE do you mention Christ as THE TRUTH. You mention the Bible as being The Truth. I see this time and time and again. The Bible is defended. It is very disturbing. One would think many of you would “champion” Christ as THE ONLY TRUTH, not a book. But you do not. Yet, you make it appear that those who stand by Christ and champion him are off the deep end.

      Jesus says of himself at John 14:6: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

      I have to thank you and other like you who posts in this manner because it confirms that I am right on target in staying close to my Master and listening to him and not you folks who are only maintaining a long held belief system. Your love is for a book and not for the person of Christ. Else you would champion him.

      I read this book call “The Bible” and it is NOT an evil book. BUT it is NOT The Word of God. Only the utterances of God and Christ within it are “Scripture.”

      I know who my Master is. Do You? Is it The Bible or is it Christ, The Son of God and THE WORD OF GOD?

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