The A.D. Television Series – A Deception?

Millions of viewers (last count over 20 million) have tuned in to watch the A.D. mini series that chronicles the life of Jesus. It is another great deception being perpetrated upon the entire world. Here is how.

The Insistence of Portraying Jesus in a Likeness He is No Longer In

This never stops! Someone or something is really going out of their way – sparing no expense – in portraying the Son of God as a man! He is not a man, he is a powerful angelic creature second in power and authority (given to him by God) by God. His residence is not earth, but heaven; a spiritual place, not a place of flesh and blood.

Truth is truth a lot of people simply refuse to deal with it. They are repelled by it. Of himself Jesus said at John 14:6:

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Christ said that HE is the TRUTH! If any claiming to follow him, one would think that THEY would champion the truth about him! It IS NOT truthful that The Son of God is a man. Yet, a great deal in the world insists on believing him in this false light and portrayals. The entertainment industry stands up as one of many “False Prophets” as it is an expert in leveraging its power and influence and outreach to millions to sell, market and package false portrayals of Christ.

Not only that, the entertainment industry knows exactly what to tap into with regards the masses: Their emotion. Emotion is a very powerful drug. To promote false portrayals and teachings of Christ to the masses, all the entertainment industry as to do is feature emotion rather than truth! Drunken the masses with emotion. Emotional inebriation is the enemy of reason and rationale. Ever try to reason with a person who has had too much to drink!

Not only does the entertainment industry know how to leverage the emotion, so does the many so-called Christian denominations in the world; especially the so-called Tele-Evangelizers.

And, I might add the A.D. Series has already grossed more than 83 million dollars and growing. That money is not being used to feed the poor and help the sick. It is going into the pockets of the creators as they are seen on TV all the time, dressed lavishly, praising themselves, and receiving praise from others and not once speaking of God and Christ and Christs teachings. These are wolves in sheeps clothing who are attempting to sell a concept that all of this is a calling from God! In their minds and in the minds of many, God has put White people in charge of painting a portrait of what God and Christs are like and how the world is to perceive them. How dare them! What a bunch of vipers and hypocrites. I reject your false portrayals of my Master!

The Perpetuation of a False Christ

If no one has ever seen Christ and images of him are created by men, then those images has to be false! If The Son of God is not a man (and he lives), then portrayals of him as a man are also false. Those who say to me, “Well, this is how we are to remember him.” I say to those persons, “Who told you to remember him as a man?” “Have you ever seen Christ?” ” So who is telling you to remember him as a man when he is not a man at present?” “Could it be that you and the rest of the world are grossly mistaken?” “That we are to remember his teachings?”

That The Son of God is being heavily promoted as a man – when he is not that – makes the world’s perception of him false. Therefore, what we have is a False Christ. Sadly however, attached to that are the things that come out of the mouth of that False Christ – whether it is from the entertainment industry or from within the many denominations of Christianity – will be false as well! How can truth come out of what is false? It cannot.

That so many individuals cry “foul” R. Jerome Harris, “because you are playing the race card!” No, I am not playing the race card. Any race cards dealt where not dealt by me because I do not own the deck. Any card given me, I throw it back as a false card. I do not want it nor do I accept it. The problem is: Those who deal the lie become offended when I do not accept their lies. They care nothing about the truth, they simply want what they are dealing – lies and error – to be accepted with question or challenge to them.

One Religious Systems Hope For The World But Not That of the Majority In the World

The creators and producers of the A.D. series (a group of White people) said that production of the A.D. series was a calling from God and that it is the way of peace. How selfish is that! They dismissed each and every religious system in the world who do not accept Christianity! It was almost like saying, “Here we come! We are on a mission to conquer and subdue those of different religious beliefs.” Sadly, that has been the goal of the man-made imposter called by men – Christianity: To control and subdue the non-European-decent peoples of the world. Many African Americans and Africans in Africa and in Europe have already been taken; that is, stripped of their African identities and names and given good “Christian” (slave master) names. What is called by men – Christianity – has seen to it that people of color – for example Black people – have more appreciation for what is European and what is Jewish than for what is African. Take a look at the image below from the A.D. TV series and tell me what you see:


I see a Black man and woman. Both oddly seem out of place. The Black woman is clinging to a White woman who appears like a Nun. The Black man is made to look like his hope is to be in this false portrayal of Christ. This and other scenes within the A.D. series were carefully orchestrated to place before Black people a soc-called savior that looks nothing like them! It is a clever way to perpetuate and venerate the worship of White people and religious system that bred the false images and portrayals of the Son of God. And, to exercise power and control over Black people. I see no White person in the world venerating or worshiping ANYTHING Black or African.
I personally believe that White scholars fear Black people who come to realize this great lie and deception. I believe their exists an aggressive agenda and focus on pushing these false portrayals of Christ upon the African communities in the world so as to make them afraid and controlled. I can speak with experience on this subject: I am an African American who lives in Africa. Africans who become Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, etc have little or no interest in what is African. They really venerate and fear that which is White. The pictures below speak more loudly to anything I can see about this:

Pope Benedict XVI

And Below is The Primary Goal: To Turn African People Into This!


