Core Teachings of Christ

Here are the core teachings of Christ. Do not confuse them with "the teachings of the Bible." Why? Because the Bible is not a Teacher and neither is it our Teacher. Christ Jesus is our Teacher. We are to be disciples (students) of Christ, not disciples of a book.

This is a new section of the website and is a work in progress. The focus here are on each and every teaching of Christ. Not to be confused with teachings of the Bible. There is a vast difference. Yes, while some of Christ's teachings are found in this book called the Bible. it is quite a stretch of the imagination to call a book the Word of God. As there is only one God, there is only one Word of God and he is Christ Jesus. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life ... not a book. By God's command, we are to listen to him. (Luke 9:35.)

This section will populate very quickly as I intend on publishing two-three articles each week related to Christ's teachings. That is, Christ is actually quoted and speaking.

Coming Soon ...

The Revelation From Jesus Christ That God Gave Him

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