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Race In Scripture?

A few days ago I had an individual ask me why I “Keep bringing up race” in some of my articles since – as he stated – it is not in the Bible. He asked a very good question deserving of an answer.

Note: It was a German physician named Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (May 11, 1752 – January 22, 1840) who classified people into racial groups. He determined that there were five: Caucasian (White race), Mongolian (Yellow race) to include all East and Central Asians, Malayan (Brown race) to include Southeast Asian and Pacific Islanders, Ethiopian (Black race) to include sub-Saharan Africans, and American (Red race) including American Indians. Sadly, this foolish classification was generally adopted by the world and has been taught in the European-based educational systems most today are subjected to.

The reader is absolutely right. Classifications of the human family in the way it is classified today is of man, not of God. Yet, many religious organizations insert man-made racial divisions into their doctrines. Such as Black people being cursed because of Ham. Or, portraying Adam, Eve, God, Jesus, Angels, Noah, Moses, the Apostles and others as White people! How ridiculous is that? So no, I have to call these things out. What is most curious to me is the behavior of those persons who get riled up when I do.

 God is an impartial God and does not show favoritism and respect one race within the human family over the other. He does not look at the external appearance of people, but their hearts. (Acts 10:34) But he asked why include race in some of my articles?

Then Peter began to speak: I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism.

Well, the reason why I do is to ask why someone has done this. We see images of Adam, Eve, Angels, Noah, Moses, The Prophets, Jesus, etc predominately portrayed in the likeness of persons of European-descent? Yet, he views my observation as me introducing race into the mix. No, I did not! It was already in the mix and persons like myself are supposed to be accepting of it all without question, challenge, or investigation.

Someone else – persons of European descent – introduced race into “The Bible” because we see the persons I just mentioned portrayed in the likeness of the European. So, it was not me he introduced race, someone else long before me did. I am simply questioning why they arrogated themselves to do it. Everything is in the likeness of one race among a variety in the human family: White people.

That I raised this issue draws out the small circle of understanding many claiming to follow Christ find themselves in. They want such false portrayals accepted rather than questioned. Why would they be OK with them? In fact, I wonder why they themselves do not question them.

What I see is a real danger: Association of White Supremacy with the teachings of Christ and the deification of one race among mankind over another. I have seen the effects of this fear of White people in many quarters in Africa where I used to live.

I refuse to accept, for examples, images of Christ as a White man (or any color of man) in the sky coming down. It sends a wrong message that he is a man and that a White man will save the world. This is false! It is a false portrayal of The Son of God and a false portrayal of his teachings.

Yet, the first thing to come out of the mouths of persons who think “I” and bringing up race is that I am bringing up something that was not taught by Christ. They are correct! But I am QUESTIONING why persons of European descent did?

What it boils down to when people play the race thing is this: They want it to be accepted that all persons associated with Scripture are to be viewed as White people. It is a play on White power and control of the masses via a religious system called by men, Christianity.

This new movie about Jesus that is being made confirms this. The man they chose to play the part of Jesus is a White man! So who is introducing race here?

Someone is working overtime to push the lie that Adam, God, Angels, Jesus, and etc are White.

I tell you what, keyword those persons in Google and then click the images link and tell me what you see? White people. White supremacy, Arianism, and White ethnocentricity are still very much alive. Yet, God is impartial is He not? Some of you have forgotten that or you simply don’t care and have usurped The Most High God to yourselves and think He and His Son is for you and you only?

Google Images of Jesus

Google Images of Adam and Eve

Google Images of Angels

Google Images of Noah

Google Images of Moses (Charleston Heston? Are you kidding me?)

Google Images of God

Some of you will never get it.

I will NEVER accept these portrayals of my Master Jesus [the] Christ, His God and my God [the] Father, the angels, Adam and Eve and others and will always come out strong against them. While many attempts to minimize the impact of these false portrayals, I see the powerful impact they have on people of color all over the world. If the table was turned and all of those persons were portrayed as Black, the entire world would be in an uproar! What, White children hugging a Black Jesus? Yes, I would be just as strong against those persons being portrayed as Black, too. Why? Because no one has ever seen God, Angels, Adam, Eve, etc.

I question what is wrong with the persons who do accept them and – more importantly – insist that others do as well.

