The Most Dangerous Entity On The Planet

I remember as a child watching the original TV Series called “Lost In Space.” Memorable characters such as Will Robinson, Dr. Smith … and Robby The Robot. The robot …

When danger approached the robot would say, “Danger! Danger!”

Today, there is an entity that exists on the planet that appears harmless and lamblike, yet it is more dangerous and deadly than any weapon of mass destruction fashioned by man; and, it causes (and has caused) much damage to the human family. Who or what is that entity?

Christianity, a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Many elements within this religious system called by men (and not God), Christianity, are quick to point fingers at all about them as being the “bad guys” and in need of change or conversion to Christianity; by force, if necessary.

Historical evidence shows that this entity has a heinous track record in its treatment of the human family. This harsh treatment continues to this day. It has been able to systematically fashion for itself a white-washed outward reputation and appearance before the entire world (and themselves), but their actual conduct reveals something entirely different.

I mention only in passing the African Slave Trade that was endorsed by a Pope; The Spanish Inquisition; The Crusades; Witch Hunts where persons where burned at the stake because their thinking was not in line with the Christianity of the day; the enslavement and violent treatment of African Americans (lynchings, KKK, etc) by a nation claiming “In God We Trust;” the dropping of the most powerful weapon of mass destruction – the atomic bomb – upon a people killing and disfiguring for generations tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children by a nation claiming to be “Christian’; the imprisonment of a man for 25 years who spoke against apartheid; shock and awe campaigns upon non-European nations and people of color and killing their leaders; invading into another peoples land (native Indian) and claiming it as their own (America); and the Panare Indian. I could go on and on.

This aggressive conquer-and-control mentality has not ended. Christianity does what it does undercover and under the guise of a benefactor to mankind; when it is, in fact, a predator upon the human family: A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It somehow and someway convinces itself that what it does has God’s backing and that he is with them. It has arrogated itself to present to the world in art, film, literature and its religion portrayals of Adam, Eve, Angels, Jesus, God, The Prophets, The Apostles, etc in the likeness of the man of European descent. Not only that, it actually expects the world to believe it and follow its lead and subscribe to all of it without any question, investigation or challenge to them! Now, that is really deep!

The harm it has caused to the human family has also manifested itself in other ways too. Namely, it has been able to effectively implant it’s false European-conceived idea of Christ’s teachings as truth to a large portion of the world and has subdued much of the militarily powerful nations as well as much of impoverished Sub-Saharan Africa with its false portrayals and teachings about God and Christ.

As an example of this, I present to you a situation I find myself in: I was born and raised in the northern state of Wisconsin, USA. I am an African American. My parents migrated from the southern U.S. to get away – they thought – from the harsh mistreatment of Black people and to seek out a better life for themselves in the north where factories and job opportunities where popping up everywhere. To their surprise, the ugly head of racism, bigotry, and intolerance was even more pronounced in the north than in the south because the White people in the north were not as accustomed to having Black people around as White people in the south were. It was a hard life for my parents.

Yet, those who meted out the harsh treatment towards Black people were persons who attended church every Sunday. They “allowed us to have our own Church,” I thought as young man. But the God and Jesus in our church was the same color as the ones in White peoples Church. It all must be true, I thought.

Yet, I came to know that Christianity was an imposition. It was imposed upon my African ancestors and imposed upon them forcefully and violently. As the older African ancestors died off, the new came in and as successive generations died off, all that was left was a people of African descent who were systematically stripped of their African names, identity, and ancestry. Left in its place was a Europeanized African with the names and identities of another race among mankind and not his own. That imposed European identity became an incurable virus that has clung to my African Brothers and Sisters to this very day. It is passed on to our children.

As a result of today, Christianity has been able to impose itself upon “all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues” and subduing them and taking them captive.

Where I live today, in Africa, I see a sea of Black people who revere images of Jesus, Mary, Angels, The Apostles and many others portrayed in the likeness of the man of European descent. Many of these same subdued Black people revere a White man they call The Pope and will kneel before him and kiss his ring and call him “Holy Father.” Wow! That is what I call damage. As that robot would say, “Danger! Danger!”

I know that my African Grandparents did not lie to my parents and my parents did not lie to me when it came to Christianity. My Great great grandparents, great grandparents, Grandparents, and parents were lied to by those who imposed these false teachings upon them. They could not read and gave no thought to challenging the White man because they were indoctrinated to be dependent upon everything from their enslaver. Even dependent upon what they were told to think and believe.

My Great great grandparents, great grandparents, Grandparents and parents were lied to by those who imposed these false teachings upon them.

