Two Masters

Two Masters – Which One Do You Serve?

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. (Jesus at Luke 16:13)

I was never one to play around with the truth of God’s word (words spoken by Christ himself who is the Word of God) for the sake of being “politcally” or “religiously” correct. In other words, not being agreeable for blind reasons because it is what particular religious organizations desire of its members. And, as a person of African origin I simply do not subscribe to the world and universe the White man wants us all to accept. There are major problems with his subscription; especially in what he has given the name of Christianity to.

Jesus never used the expressions Christian or Christians and neither did his disciples. It was a title given to the world by the man of European descent, very much like the expession “N-Word” was given to persons of African descent by persons who held us in derision. We did not give ourselves that word, it was hatefully imposed upon us.

In like manner, so were the expressions I just mentioned. Yet, many of us accept the titles of Christian and Christians as if they were something God and His Son themselves told us to accept. No, it was the man of European descent who lyingly imposed them upon us. We simply accepted it all without question or challenge to them. This does not mean, however, that there is no God and Christ; I believe they exist, but not as the man of European descent has portrayed and explained them.

This article will discuss the master-slave relationship as described in scripture as Jesus spoke of it. When we look at the world in which we live today with all of its structure, rules, regulations and decorum a question one should ask themselves, “Who really is directing the world of mankind?” Is it men and their religious systems which claim to be of God and Christ or is it God through His Son? Thus, two masters stand. Which one do you serve?

If any religious system or organization claiming to be of God and Christ teaches a thing that is not what Christ – The Son of God – has not taught, I will have a problem with them. It is not that I will have a problem with “individual” members within those organizations, but the “Mother” – that is, the organization that has produced the children (members) and taught them what Christ has not taught. It is the parent mother(s) that does the directing and teaching just like a literal mother teaches her children. The children listen to and obey mother. The children do as they are told.

What I am saying is this: If it is a horse, it is a horse. If it is a duck, it is a duck. If it is hypocrical, it is hypocritical. If a religious system organization teaches what it has not been commanded to teach, then it is no different from a person entrusted with an important message to deliver. The message is carried by the entrusted one, but upon reaching his destination, he opens the message and changes its contents. I believe this is what happened at the ascension of Christ. His teachings were changed and what we have today is a gross deviation from those teachings. This deviation is so bad that what issues out of the mouths of so-called “Christian” organizations is no longer recognizable as coming from Christ. Though, they will claim that it does.

Members within such organizations are actually afraid to think differently or beyond the confines set for them by their particular religious organization. They are told what to believe without having to go through a process of research, investigation and questioning in order to reach their own conclusions. They have surrendered their thinking and reasoning ability to the human power structure that feeds them that which is untrue. Yes, they sincerely believe what they hold is “the truth.” But is it? How can one know if what they believe and hold is the truth?

Sadly, the “group dynamic” created within all religious organizations is designed to keep its membership in check. It is self-policing. Like an alcoholic or cocaine addict, one member enables another member with exchanges of intoxicating words that repeat and mimic what the human power structure that sits at the top organization has taught them.

Many within these religious organizations are more intuned with getting persons just to “attend” church services. Thinking that by getting them to come to their church and listening to the Pastors and Elders give sermons and observing other members within the congregation will somehow nudge them into to becoming a member themselves and “get saved” or have the “prospect” of everasting life.

Somewhere along the line, people think that this is worship and that this is how God wants us to worship him.It is not.

The entire world is lost when it comes to worship of the Most High God. The reason why is simple: The worship of God has been defined and practiced not on God’s terms, but on the terms of men through their confining religious organizations. It is men who are telling the masses how to worship God. 

Worship of The Most High has been reduced to rituals. Even “church attendance” is a ritual as many think that God resides within buildings made of wood, stone and metal.

The ritual of baptism practiced by the world today is COMPLETELY out of order and wrong. Water baptism is not Christs baptism. It is John the Baptizers baptism. (See my articles “One Baptism”, “Did Christ Establish Water Baptism“, and  “Has The World Been Misled With Regard Water Baptism” for a full explanation.)

No, many of my articles on this website are not “politically-correct” but I believe them to be the truth. Many will reject such articles for one reason (many will never admit it, though): They do not line up with what “Religious Organizations” teach. But my articles DO line up with what Christ taught and that is what matters. (Luke 9:35)

Many have (and will have) a very difficult time breaking away from the mind-controlling influence of religious organization. When I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for more than thirty years, I was as devout as they came. My exit (by disassociation) from the Watch Tower organization came as a complete shock and surprise to many. There were no warning signs that I would just leave and not return. All who knew me and know me know that I am a careful person. I think things through and never quick to make rash decisions or conclusions. 

