Babylon The Great

Who Or What Is Babylon The Great?

There are many articles and videos about Babylon the Great. Many of them say the same thing just spun differently. Some of them are religious-organization-biased. Some – according to the writers – are “Bible-based” and assumed to be true. Almost all of them claim Babylon the Great is and exist at present. Almost all claim that we are in the last days.

Yet, there is still much confusion over who or what Babylon the Great is. The common consensus is that Babylon the Great is one of the following …

  • The United States
  • The Vatican
  • An Empire of False Religion Which Makes Up An Empire (Jehovah’s Witnesses teach this)

Next week, look for a two-part series on this mystery, Babylon The Great. You might be surprised as to who or what it is. Hint: “It.”

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