Myself, having credentials as a Teacher of Electronics and Digital Technology and having taught peoples in many lands such as Thailand, The Philippines, Greece, Morocco, Sri Lanka, and West Africa – and having traveled and lived and visited many countries in my twenty-years of military service – I have seen first hand the damage Christianity has caused in subduing people of color to be in fear (reverent fear) of the man of European descent.

I remember teaching one of many lessons in an electronic course many years ago when I was in West Africa ( I have since returned). All of my students – about 25-30 of them- were African. All were taught English to an eight-grade level (by U.S. standards) before I would come in and teach them electronics. I was about 4 weeks into the 5-week course. By then the students and teacher (myself) formed a bond and they had my respect and confidence as a teacher. Yet, one day, a White man – a Christian Missionary from England – visited the classroom as someone curious about why I was there and what I was doing. He asked if he could sit in the back of the class to rest his feet and observe for awhile. I had no objection. Yet, he raised his hand and asked me an electronic-based question as if he was a part of the class. I answered his question and mentioned that the class had already covered that “electronic theory” in the first week of class. The man got up from his seat and stood up! He said to me, “Why are you teaching these people electronics? There is no industry here where they could apply such knowledge?” But it was not his question that surprised me, it was the look on my African Brothers faces. They now looked to this White man (who they did not know) as if he had all of the answers. This White man inserted himself into my classroom and “automatically” placed himself in charge. This is a group dynamic. Oftentimes, White persons make the assumption within a group of non-White persons that they are automatically in charge. Sadly, many people of color make that assumption as well, they allow Whites to tell them anything and everything and they offer no question or challenge to them. They tell them – for example – that Jesus is God or that hell is an eternal place of torment for the sinner and they simply accept it without challenge, question or investigation. They are told about the European Santa Claus and they adopt the belief and the tradition and merge it with God and Christ! What the … I won’t say it. This system of religion called Christianity has caused so much damage and has taken so many captives mentally, that people of color – who should question such things – feel that somehow they are betraying God and Christ if they do. Now, that is power!

Yet, this man did not know me, either! So I seized on the opportunity to make an example of him in front of my African students ONLY to show THEM that Black people can think, reason and KNOW STUFF TOO and are just as intelligent – and more so – than persons of European descent. This is the damage Christianity does. It presents images of God and Christ and Angels and a host of “Bible” personalties as being in the likeness of the man of European descent. Their heavy indoctrination implants these images in the minds of people of color over the years and generations and the result is people who fear White people and accept their teachings and lead in almost everything as being “the truth.”

To this very day, this imposed mentality is very very difficult to extract and rub away.

Yet, by the time I finished with the Christian Missionary – who obviously wanted to keep African people ignorant – he stormed out of my class room visibly distraught. Why would be so upset that I was teaching by African Brothers electronics? I will tell you why? Because one or two of my African students knew I was also a “Bible Student” back then; and, I had discussions with them about God and Christ. Something I said about “a teaching in Scripture” got back to this Missionary. This White Missionary apparently felt I was encroaching upon his territory.

I mention all of this to say this: If the system of religion called by men, Christianity, is willing to go to the extents that it has to impose its will and teaching upon persons – even by force, deceit, and death – then there is nothing it would not do. It is certainly an imposter and not from God and Christ as none of what it has done and still doing is consistent with The Son of God’s teachings.

We – persons of all races – need to stop being afraid of it and stop letting it use scare tactics and threats of eternal torment or loss of eternal life if one does not submit to their teaching or accept an icon they made in the likeness of a European man. We need to stop being afraid because neither God or Christ told anyone that they would be tormented for all eternity; the religious system called Christianity is telling and teaching people these things. Such teachings show a hatred, not a love for mankind as God and Christ have. (John 3:16)

Christ tolerated and forgave persons who were NOT his followers. (An adulterous woman, a condemned man, and those who would persecute him and put him to death). He never brow beat anyone because they did not accept who he claimed to be or who did not accept his teachings. Wise as he is, he knows that mankind are like sheep without a Shepherd and simply don’t know what it is doing.

But not the great imposter and counterfeit called Christianity. It moves forward ever so unlovingly issuing threats of condemnation, hurting and killing people in the name of God so as to conquer and win converts to themselves. That makes it more dangerous than any Army fielded by any nation among mankind.

I believe that Jesus foretold the coming of this great misleader of many. It would come bearing his name and with the truthful proclamation that he is the Christ (Messiah) but would use that proclamation to lure people in and deceive them. Notice Jesus warning words at Matthew 24:4-5:

Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.

