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Who Are Gentiles?

by R. Jerome Harris on November 23, 2011

There is a lot of bad information concerning who or what a Gentile is.

Most denominations within Christianity teach that a Gentile is anyone who is not a Jew. The Webster dictionary defines Gentile in this way:

A person of a non-Jewish nation or of non-Jewish faith.

Yet, from a Scriptural standpoint is this correct? 

Who Are The Gentiles According to Scripture?

At Genesis 10:1-5, we are told that Gentiles are persons who are descendants of Japheth.

The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah. And the sons of Javan; Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim. By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.

So we see that those who were of "the Sons of Japheth" produced what are called Gentiles. The European (that is, those known today as Caucasians) came from Japheth. Africans, for example, are not Gentiles, according to the Scriptures. How do I know this? Because the Scriptures that follow at Genesis 10:6 THEN proceed to speak about "the sons of Ham; Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan," the progenitors of those of African descent. So only those who are from the lineage of Japheth are "Gentiles." Those from Ham are not Gentiles.

And the sons of Ham; Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan. And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtechah: and the sons of Raamah; Sheba, and Dedan. And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.

So, those from the lineage of Ham are not classified as Gentiles.

What I find most interesting is that it was the people from the lineage of Ham – Africans – who were the first builders. For example,  Nimrod – a Son of Cush –  "began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD.  And, the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh."

When one thinks of this, it has monumental importance. Why? Because if the descendants of Ham (Africans) were the first builders of cities, then there existed in the land today known as Africa (and well beyond this modern man-made boundary), a dark-skinned people who were highly organized, highly intelligent – able to communicate, write, read and plan – long before the arrival of the European (descendants of Japheth) and Shem (Arabs) into the land we know today as Africa.

There is a mystery surrounding today as to who built the Pyramids. While modern-day Egyptians – who do not consider themselves Africans, but Arabs – claim their ancestors built the Pyramids, I no longer believe this is so. Why? Because Scripture clearly shows that it was the descendants of Ham (Africans) who were the first great builders and first to have cities and kings and kingdoms. It was Nimrod, a son of Cush, who built what is called the Tower of Babel. The common misconception is that it was built somewhere in modern-day Iraq. I no longer believe this. Why? Because long ago when Nimrod lived, there were no modern-day boundaries to call this Africa and that Iraq. All of that area back then would have been "The Land of Shinar." What is called Egypt today was occupied – not by the descendants of Shem or Japheth, but by the descendants of Ham.

I suspect that the Egyptian government today knows this and it accounts for their very hard stance on insisting that they are not Africans, but Arabs. It also accounts for why the Aswan Dam was built. That dam backed up the mighty Nile river and created a lake today known as Lake Nasser; which covers an area of over 2000 square miles!

Covered over and buried beneath Lake Nasser – I believe – is evidence and proof  of Ham's descendants being the ones who lived and thrived in that land. I believe that the building of that dam was by deliberate design to hide from the world, that there was once a great civilization that existed there long before European and Arab invasion of that continent. That it was that African civilization that built the pyramids we see today. This civilization even had a written language and we see this in what the European invaders call hieroglyphics. No European or Arab conceived of these writings. Yet, history books credit Arabs with mathematics, writing and a host of other sciences. I believe this to be a lie. Why? Not because I myself are of African descent, but because Scripture says that it was the descendants of Ham who were the first builders of cities.

There appears to be a major "cover up" effort by the present-day Egyptian government in concert with the Western nations to prevent discovery of the truth about this matter. Why build a dam that one knows would back up the Nile and cover over hundreds of miles of valuable archaeological evidence of ones ancestors – unless the ancestors were not theirs? Why are many ancient  "Egyptian" structures being dismantled? Why are many stone reliefs being covered over with cement? If such artifacts truly belonged to the ancestors of the modern-day Egyptians today, then one would think that they would do more to preserve them than dismantle and cover over.

Too, why is does the Egyptian government so closely monitor where tourist can go and what tourist are allowed to see when they visit Egypt?

Even a look at the Great Sphinx clearly shows that it is African. It's nose and lips – prominent features of Africans – have been conveniently disfigured by European Armies in past times (French and British who used it for target practice) . It was not that they fell off as some claim.

All of the stories about who built the Great Pyramids and who built them are all lies. The world has been taken off into a different direction and many have gone to tremendously great lengths to diminish the African – descendants of Ham. This is rooted in hatred and ethnocentrism. It is shameful that White men would rather sell the idea that aliens from outerspace built them rather than attibute their construction to the dark-skinned people who lived in the land very long ago.

The descendants of Ham (Africans) – not descendants of Japheth (Caucasians) or descendants of Shem (Jews and Arabs) –  built the towers we know today has the Pyramids. I believe The Book of Genesis tells us who built the Pyramids: The descendants of Ham.

Not one iota of proof has been produced that the Egyptians of today – who are of Arabic or Shemite descent –  built the pyramids. They have taken credit for something they did not do. They have purposefully covered over the evidence (with the help of the descendants of Japheth) and continue to do so today.

Why are persons of European descent in that land tellng the world about a people and history not his own? Why are persons of European descent in some elses backyard telling people who live in that yard how the Pyramids, Sphinx and Hieroglyphs came into existence. If the Arab Egyptians of today ancestors built them, why are THEY not telling us? Do they not know? If not, then why not? Could it be because their ancestors (Shem) did not live in that land and had nothing to do with them? Why are their no historical archives in possession of the "Arab" Egyptians? The man of European-descent has been busy creating a false historical archive and covering over the truth about Hams descendants who, today, predominate in that land: Black people.

