Response To An African American Pastor

An African American Pastor of a Church on the West Coast of the United States sent me a very long email basically with a theme of “Why and what is the purpose of your writings on e-Prophetic?” He went on to say to me that there are tens of thousands of Black people in America who are drug addicts, drug pushers, prostitutes, homeless, broke, despondent and they “need the Lord” and do not need this kind of stuff.

As nice as he could – when I began reading between the lines – he was really saying to me that my writings are not helping us Black folk and that I should “come back” and bring people to the Lord. (I my mind, you mean assist you in keeping us ignorant).

Well, I kindly responded back to him and here is the gist of my response to him.

Dear Pastor, “Where was YOUR Lord when our mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfather (namely our African ancestors) were being enslaved and forced into harsh servitude under the whip by the White Slave Masters? Where was YOUR Lord when African men and women, boys and girls were forced to work sunrise to sunset in a cotton field for scraps of food? Where was your Lord when these very same people were lynched, beaten and killed by the very same people who claim to believe in God and Christ?”

“Where was YOUR Lord when “good White Christians” sat at their dinner tables – after thanking YOUR Lord – to enjoy nice meals made possible by the labors of their slaves, while their slaves were given the what the dogs would not eat?”

I went on, “Where was YOUR Lord when our African relatives had their African identities violently taken away and a European identity and religion imposed upon them?” And, “Why would YOU put such evil on the Lord as if it is something He wanted White people to do to Black people as a part of converting them?”

I went on to explain to him that why is it when I walk into most African American Churches, there are paintings and images of Jesus hanging on the walls as a White man? I asked, “Why are you defending the very thing that enslaved our ancestors in the first place? I explained that one of the primary purposes of Christianity – then and today is to indoctrinate and maintain …

This Back Then


And This Today


Do you, Dear Pastor see yourself in these pictures?

Notice who is there to ensure that you teach what he has taught YOU to teach. In time, he does not have to be present as he will have fully indoctrinated you as the African woman below as been. She and the many like her have been completely taken and you cannot tell her that Adam, Eve, Angels, God, Jesus, Mary, etc are not White. She will light into you like demon possessed person if you attempt to tell her otherwise. Christianity has made her emotionally drunk. It is difficult to reason with drunk persons; and that is Christianity’s goal and agenda: To make us emotionally drunk as drunk persons lose their ability to think. In fact, the drunkard needs assistance and become dependent upon others to think for them. Literally drunk persons with alcohol are dependent upon others to help them make decisions such as walking a straight line, driving home, etc. Christianity keeps its membership emotionally drunk so that they are forever dependent upon the bottle and the drink in it (false teachings) that keep them drunk.


“You, kind Pastor, are an unwitting partner in keeping our people enslaved and in a drunken state. You do the will not of God, but the will and legacy of the slave master through THEIR children who have trained you.

I let this Pastor know that I am simply taking back what is rightfully mine: Me, myself, and I. I was not created by God a White man. I was created – a man.  My life’s experiences are not those of a White man. My thinking is not that of a White man. Yet, I have felt his sharp whip; witnessed his harsh treatment; and heard demeaning words (physically and mentally) myself and through my grandfathers and fathers. I have a duty to not let our people forget and become detached from those things that the still suffering. Those who claim they are “Christians” are the ones doing this to them! 

The American History book does not address this harsh treatment. Grade school children of all colors are not given an accurate picture of that dark episode in human history. Why? Why is it that someone does not want this story told? Why are their voices telling us to “Move on and it is a new day?” It is because one will discover that the religious system called by men, Christianity, was the evil behind it and it still is. Yet, no one is telling the Jews – for example – to forget about the Holocaust (there is even a Holocaust museum in Washington DC, but nothing that tells the truth about the harsh treatment of African Americans). No one is telling White people to forget the White men who lost their lives in the so-called American Revolutionary War at Valley Forge or the Civil War. These are remembered and celebrated! But Black people are to forget. And Christianity by its program of turning us into something that we are not will ensure that our minds will have the mindset of White people. There is no doubt in my mind about that. (I know many White people who are very uncomfortable with me (and even become angry) when I do not subscribe to the way they think and view matters in the world. Especially, when it comes to the celebration of their European-based holidays and my rejection of Christmas and Santa Claus. Sadly, things they cannot intelligently articulate why they believe it. That shows that it is not the truth that they seek.