To remove suspicion and attention away from themselves, the religious system called by men, Christianity, spins this Scripture as being many individual persons with illusions of grandeur rising up from time to time claiming themselves to be the Messiah. That is not what these words of Jesus are saying. He is referring to many in the sense of many persons being taught, believing and making the proclamation that Jesus is the Messiah.

The Christian system of religion does just that: It truthfully teaches that Jesus is the Messiah, but it uses that truthful proclamation to deceive the world. Thus, here is our wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

I submit to you dear reader that all you have to do is look at the conduct of the many claiming to follow Christ. They visit this site and leave their “rude and hateful” calling cards. If they feel insulted by what I write, they do not listen to Christ and “turn the other cheek.” They would rather remain and cast insult. It would be easier for them – one would think – to just walk away from what I write if they find it unbearable to read. But no! They will not.

If they feel insulted by what I write, they do not listen to Christ and “turn the other cheek.” They would rather remain and cast insult.

Insult and name calling is something that many members of the religious system of Christianity have a real weakness with. They oftentimes insult those persons who disagree with them by questioning their character or motives instead of focusing on the facts or the discussion at hand. Name calling slaps a negative, easy-to-remember label onto a person, a group, or an idea. The name caller hopes that the label will stick. If people reject the person or the idea on the basis of the negative label instead of weighing the evidence for themselves, the name caller’s strategy has worked.

Myself, I have been called by members of Christianity – even the seemingly most mature among them – Satan, independent, faultfinding, stubborn, arrogant, reviling, demon-possessed, haughty, apostate, lawless and most recently, butthead. (LOL)

What had I actually done to these persons to earn these array of charges other than to disagree with them, question them, or challenge them? Could these things of themselves place a person in the Satan-like category they describe? Yet, they disagree among themselves and even insult, betray and kill each other!

The day will come when this religious system will do to those –  like myself who do not allow them to think for me and believe as they want me to believe and who cling tenaciously to Christs teachings – what the Jewish Religious Leaders did to Jesus and his followers, persecute him and have him put to death.

Jesus says in Matthew 24:9-11:

Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.  At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.

It should be remembered that Judas Iscariot, a chosen one (Apostle) of Jesus truthfully acknowledged him as the Messiah, but later betrayed him and turned him over to be persecuted and put to death. This future betrayal of this Judas Iscariot-like system – Christianity – will betray Christ in the sense in that it will betray what he taught (it would deviate from his teachings), persecute and hand over his true followers to be put to death (literally or by State sponsored censorship). Judas Iscariot colluded or was in bed with the political authority of Rome. Likewise today, we see this same collusion and marriage of Christianity and the State. It will betray Christ again and persons like myself who follow the person of Christ and his teaching and not the teachings of religious organizations or what is popular in the world and pushed off as the truth.

These future betrayers will fear and align themselves with the political and governmental authorities of the world and actually hate those who stick with Christ and oppose their false teachings about God and Christ. (Keep in mind that these millions of persons under the control of Christianity will think in their own hearts that they are doing God’s will and following Christ). Christianity, by examining its historical record, has already demonstrated a desire and willingness to do harm to large masses of people who oppose it and who do not accept their brand of Christianity. Once it gets an opposer in its sight and has his/her scent, it is relentless in going after them like a pack of ravenous wolves. It will wish and desire those persons to be silenced and done away with; effectively killed off as they will be viewed as thorns in their side.

What is called by men, Christianity will be the source of the Great Tribulation that is to come upon Christ’s true followers. What!

Many have been mistakenly taught by Christianity that The Great Tribulation will come upon the whole world. That is not what Jesus teaches about it. (See the opposition to what Christ teaches). Jesus teaches that the tribulation will come to his followers (the ones he determines are his followers) and BY ALL OF THE WORLD. Notice how Jesus puts it at Matthew 24:9:

Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me.

As stated earlier, Christianity is already in bed with the political and governmental authorities. Even one government – the most powerful one on earth – has fashioned on its currency “In God We Trust!” Christianity is a prostitute and has made alliances and marriages with the governmental authorities of the world and are already poised for the great betrayal and tribulation that is to come.

I submit to the reader that they look at the conduct of the persons that this religious system produces. Many of them are of the rudest, unloving, and intolerant of character. They have either forgotten or have not taken Christ’s teachings seriously and allowed them to take root with in them. His teachings appear to have only impacted the surface. They love you if you go along with the flow and join with them in what they teach. Yet, that love is turned off like a quick flick of a light switch and it is gone if you do not go along with them. Yet, Christ taught that his disciples were to love even their enemies.