Unlike so many persons who are ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who turn out being either very angry and vindictive or who just go off the deep end, I was keenly interested in the truth of Christs teachings. (I remember long before I knew anything about religion, I ask God – if he was there – to show me the truth before I expire from the earth. I was very serious and sincere in my request).

I know without a shadow of a doubt that “the truth” was not in any religious organization. The truth was not an organization. The truth is “a person,” The Son of God. (John 14:6)

I knew that my loyalties and devotion had to be “directly” to this person and not to him “through” religious organization. This person – my Master, The Son of God – has taught me and continues to teach me as “his disciple.” I know that I cannot be a disciple (or student or member) of any thing else.

I knew that if I membered myself to religious organization that I would adopt a name not given by the Master. I also knew that if I membered myself to religious organization, it would become my master and it would direct me to do this and believe that. I knew that I could not serve two masters. When I became a Christian and a Jehovah’s Witness that is exactly what happened: I took upon myself a name not given to me by my Master.

Today, the state of the world men gave the name Christianity to is in a state where it has two masters in front of them. One of these masters is a lesser one and not being listened to.

Example of the False Master

I am going to use the example of being a Jehovah’s Witness to explain the concept of “two masters.” This would apply to any religious organization.

When I became a Jehovah’s Witness more than thirty years ago, I had to fulfill certain “organizational” requirements before I could be called and be recognized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. One was that I has to be actively engaged in a regular study of “The Bible” with a “qualified” Jehovah’s Witness. I had to attend meetings on a regular basis. Comment at the meetings. Make a start at going out in “Field Service” and eventually making a dedication to the organization and then get baptized in water. The final step before qualifying to be recognized as a Jehovah’s Witness was sitting down in from of the Elders and being questioned. I would be asked “Bible” questions. Questions the “qualified” Witness would have already prepared me for from one of the publications.

If one really looks at this, there is something wrong with it. This “obstacle course” one is taken through is for what purpose? Is it to follow Christ and worship God or is it to be “membered” to a religious organization and adopt “its” name?

I can state as a fact that it is for the purpose of attaching oneself to and being “membered” to a religious organization and adopting it’s name. (To be known as a Jehovah’s Witness).

I can also state as a fact that most Jehovah’s Witnesses revere the “Governing Body” and their representatives such as the District and Circuit Overseers. Whenever such men visit the local Kingdom Halls, the Elders within those local Kingdom Halls as well as the other members get nervous and apprehensive. Why? Because they all know the real reason why these men visit: To inspect the administration and management of the Kingdom Halls; to check Field Service records to see who is not “living up” to their dedication; to see who is not attending the meetings on a regular basis. One might ask, “Why would the local Elders get nervous?” Because these things reflect upon them and it reveals whether or not they have been slack in their duties as Elders.

I used to sit in the Kingdom Halls I belonged to and inside myself I would grin as I saw my “Brothers and Sisters”  behave so differently and hypocritically when a Circuit or District Overseer paid us a visit. Extra “love and concern” were displayed towards persons one normally would not associate with on a regular basis. When the Overseer and his wife came, there was much “skinnin’ and grinnin'” and “chessin” going on.

My point is that it was the organization one feared. The representatives of the organization – the Elders – had the power to cast you out of the organization like refuse. The really sad part about this “casting out” (disfellowshipment) was that many Witnesses feared it. They feared no longer being a part of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (WTBTS) because they had been indoctrinated to believe that it was “God’s Earthly” organization and that it was “the truth.” That is, those membered with the organization are “in the truth.”

I realized that no organization on earth had the authority to make one or tell one that they are not disciples of Christ or worshipers of the One True God. No organization on earth sacrificed and died for mankind. Not one. Thus, why should any be in fear of any human power structure who does not have the power of everlasting life and everlasting destruction? This gets to the ROOT of the problem with religious organizations today. What is that problem?

They have usurped and taken control over property (valuables) that do not belong to them. That precious property is mankind, God’s creation. It was one person – The Christ – who gave up his life in behalf of all of mankind – thus, mankinds purchaser –  and only he qualifies as mankinds Owner, Lord, Head and Master. (1 Cor 11:3)

Only Christ can direct us, teach us and command us as to what to do and believe. This does not belong to any human or human agency.