Christianity works very hard to detach the African American from his ancestry and make him forget that it was this religious system that enslaved us (It was Catholic Pope who endorsed the enslavement of Africans). It is Christianity that puts in front of us a God and Lord, Angels and Prophets who are White. Why? Answer: To inculcate into the African mind that White people are in control and they are to be revered; just like the slave master who had his whip was revered. It was the crack of the whip and fear of it that brought the slave into compliance to the master’s wishes.

The whip he holds in his hands today is “The Bible.” From it, the children of the slave master use it to issue a threat of eternal hellfire and loss of life if one does not do as the “master of the slave” says. The master of the slave THEY  have given Africans is a “White Jesus” who he tells them loves them ONLY if they accept him as THEIR Lord (Master) and  Savior.

The Master will reward them if they do as he says, and “You, Dear Pastor, play a part of sending our people to serve a master who has no ownership rights over us. You are really leading them to serve the White man under the enslaving guise of what THEY have created and called “Christianity.” Christianity is servitude of White people.

Look at the Pope for example. Who are these people? Who told persons of European descent to create a Papacy and stand up White men as persons to be revered where people kneel down before them and kiss their ring and call them “Holy Father?” Look at the image below. What has caused this type of reverence to White people from Africans? Answer: Christianity! My God! I cannot imagine myself kissing the ring of any person. Yet, I tell you, this is all by design and for a definite purpose: The deification of White people – especially in positions of moral leadership.

Even angels do not want to be worshiped. (It is interesting that Popes initiate the outstretching of their hands. They want this type of reverence). (Revelation 19:9-10)


While you might not kneel before a Pope and kiss his ring and call him “Holy Father” you do kneel before ones like him; the ones who gave you a teaching to teach. When you teach as they want you, you submit to their will. So you might as well kiss their feet; the feet that have been on the necks of our people and keeping us ignorant to the truth.

When African persons (or any person of color) revere images of God, Jesus, Angels, Adam, Eve as portrayed as White people (in art, film, literature), they have been enslaved. When Africans persons defend such portrayals as truth, then they are fully indoctrinated and no longer pose a threat to “Christianity” and the slave masters who created it to control us.

I pose a threat, “Even to you, Dear Pastor.” Here you are, doing the bidding of the slave master to enslaved YOUR mind and YOU defend him and his religion and you teach our African brothers and sisters to accept THEIR Lord. You feed our African brothers and sisters “emotionalism” and not “reason, rationality, and clear thinking.” You teach them to sing old sad Negro spirituals for generations that keep us drunk with emotion.” You teach them to wait on the White man’s Lord while the White is getting his.

Yet, it was important to me that I let this Pastor know that I believe in God and the Messiah, but NOT as the White slave masters have taught them and portrayed them. I let this Pastor know that I reject the entity that the White man created called Christianity because I see what it is: It is selfish and introverted. 

Even when YOU, Dear Pastor, speak about the homeless and the prostitute needing the Lord, what you really want is to bring them into your church and brag about how YOU cleaned them up. Or, you will use those persons to give an “emotional” testimony about how they got “saved.” (There is that emotional drug I was talking about).

Yet, when I look to the east towards the continent of Africa (where I am currently living), I see millions of Africans starving, slaughtered, murdered, exploited and wrongly imprisoned. Where is YOUR voice? I see you wearing nice clothes, driving expensive, cars and sitting in airconditioned places of worship!

Never do you look deeply at why our African brothers are in the state they are in Africa: It began with the White Christian Missionary. Their agenda is the same as it is in America: To control the African and strip away his identity and Europeanize him by giving him another identity and another set of religious beliefs that amount to reverence to White people.

What I see in America are African American Pastors and Evangelizers who have completely sold out our people. They have made “the church” an African American “institution” and a place we can go to for spiritual solace and uplifting. In some cases, a place to go to gain financial help (so-called blessing) from the Lord. How shallow is that?

God is going to bless certain ones (African Americans) with wealth but not those who live outside the borders such as in Africa, Asia, and Latin America! 

The true God and His Son has been packaged and marketed within a capitalistic society (which was created by men of European descent to benefit them).

The African American Pastor has wittingly and unwittingly duped our people into thinking that God blesses us with money and material things when we worship and serve him. The reality is that a system of government built upon Christianity rewards them and allows them to prosper as long as they behave themselves and do as their true Lord and Master (the White man) tells them.

So, Dear Pastor, I do my people and African ancestors a service. I will NOT forget and I will not be a party in keeping our people an “emotional” mess and ignorant of the evils of “Christianity” and the truth about God and His Messiah.