Christianity does not like being questioned or told that it is in error and a hypocrite. I have no reservations in confronting Christianity as the imposter that it is. I love people too much to see them led about in such a manner. To have the life gave them and the ability to speak, think and reason, and decide for themselves taken away from them. To be in fear of bulk religion who tells them that they will be punished if they do not submit. I can only imagine how Christ felt when he saw the Jewish people being led about by the hypocritical Jewish Religious System and its leadership.

The day will come when God’s command will be taken seriously and heeded. That command is given at Revelation 18:4:

Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues.

Christianity is guilty of many sins upon the human family. Its historical record confirms this. It has grossly misrepresented God and Christ and misleads and deceived the world at large and the plague that will come upon this system of religion will be nonexistence – destroyed for all eternity, never to be seen again. There is no indication that those within that system of religion will go down with it. The system will go down meaning that what it teaches  – the lie – will never be taught again. 

Christianity is a monster and it’s violent and death-dealing history shows what it really is: A wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is a dangerous and predatory beast. The most dangerous entity on the planet.

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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  1. Is Christianity actually "The most dangerous entity on the planet?"

    Extracted from

    Deaths Caused by Christians:

    1562-1598 – French Wars of Religion – France – 4 million

    1095-1291 – Crusades to the Holy Land – Middle East, Spain, Africa – 1.5 million (This does include all sides of the conflict)

    1184-c. 1860 – Various Christian Inquisitions – Europe – 17,500


    Deaths caused by non-Christians:

    184-205 – Yellow Scarves Rebellion (Taoists) – China – 7 million

    1300s-1521 – Human Sacrifices (Aztecs) – Mexico – 1 million

    1855-1877 – Panthay Rebellion (Muslims) – China – 12 million

    1932-1933 – Holodomor (communist atheists) – Ukraine – 10 million

    1941-1945 – Nazi Genocides (statist atheists) – Germany – 11 million

    1959-1962 – Great Leap Forward famine (communist atheists) – China – 43 million

    1971 – Bangladesh Atrocities (Islamists) – East Pakistan – 3 million

    1975-1979 – Khmer Rouge Repression (communist atheists) – Cambodia – 3 million

    September 11, 2007 – Terrorist attacks (Muslim Jihadists) – USA – 5,000

    These numbers and facts can be clearly argued but my point cannot be ignored.  How dangerous is Christianity? The church? A pope? A religion? All these things are only guns and ammunition. It’s sinful, ungodly men who aim and pull the trigger. Also, in the days of the Spanish Inquisition; The Crusades; Witch Hunts; the place of the bible in churches was behind closed doors and locked away likely because many of their teachings did not align. Is Christianity the cause of these atrocities? Was it Christianity that decided to form the kkk, make bombs, and burn people at the stake?  Is Christianity solely dangerous? What about the possible good it has done?

    The sins of man are a sad thing: murder, racism, slavery, abuse, manipulation, selfishness, greed, etc. and Christianity cannot be to blame because these things have been around before it even existed. Is it religion that makes a person sinful?

    How about we ask God? Matthew 15:19 Sins come from the heart. Only men have hearts, not churches, not religious systems, not the government, or any country.

    Maybe we should ask better questions. Maybe they are the right questions but about the wrong entity.

    Why does man not show the face of God? Jeremiah 17:9

    What is sin? 1 John 3:4

    Who is responsible? Ezekiel 18:20, Romans 3:23

    When did Jesus or God ever condemn any sort of Religion? In Mathew 25 it is not what that is being spoken out against it is who. Jesus only gives woes to religious leaders and keepers of the law. Not the religions or law themselves.

    I feel for what people have felt at the hands of men. However, I do not believe Christianity or Religion is to blame. It would be like blaming the internet for the massive consumption of pornography.

    1. No doubt, this religious system is the most dangerous from the the standpoint of what it claims to be: Of God and Christ.

      I am not referring to Islam, Judaism or the other major religions. No one willl argue that they too are guilty of crimes against the human family; but no where near the scale of Christianity.

      I am referring to that which claims it is of God and Christ. One would think it would practice what Christ taught.

      Christianity is the blame for the “bad fruit” it has produced in people under its roof. Christianity is the blame as Jesus referred to deceivers that would come “In his name claiming that he is the Messiah.” (Matthew 24:4-5) The problem is that Christianity refuses to see itself as the one Jesus foretold would come to do the deceiving of persons, “in his name.”

      You have cleverly made the issue an “us against them” issue by comparing the “number of deaths” one religious system has committed over the other. I doubt these numbers are accurate and – like everything esle Christianity does – it skews “statistics” to make itself appear less ominous.

      The ISSUE here is a “religious system that claims itself to be the truth and of God and Christ.” The other major religious systems make the claim of being of “God AND Christ.” I am referring to the one that does and it is a hypocrite – in denial.