If there was not so much insistence in stripping people of color of their true identities and imposing another identity upon them and a systematic and generational turning them into what they are not, I would make no ado about any of this. But this is very unsettling.

A Money Generator

It is true: The love of money is the root of all sorts of injurious things. War and drugs are two of the most injurious things in the world but are also very profitable. It does not serve the human powers in the world to have a world at peace. No money can be made when a world is at peace or without crime or vice. That is how bad it is. The people cry out sincerely for peace and the human powers over them pretend to listen to them but in their hearts it is not peace that they want.

The same holds true of the entertainment industry. To present what is true to the masses will never sell and generate profits. So they create fantasies about the Son of God, package and market that and sell it. Like I said earlier, 83 million dollars grossed so far!

The Dangers Ahead

What stands ahead are more so-called Biblical productions with the dual purposes misleading the world and generating profit at the same time. At the helm are powerful and wealthy White people who will ensure that “Whiteness” is featured in these productions. I personally thought recent Noah movie starring Russell Crowe and the lovely Jennifer Connelly (and an almost all White cast) was an in-your-face-people-of-color production that was essentially telling the world that it not the truth that is important, but selling tickets. It also signalled to people of color that anything Biblical will ALWAYS be featured White. It reminded me of the Cecil B.Demille “Ten Commandments” starring Charleston Heston and an almost all White cast of Characters. Nothing has changed. There is an insistence on keeping it that way.

The impact of these floods of lies and productions will be a people more in the dark than ever before. It will make it extremely difficult to present the truth about God and His Son to the world at large; even to those who think they know the truth (I am speaking to you church-goers, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, Catholics, etc) because of the power and influence of film and the injection of the drug of emotionalism into them.

Reactions to the truth about God and Christ will be emotional ones and not rationale and reasoning ones.

The Bible – a book that appeared on the scene about 1500 years after the ascension of Christ – will be (and is) promoted as The Word of God instead of the one who IS The Word of God: Christ Jesus. As the A.D. advertisment attests to: It is not Christ that is being promoted, but the Bible is.

Wake up people!



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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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  1. PEACE IN…

    Thank You again for a clear presentation of TRUTH AS IS.

    The icon controversey must become a no brainer for those who are blessed to use commn sense to awaken to see PROBLEM and who currently use such IMAGES to immediately discontinue images in the worship place, at home, at work, etectera. A firm and uncompromising position to oppose images is the only option for those sincere in wanting to remain true to faith in Divine Guidance for human life.

    In 2nd century A.D., Rabbis gave a false, evil, and blasphemous interpretation to Bible story of Noah, his son Ham and grandson Canaan in which they purported that Ham and Canaan were cursed to become black skinned and to be slaves for perpetuity.

    This garbage was taught to an innocent, unaware, and mostly illiterate European people for centuries, effectively indoctrinating them to become "white supremacist", after which they were used, manipulated, as a brainwashed workforce for material and political conquest around the globe, by Jews who remained and operated behind the scene.

    This TRUTH must be taught to the entire world commnuity so that all shall know how Europeans have been deceived into racial hostility while the originators make off with all the material and political goodies. 

    The "Synagogue of Satan" is real as majority within the Jewish community. After consistent, persistent, and insistent rebellion against THE G-D, most Hebrews, who later became known as Israeli and Jews, became the human embodiment of Satan. They became the devil, Satan's earthly agents who wandered about the earth spreading ung-dly influence wherever they settlted. Their mission being to encourage sin and corruption as influences to seperate human beings from THE G-D Almighty and living by the word of G-D in all things with all the heart, all the mind, and with all the will to obey Divine moral guidance.   

    European images, along with all other racial images, must be destroyed, as will to obey Commandments of THE G-D become natural and automatic for Believers. 





  2. I thank you for the very heartfelt articles here on this site. I discovered this site last night after a prayer begging for truth. I of course wanted to jump in here and agree with what you’ve written here. God made us all, in all our different shapes and colors, never did he pick one shade of melanin over the other. Common sense should tell anyone that the man who became our king wasn’t a white fellow. This system is set up to rob us all of our identities. We should celebrate our differences. To reject anyone, or beat them down over race or color is to disrespect our Father’s creation. The mark of Cain is something none of us has figured out, I’m leaning toward it being an absence of facial hair, but really don’t know. Perhaps God turned him …white, because I’m guessing there were no white folks yet!!?? That’s speculation of course, and I doubt our salvation depends on that tidbit of knowledge…lol. Who knows for sure..and before anyone would see fit to criticize my comment for agreeing with you, I should maybe mention that I’m white. Truth is truth, we are all beautiful, and sinful. Messiah died for us all. Thanks to YHWH, through His Son for you, and for this article, I say again that these words bring me comfort in my search for truth. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Please look for my article, “What Is The Mark of Cain?” It is not what many have been made to believe and it is not a visible mark.

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