Quite frankly, the White man – when he created Christianity – has been lying to us all ever since.

His Christianity is not the teachings of God’s Messiah. Therefore, that makes him a liar.

Put it to the test, Dear Pastor: Watch how agitated and even upset they (White persons) become when you do not accept their portrayals of Adam, Eve, Angels, God, Jesus, etc as being persons of European descent. Even many of you – Black Pastors – get upset when your own people do not accept them and question them!

If a religious system is so arrogant as to push before us portrayals that are false and not true, what does that tell you about that religious system? Answer: It does not care about the truth. It cares more about lies and untruth. It also tells you that if it will go so far as to do and teach such things, there is nothing else it will not teach falsely.

And why … why are the primary figure heads of the leadership of the MAJOR organizations within Christianity White men? Does anyone really believe that this is the way God wants it?

In good conscience, Dear Pastor, I cannot join you in enslaving my African Brothers and Sisters. I cannot join you in bringing them before a God and Lord that favors the man of European Descent. Why should I? Both God and the Messiah are invisible. (You should know that). Rather, I would bring my African and Brothers before the God and Messiah who cannot be seen and portrayed as White. (Col 1:15)

I would not presume because you or anyone has a “Seminary Degree” (as you proudly stated you have) qualifies you as being in more in touch or more knowledgeable about God than others. May I remind you who granted YOU that degree: An educational institution founded by White people. May I also remind you that none of Christs “chosen” Apostles were “lettered” men. 

You, Dear Pastor, rely upon the wisdom of men and the degrees they give you, I rely on God’s; as I know He is fully able and willing to impart His wisdom, understanding, and knowledge upon anyone seeking it. And His far exceeds anything man – and his so-called institutions of higher learning – has.

So if you really want to help the homeless, the prostitute and others, first recognize what has enslaved you and them and stop teaching a religious system created by and for White people. If Christianity is genuine, why are not Black people living large like so many White people are? We are still in the fields working their property. Open YOUR eyes, the new slave masters and their Christianity needs people like you. You serve their agenda. You keep their slaves igorant and in check and they reward you for it.

Christ said to a young man who asked him what he must do to get everlasting life. Jesus answered: 

“… go sell your belongings and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven, and come be my follower.”  (Matthew 19:21)

Christianity is a lie because it does not follow this example itself. It takes from the poor and gives nothing in return but a stone (something of no value). That stone sinks weighs people down. It has taken from the poor and powerless something much more valuable than material things: It has taken away names and identities of an entire people, made them their property, gave them their brand of religion, and ensures they stick with it.

Christianity does not teach that persons should become followers of Christ, rather, it teaches that persons should join a particular church or religious organization that really amounts to the person being a “follower of that church or religious organization.” They even adopt the “name” of the church or organization.

So Dear Pastor, if you want help our African people, free them by teaching them the truth! But you have to know the truth for yourself. And, I know many of you do but you have a good racket going: Positive Cash Flow. 

Cease with the agenda of getting them to join you so that you can sit them down and teach them what the White man has “trained” and indoctrinated you (and so many) to teach them about the God and Christ THEY created. Teach them the true God and Christ, the ones who are invisible and who cannot be seen. The ones who are NOT men, but spirits. (John 4:23-24)

Teach them to look beyond the borders of the United States of America and to see that there are millions of Africans – their blood Brothers and Sisters – who are innocent and who have done anything to anyone except being born with Black skin, who are suffering terribly. And you enter into church buildings each Sunday with nice clothes and cars thinking you are teaching Christ! Teach the truth that it is due to the exploitation of Africa by persons of European descent that the “richest continent in the world is the poorest.”

Teach them that the True God did not stand up Christianity, White men did. And, for the purpose of controlling people of color so as to take from them what is not theirs to take: Their lands, their names, and identities. And to give them lies and falsehoods. Even new European names.

When you teach the truth, you stop the circle of lies. THEN, watch how Christianity feels about you then! You will have exposed it as an impostor and her true nature comes to the surface.

I know White people do not like reading stuff like this. But I say to them if they get offended: How dare YOU. I am not a racist and do not have a racist bone in my body. Your problem is that many you equate anyone who speaks and writes in this manner – a manner that makes you uncomfortable and challenges what you have been perpetuating – as racist. How else can you reply?