Yet, it is religious organization that has stolen and taken control of Christs property (mankind) as if it is theirs; and it directs it, treats it, teaches that property as if they are the owner.

I have always had a problem when “money” entered into the picture within the religious organization. Asking money from others erodes away ones belief in God’s ability and willingness to provide for his creation. Yet, each and every religious organization has a mechanism in place to extract money from those membered with it or from the public.

In the case of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it was asking the householder for donations when you presented them with literature. I always felt uncomfortable doing that. Deep down I felt like I was “slaving” for an organization to funnel money into it. Yet, I knew why the organization indoctrinates its members to ask for donations to the cause (to print more literature), I knew that the millions of dollars in donations and contributions went into “adding on to” the Watch Towers already vast financial holdings in real estate. I was actually slaving for money. Yet, not once did I see an individual Jehovah’s Witness in need receive help in a monetary sense. Printing publications and building Kingdom Halls were more important than the human element. If any such financial help was given, it had to be paid back.

Money is so widely discussed within religious organization that it is like breathing air. It would be hard labor indeed for money not to be discussed as this entity believes that money is a neccessary part of worship. And, this false belief is what makes it faithless. It’s trust and faith is in money, not in God.

Example of the True Master

The true head and master of mankind is Christ (1 Cor 11:3). Only he and he alone paid the price to purchase our lives and place us all in a position to have everlasting life. No religious organization by any name has done that or can do it.

The true master has not placed any heavy burdens upon mankind and neither has he demanded that anyone go through an obstacle course of rituals in order to be his disciple.

Neither has he asked any of us for money. In fact, money has never entered into the picture with him.

Neither has he commanded anyone within mankind to be called by any of the many fancy man-made titles people take upon themselves such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, Christians, etc. It was something simple: He commanded us to be known simply as his disciples (students).

He never command any of us to be students (disciples) of “The Bible” as no such book arrived on the scene until some one-thousand years after his ascension. The book actually emerged out of the one-thousand year Dark Ages period into the Renaissance period with the first printed Bible called the Gutenberg Bible in 1450. No, the command by Christ was that be his students (disciples). He is a person, not a book.

Those who recognize this great truth stand in a privileged position before all of the so-called world of believers. Why? Because you know who your master is and he knows you. And, you know he knows you because you have not taken upon yourself any of the adulterous names that identify you as the slave of another. You reject all man-made religious names and titles upon yourself and cling to “the person” of Christ as his disciple.

You also know what it feels like to be free. Free to show love and concern for all persons without a religious organization telling you who you can and cannot display such love and concern towards.

You fully understand what it means to exercise faith in God and Christ. You know that both are invisible and it is only by faith that you can serve Christ and worship God. (Hebrews 11:1)

You know that it not by “visible” things (such as religious organizations or a book) that we worship God and have access to him. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

You know that there is only one way: Christ himself; who is not a flesh and blood person but a powerful invisible spirit being. Thus, faith is required. A true disciple of Christ knows how to exercise faith and would fully understand the meaning of what the Master spoke at John 4:23-24:

Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.

Anything that can be seen, does not require faith to believe in it. Both “The Father” and “The Son” are invisible spirits. Thus, it is only by faith that they can be believed upon. Listen to the Apostle Paul as he defines faith:

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

That God and the Son are invisible can be seen at Col 1:15:

The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

I am hundred percent convinced and certain that ninety-nine-point-nine-nine (99.9%) of all worship of God today is in vain and this reflects an entire spiritually unhealthy world alienated from it’s Creator and His Son. The world is no different from the days of Noah; only a relative few in that world understood and knew the truth about what was going on concerning the deluge that would come upon that world.

Just sitting passively in church having many words spoken at you does not cut it. Attending meetings and doing Field Service does not cut it either and these are false indicators that one is a worshiper of God and a servant of Christ. These are man-made mechanisms designed to lull one into a false sense of security and safety.They actually place persons into a mental and spirtitual slumber while believing they are awake and enlightened. One is only enlightened to the reality that they exist in at present; and that reality is that the the light they think they are in, is really a dense darkness. It is a sinister and terrible darkness that consumes the mind and ones thinking and reasoning ability. Rather, the world becomes “emotionally” drugged creatures rather than rational and reasoning ones. Emotion in excess is the stuff of failed relationships, crime, and war.