      The most powerful nations today proclaim Christianity. They hold the “big guns” and have used them with devastating effects on the human family and caused much destruction of life in short periods of time and then enter into their churches to have their consciences massaged for the evil they have done thinking it is good.

      Jesus said ones enemies will come out of the SAME household. Like Judas Iscariot, the religious system of Christianity will turn on each other and betray one another – thus, betraying Christ. In fact, it has already done this and teach Christ divided. It is still on the move and it’s membership are being prepared to wax even worse. It has become so bad now that they hate and despise even those within its own ranks who do not agree. Not to mention the intense hatred and intolerance it shows towards persons who are members of the other religious groups – especially Islam. There is no excuse for that. Jesus commands his followers to love their enemies. Christianity shows no love of mankind as God and Christ did and does. It is dry, superficial and ridden with ritual. Condemning and leaving destruction in its wake towards any who oppose them.

      Christianity does not produce the fruitage of the spirit in its membership. It it did, we would not see the harm it has done to each other within that religious system and those outside of it.

      “The fruitage of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.” (Gal 5:22-23)

      Christianity as PROVEN to produce none of these. It creates its own “good.” Using weapons of mass destruction and enslaving a people to do them servitude for over 400 years – to mention only a few – was thought of as “good” to them. That is a sickness.

      The Apostle said it best at 1 John 4:20:

      “Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen.”

      Christianity is a liar and the history of its treatment torward mankind proves that it is a liar.

      BTW: In Jesus’ day there was only ONE RELIGIOUS system he dealt with: The Jewish religious system. Of it, he showed it to be hypocritical and burdensome and called those who would be his 12 Apostles out of it.

      Religion should NOT exist. That is the problem. Only the words that come out of God’s mouth through His son. Religion is man made.

      Tell me: Did God tell man to create the more than 41000 “contending” Christian denominations that teach His Son divided? Did God tell us to listen to religious systems and their leadership? I think not. He told us – no He COMMANDED us – to listen to a PERSON – His Son. (Luke 9:35)

      That “automatically” makes null and void ANY religion. 

      God sent His Son to establish a Brotherhood among mankind. What has resulted is a monstrosity that has tentacles on it with different names: Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventist, Catholics, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Methodist, Episcopalian, etc. This is a grotesque entity that claims it is of God and Christ.

      I find it interesting that so many defend THEIR religion no “right or wrong” and they even justify its bad behavior (past and present). Yet, they will not defend Christ and what he taught. It is religion verses Christ.

      And, that is more of the damage that Christianity has caused: It has misled people to be loyal to religious organizations of any man-made name and NOT to Christ himself.

      Once a person champions the PERSON of Christ and realize it is to HIM that they should be attached to, then they will see clearly that “religion” – especially Christianity – was imposed upon them and that it is a very dangerous beast that grows more deadly and controlling each day.

      I sit back and wait for the next big conflict in the world and watch Christianity involve itself and its membership in taking innocent lives (usually people of color or people of another religious group) and think what they have done was a good thing and then celebrate it. Maybe burn some candles. (LOL)

      It is faithless. It is like the people of ancient Israel who lost faith that God could protect them against the charging Army of Pharaoh when they had their backs up against the Red Sea. Yet, God fought for them.

      Not Christianity! It is an aggressor. It does not wait for God or even trust Him. It FIRST moves forward on its own and then AFTERWARD prays to God. (Massages its conscience).

      If it was faithful, it would trust God in doing battle for it. But God is not with this entity. Something else possesses it.

  2. I am not in any way trying to justify or lessen the evils Christianity has caused but more to try and show the lack of difference between all men. I disagree with you that religion should not exist. However, I do agree with you that God did not tell man to create “contending” Christian denominations that teach His Son divided. The leadership of men is a little trickier. In a set of verse you know well: Matthew 23:8-12 definitely says a lot about leadership. I don’t think that the leadership of men is entirely void however. Here are verses I find useful: John 19:11, Jeremiah 25:8-9, Mark 12:17, Romans 13:1, Acts 4:27-28, 1 Timothy 2:1-2, Romans 13:1-4, 1 Peter 2:13-17.

    The true master and final authority over everything is God without question. Taking much into consideration it seems to me that earthly authority cannot be ignored entirely despite its sinful nature. There is also reason to believe that all authority on earth was placed and allowed by God. Considering a single man in authority such as a pastor of a church I think accepting guidance and listening to what they have to say is not a bad thing at all as long as one places God’s word above theirs.

    Lastly, I am recalling a verse you have mentioned a verse but am having trouble finding it again. It was about God stopping you if you are wrong or something?

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