Who Told You This Is Jesus

Is Jesus God? Lord? Messiah? Savior?

Note: Reference the image above. I do not believe Jesus looked like this. This is the Jesus that this world created for itself. It created a false Christ. This false image has been indelibly implanted in the minds of many. We see it in art, film, and literature. Yet, the Son of God is no longer a man. He was only a human for some 29-30 years. Prior to be dispatched into the world of mankind from heaven, he was not flesh and blood, but a powerful invisible Angel – the first entity God created who age as an Angel (son of God) cannot be counted (Col 1:15) It is improper for those who claim they follow Christ to visualize him as “flesh and blood” in the likeness of any race of men within the human family. Why? Because he ascended back to the place from where he came and resumed the invisible form he had before he was sent. As you are reading this, he is alive and resides in heaven (a vast spiritual realm) alongside his Father and Angelic brothers.

One of the most recognized names, yet many struggle with his identity.

More importantly, is that the world at large, ignores (disses) the one who sent him, the Creator of the heavens and the earth! It is almost as if he (The One True God) does not exist in their minds. Jesus gets more props and prominence than the Creator! This should be concerning to those claiming to be followers of Christ and worshipers of God.

It does not take the mind of a rocket scientist to know who Jesus is. His own words identify who he is. It is this world – yes, the one Jesus said his kingdom is no part of – that seeks to make him something he never claimed to be.

A great deception has been perpetrated upon the world for many hundreds of years.

Emotionalism, loyalty to the teachings of particular religious organizations, and an unwillingness to consider what God Himself, The Prophets, The Apostles, and Jesus himself says about who he is has caused millions to remain in the dark concerning the identity of the one sent by God.

Check out my video as I discuss this.

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