The World of Today Belongs To The Devil

I remember as a child being taught the song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” The “he” here was God. Many today believe that God has this world in his hands. How untrue that belief is.

One truth many have yet to grasp is that while earth itself was created by God, the world of men upon the earth today belongs to Satan and has since their has been worlds upon this earth. This will one day come to an end. But in the time being, the world and all in it is his and he influenced and crafted its development. 

The Apostle John confirms this ownership at 1 John 5:19:

We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

Another difficult truth many refuse to see is that all of the religions are the evil ones as well. This really surprises so many when I state this. In fact, religion serves the evil ones purpose well. What is that purpose? Listen to the Apostle Paul’s answer at 2 Cor 4:3-4

And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing. The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

Who is or who is not a believer is not defined by any human or human agency. Any of us can proclaim ourselves believers and others as not believers. It is God through his Son who identifies (marks) who is and who is not a believer because he sees into the heart of a person as we mere humans cannot not.

We are poor judges of character of persons. We judge persons by skin color, bank account, the type of clothes they wear, the kind of car they drive, the kind of house they live in, how much education they have, how they smell, etc. These are all external things and they do not attest to what a person is on the inside. I tell you that living in Africa, the people here – though poor – have a inner beauty not found in the so-called more developed countries. They are far more spiritual and intuned with a Creator than the spoiled “Westerner” who think God blesses them with big air conditioned and carpeted church buildings which are also something external. 

Religion serves the purpose to take over ones mind and blind it so that the truth (light) about the gospel (teachings) of Christ might not shine through.

News Flash: God did not send Jesus here to establish a religion. He sent him here to establish a Brotherhood. It is men who created the religion and ever since the world of mankind has been in a constant state of war and decline because of it. Religion divides. Brotherhoods unite. We are all technically Brothers.  There are over 41,000 contending so-called Christian denominations in the world.  R. Jerome Harris

What stands in place today are systems of divisive religion that elevate the gospels (teachings) of men that pretend to be from Christ. The world is on a wide road that leads to destruction.

Those of you who think you are safe, beware! You are in the most dangerous and susceptible state of all for the very belief that you think you have the truth! If you carry upon yourself the name and title of any of the religions and religious systems upon THIS earth, you have already been misled, though you do not believe yourself to be. You have become an unwitting adulterer because you have taken upon yourselves names and titles that Christ did not give you; men gave them to you and you accepted them. The giver of those names own you and you are not free. (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Your father is not Christ (in the sense of him being your Lord). Your father is the one who controls the world and all of the elements in it. Thus, “your father” will do all he can to make you like him. The Apostle states at John 8:44:

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Note: References to Father (uppercase) always refer to the One God; The Father.  Lowercase father references others. Thus, Jesus can be a father (lowercase) in the sense of being the originator of something. Likewise, Satan is referred to as “the father of the lie” at John 8:44.

Today, we live in a world full of religion. Yet, the real dichotomy is that it is a very dangerous place to live. If this world and all in it was from God, there would be no need to destroy it, would there? If this world was really from God, there would be no badness t every turn. We live in a world full of lies – masquerading as truth – and violence. All today have at their roots, religion. (Dan 2:44)

It is imperative, dear reader, that you prayerfully consider what is written in this article.

I am not trying to get persons to leave off from worshiping God and serving his Messiah. Not at all. Rather, to help persons to realize that religion is in your way and preventing you from doing so. Religion has it ALL wrong. Many of us were born into a world (system) that we did not create and neither did God. The world in which we live today and were born into was already built up by the man of European descent. Thus, we live in a European-conceived universe. It is a false universe.

This European-conceived universe names all of the planets and constellations for us; tells us how great Einstien is; presents to us it’s own brand of religion called Christianity; tells us that Adam, Eve, Jesus, Angels, God, The Prophets, The Apostles and others look like them; elevates and reveres White skin above all the other colors of people within the human family; presents world history from only a European perspective (such as Columbus discovering America or who and how the Pyramids were built); creates “holy days” that are European-based and cleverly imposes upon non-European people to celebrate them; creating movies that portray the White male as heroes and saviors ofthe world and even in outerspace (Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Superman, Avatar, Bruce Willis in Armageddon and the latest rash of movies that portray Noah, Moses, and Jesus as White men). This is all by careful design. It perpetuates a European-based world in which all peoples are supposed to subscribe to.