All one has to do is turn on the history channel and watch the programs about the Pyramids. What is seen mostly are Caucasians (Japheth) in that land digging up stuff. Why? It is not to find things to enlighten the world, but to find and cover over. What one sees on TV is only what they want you to see and what they tell you is what they want you to believe.

How can a dark-skinned people (descendants of Ham) dominate by way of population in that land,  and their be no evidence of greatness or contribution? This makes no sense. The story being "sold" today would have people believe that they made no contribution to the human family. What has been arrogantly stood up before the entire world primarily is the contributions of those of European descent and secondarily those of Arabic or Shemitic descent. This can be seen in art, literature, and religion. Something is not right.

There has been a concerted and effective effort to paint Black people as ignorant and unintelligent on the world stage. Not only that, there has been an aggressive effort to perpetuate it. Why?

Genesis 10:1-5 clearly shows that ONLY the descendants of Japheth (Caucasians) are Gentiles. Descendants of Shem are Arabs and Jews, so they are not Gentiles either. And, as I have shown in Genesis 10:6, the descendants of Ham are not Gentiles. So Gentiles are Caucasians; and I know this is painful for many to hear.

As a former Jehovah's Witness I have to honestly say "shame on you Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society" for painting Nimrod as a bad person. You say that he was a person "in opposition" to Jehovah. What you have done in this regard is cast your lot along with the rest of Christendom in making it appear that the descendants of Ham – namely Nimrod and persons of African descent – made no contribution to the human family. You too, have "Europeanized" Scripture and do not want the world audience to which you distribute literature to, to visualize in a positive manner, persons in Scripture in a non-European manner.

Images of persons in  Scripture with Watch Tower publications – past and present – reflect that European mindset. The persons who sit at the top of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society – The Governing Body – have been for very long time all White men. Only recently has a person of African descent (Sam Herd) been added. Yet, this small group of men is hardly representative of the 7 million or so racially diverse group. The organization  is still predominated by White men.

In the New World Translation Bible, the Watch Tower Society spins Genesis 10:9 to read:

He displayed himself a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah. That is why there is a saying: “Just like Nim′rod a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah.

Yet, there are no inferences in the ancient text that Nimrod was in opposition to Jehovah. All of the other Bible Translations read similarly to:

He was a mighty hunter before the LORD. Therefore it is said, "Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before the LORD.

What is wrong with Nimrod being a Mighty Hunter? Yet, the Watch Tower has spun this to mean that Nimrod hunted down men for sport. There is no Scriptural support for this. And, as a long-time Jehovah's Witness, I know this because the Watch Tower taught me to be through in my research. Never did I think to use that thoroughness with regard to the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

I might add that it was Nimrod who introduced the hunting of animals. This makes perfect since because mankind did not eat meat (flesh of animals) in pre-flood times. They had no desire for it. It was only after the flood, where the first congregations of people where (in cities) did the eating of animal flesh begin. Thus, this would require the hunting and trapping of them. It was in this way that Nimrod was a mighty hunter. He would have been presented as one in opposition to God because God had previously (in pre-flood times) forbade the eating of animal flesh along with the blood.  One does not see in Scripture of any instance of eating of animal flesh in pre-flood times.

Now What of The Gentile Times?

If what Scripture teaches at Luke 21:24 is true concerning what it says about the "times of the Gentiles." Then what Luke is saying that there will never be a time on earth when those from Ham (African descent) will ever be in position of world power. Rather, it will be the "Gentiles," those from Japheth (Caucasians), who will be the ones who will be in position of power and dominance in the world. And, the Scriptures have proven this true and the march for world domination will continue by Japheth's descendants. This exactly what has been occurring and is occurring at present.

Scripture also teaches that the days of the Gentile Times has a limit and end.

Notice how Luke 21:23-24 reads:

But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people. And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

Note: Depending on which Bible translation you use, the expression "Gentile Times" may appear as "The Appointed Times of the Nations" as in the case of the New World Translation used by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

I request that all who read this article do so with fairness because it is the Scriptures at Genesis 10:1-7 that tells us who are Gentiles and who are not. Only the descendants of Japheth are Gentiles. These would not be anyone of Hamitic descent (African) or Shemitic descent (Jews, Arabs), but those of the Aryan or Indo-European (Indo-Germanic) branch of the human family.

Again, here is Genesis 10:2-5:

The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah. And the sons of Javan; Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim. By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.

Many of the other Bible translations have really gone out of their way to cloud the thought that Gentiles are of Japheth European origin (Aryan or Indo-European).

I believe this is because it would make it appear that the Gentile Times or Appointed Times of the Nations (Gentile Nations) would refer to all non-Jewish nations. When in all actuality, Scripture is teaching what many do not want to hear, that it will be the progenitors of Japheth who will present themselves as the ones dominating and controlling and wielding power over the other nations.

No one today can honestly say that those of African descent (Hamitic) have ever  been in positions of power on the world stage to dominate anyone. In fact, if one were to look at those of African descent anywhere, one would have to admit that we are the most impoverished and oppressed people on the planet; hated and despised by many.

One cannot look at such things as nationality – such as African Americans. One has to look at the fact that we are descendants of the sons of Ham; and, that Scripture shows that the Gentile Times have a definite end. This is referring to descendants of Japheth – who today hold military, economic, and political power. More specifically the Caucasian peoples of nations of The United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, and others. 

Their world dominance will come to an end and God's Kingdom will replace them. (Daniel 2:44)


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