You would be better off by coming up front and stating that your portrays of the things of God as being in the likeness of the man of European descent are false. But you will not. Why? Because your loyalties lie with the system of religion you created and perpetuate and not with God. You do nothing to correct it and set the record right so that all people will worship their Creator as He truly is: An invisible entity – a Spirit.

So why should I or my people believe you?

I do not. I believe in the Spirit.

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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  1. Mr. Harris,

    I want to say that many of your writings are eye-opening.  I wholeheartedly agree with many of your writings, but I would like to know what is your take on Acts 2:1-4, Acts 10:44-48, and Acts 19:1-6. Do you believe that there is a audible and visual evidence when one recieves the baptism of the Holy Spirlt?

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      I believe Luke in his description of the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Acts 2:1-4.The “tongues as if of fire” (not fire) became visible ONLY to those disciples present who would receive this baptism.

      If there were others present and they were not to receieve the baptism of the Holy Spirit, they would not have heard or seen anything. They might have felt a “stiff breeze” but would have probably thought it was just a strong wind.

      What is interesting about this Baptism of the Holy Spirit is that only those receiving it see it and feel it and know that it is what they are receiving.

      For example, I am certain I had such an experience. It occurred on a regular day on my way to work on my commuter train. There was nothing unsual or special about that day. It was a routine day.

      I was not thinking about anything special. I was just looking out of the window taking in the scenery.

      Then it came “suddenly.” Everything around “me” became bright like looking through a crystal. The brightness was not blinding but its intensity could have blinded. There was noise in my head like someone was blowing into my ear. The whole experience lasted no more than 15-20 seconds I suppose. But I knew I had to write and speak to others about the “truth” about God and His Messiah.

      The experience did not throw me into a stupor. I was actually very calm and relaxed. That one experience has caused me to see the things differently. I know that Christs teachings are not hemmed up in a book called by men, the Bible. He is alive and still teaches via Holy Spirit and there is much more from him than what is found in the Bible and it comes “from him” directly to his disciples who receive this baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many teachings and understandings not found in the Bible but that come directly from Christ via Holy Spirit.

      That is why so many do not understand some of the things I write about because – in their minds – they are looking to see “if the Bible teaches it.” Rather, it is Christ who teaches and since he is alive in heaven and able to teach, it is what he says rather than what “the Bible” says that one should pay attention to.

      Those receiving this “true” baptism of the Holy Spirit will know this right off the bat.

      This experience of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is unique to the “individual” receiving it. Only that person feels it. 

      At Acts 10:44-48 when Peter was speaking to a crowd of people, those people “hearing Peter” did not receive the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” because they were not disciples, they were people of the nations. What they received was “holy spirit as a free gift.” These “people” of the nations heard Peter and the other faithful ones with him speaking in the languages of the people of the nations. “How can that be?” How could Peter and the other faithful ones with him speak in a language (tongue) they never learned? By by receiving baptism of the Holy Spirit. The people of the nations – if they had received such a baptism – would have spoke in a language they never learned to, but they did not. Why? Because none of them never received a baptism of the Holy Spirit.

      In fact, at Acts 10:47 Peter is actually encouraging persons to discipleship with Christ so that THEY too might receive that type of baptism. Peter is actually telling us that water baptism is not what Christ had in mind. In his command that the people of the nations be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, it was to a baptism with Holy Spirit and fire. John the baptizer baptized in water. Peter did not tell them to get baptized in the name of John the Baptizer.

      Listen to what John the Baptizer says at Matthew 3:11:

      “I, for my part, baptize YOU with water because of YOUR repentance; but the one coming after me is stronger than I am, whose sandals I am not fit to take off. That one will baptize YOU people with holy spirit and with fire.”

      See my point?

      Acts 19:1-6 confirms that water baptism is not a requirement for disciples of Christ. To get baptized in water is discipleship to John the Baptizer. When Paul laid hands upon disciples (who had not yet received the baptism of the Holy Spirit), THEN those disciples received the proper baptism of the Holy Spirit.

      Therefore, who is a disciple of Christ but who have not yet received the baptism of the holy spirit, could receive it from another who has received it or it could come upon them as it did me.

      But this I know: People speaking in gibberish and throwing themselves in a frenzy like we see in so many Churches is not baptism of the Holy Spirit. That resembles demon possession. God’s Holy Spirit does not operate on a person in that way.

      A person could prophesy. This does not mean being a Prophet. It means speaking the truth about what Christ has already said. It is like what I do on e-Prophetic.

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