Shame on us Black folk for allowing this to happen to us without challenge. We have become “Churchified.” Many of us get offended when I mention these things. One Black woman said to me, “Don’t mess with my Jesus.” I fully understood what she meant. She refused to let go the Jesus that is portrayed in art, film, literature and Christianity. Even when I explained to her that I believe in Jesus, she insisted that I did not. Why? Because I did not envision him as she did: As a flesh and blood White man. This is a major problem within the world of Black people: We accept the portrayals of the White man who has not seen God, Jesus, angels or anyone else mentioned in scripture.

At every turn it is religious organzation that is telling you what to do, what to think, and what to believe. Like a bully – a beast – it is controlling. And, if you believe differently from what it has told you; if you question or challenge it; if you investigate it, it will have a problem with you. That it would have a problem with you is what you should be really be considering as to, why? Why would religious organizations demand that you believe as it directs you to or else? That is not freedom, that’s is enslavement.

Why aren’t those religious organizations claiming to be of God and Christ NOT directing their membership to the ONLY “WAY” to the Father? Rather, they are directing persons to THEMSELVES while at the same time duping them to into believing that if they join them, they will be in the truth and God are within them because God is with their organizations?

Religious organization is in the way. It stands in a position where it does not belong: Standing in between mankind and Christ. Religion has made itself “The Way” and it is really teaching persons that one does not come to the Father but by THEM.

This teaching has enslaved millions to religious organization as those millions cannot envision being godly without religious organization. But one can worship God without a “third-party.”  I know. The first man Adam did. There was no church! Adam had no mediator between himself and God either. He was one to one in communication with his Creator. Jesus did not attend a Church either. He worshiped his Father and did the Fathers will without the need of third-party organizations. Even though his disciples congregated themselves together, it was not in the manner that we see people in “church” today. Not even close. They congregated themselves with a view of being a brotherhood, not in the sense of forming a religion. 

Religion is selfish and hateful. One religious faction will engage in bloody warfare with another of the same religion! A true brotherhood would be loving because a brother would not desire to harm a brother.

Christianity is guilty and is blood guilty. It is the religion of our slave master. This religion is not of God. God did not authorize its creation. Men (White men) did this on their own for selfish and monetary gain.

Christianity is responsible for the African Slave Trade where Pope Nicolas V ordered it in 1452 AD. Christianity is responsible for the bloody Crusades beginning in 1095 AD. Christianity is responsible for the Spanish Inquistion of 1478 AD where one would be killed (beheaded) or tortured if one did not convert to Christianity. Christianity is responsible for all of the Word Wars. It is responsible for the dropping of the worst weapon of mass destruction ever created: The atomic bomb which killed tens of thousands of innocents and maimed and disfigured many more for generations. It is still on the march today claiming itself good, innocent and chaste. It is evil and not from God. It is an imposter just as Jesus said would come after his ascension.

Jesus said at Matthew 24:4-5:

Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.

Does not Christianity truthfully declare that Jesus is the Messiah? Yes it does! But it will deceive many. This deception has long occurred. Recall that the many are the more than 41,000 contending so-called Christian denominations in the world.

I also know that when one rejects all religious organization, they reject “the world” and the world will reject you and send out a flood after you. The very ones claiming to be of God and Christ will send that flood. It is mostly mental stuff such as rejection from your friends and family. This flood is designed to drown you in a mental and spiritual sense to where you will feel lifeless and useless. DO NOT succumb to it. This will be the time to draw closer to the Master and prayerful search out the wisdom of the Father through Christ.

Like Peter who walked out on the water to meet Jesus but ast seeing the agitation of the sea began to sink. It was when he cried out to the Master that Jesus reached out and caught him.

The flood being sent out by this world to drown true followers of Christ is real. Religion is behind that flood as it “wants you.” If it cannot get you, it would rather see you perish. Just like Satan would. Religion is like its father, the devil.

When we think we are going under, cry out to our master. If we had faith, there would be no need to cry out as you would be standing firm upon the proverbial waters of this world.

Yet, religion goal is to make you a visual, emotional, non-spiritual and faithless person who is dependent upon it for everything.

It is not enough just to say, “I serve Christ” if your beliefs and actions say otherwise. If you carry a name or title Christ did not give you, you are not serving him, you are serving the entity that gave you that name. You would know your Master and know what name he told you to go by. (John 8:31-32 and Matthew 28:19-20)

There are two Masters. Which one do you really serve?

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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