God, Christ, and Angels are invisible. They cannot be portrayed in the likeness of any race among men. No one today has seen Adam, Eve, Noah, Moses and the others to portray them in any likeness of any race among men. And, if God is impartial, why would one race among mankind – those of European descent – arrogate themselves to make all of these persons White.

Shame on you for doing this and shame on you for insisting that the world accept these false images.

It is not the truth that you are into, but lies and deception and you cleverly make persons – such as myself – who question you, look like the bad guy and the liar.

I champion Christ’s teachings and truth.

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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  1. Whether or not has a certain race doesn't really reflect the veiw of the people who made the movie. Basically you have to choose one of them and Europeans and the english language who are making most mainstream movies. So another reason for an actors color could just simply be that he was a good actor. If someone portrayed someone as any other race it would likely still be brought up as an issue. So I think the problem is that is an issue at all? Why does it matter what race anyone is? It just shouldn't be an issue at all. However, it is definitly an issue and you tackled it fairly well. Just don't blame in on Europeans or white people, blame it on sin and Godlessness. However it is likely unbiblical to even try to potray Jesus at all. Acts 17:29 says it better then I could. Other verses too, just look them up.

    Less important stuff below. Also don't quote me on history look it up for yourself.

    Also it is historically practical that Jesus was white as he grew up in Jewish and Greek society. Not all were white of course as Africa wasn't that far away but I'm sure it was common that much of the population was more European(huge mix of races), Hebrew, or Persian. So Jesus likely had  darker skin then a european but lighter then an african. Race became an issue far before any resemblance of Europe began and probably seperate societies just as long. There is historical evidence of races of different colors and creeds getting along too however; Just depends where you look.

    1. I understand the creators of such movies look at the audience that they are targetting. I also know that they create such movies to support long held beliefs “mainstream and true.” However, watching movies now-a-days require no thinking. Movies “tell” a story and use emotionalism as a hook and not reason.

      For example, in the TV series “The Bible” there was a scene where three kings from the east were traveling to Jerusalem to find the child. Yet, Scripture never says there were “three” or even that they were “kings.” So the creators of such movies feel no responsibility to display the truth. They are into the maintenance of l

      I don’yt buy into the “good actor” justification because ALL actors who play the roles of Jesus in EVERY movie I have ever seen was a “White Man.” Does that imply no person of color is “good enough” to play that role OR is it that it is NOT the kind of IMAGE that someone wants of Jesus portrayed to the world?

      NEVER say race does not matter as it does. I am an African American with children and grandchildren. When they watch such movies and see images of persons we read about in Scripture portrayed in this way, those images remain with them well into adulthood. Black children an unable to process that Adam, Eve, Angels, Jesus, etc are NOT White. Yet, this is not a problem for White parents.

      I simply do not believe that White parents would accept portrayals of Angels, Adam, Eve, Jesus, etc as a person of color – especially African descent – nor have paintings of such persons hanging on the walls of their homes or allow their children to read books portraying them in that way. YET, many White people as “blindly” OK with persons of African descent accepting their portrayals without question or challenge. I find this disturbing.

      The truth of the matter is that persons of European descent have accepted and chosen that angels, Adam, Eve, Jesus, Teh Prophets, The Apostles and others look European. And, that is the way it is going to be. And, things are set up that those who question such portrayals are made out to be the bad guy, so to speak.

      It would be much better, kinder, and loving NOT to create such portrayals or to make movies or place illustrations in literature and art “prejuducing” persons to what they all looked like. 

      Imagine a child of any race reading a book about Christ, for example, and their are no images of him in the book. The child is less likely to conclude that Jesus is White (unless they were already prejudiced). Imagine that child – of any race – going to its parent and asking, “Mommy, what color was Jesus?”

      A wise parent would answer, “We do not know since no one today as seen him.” A wise parent would explain to there inquiring children that Jesus is no longer with us and is in heaven with his Father. And, in heaven, there is no flesh and blood so we should not try to visualize Christ as a man. He is now a spirit and a spirit cannot be seen, but he lives?”

      A wise parent would do all they could to teach their children that portrays of Adam, Eve, Angels, Jesus, etc by movie and book makers, TV programs are not in harmony with what is true. These are the prejudices of men.

      This is what I do with regard my children and grandchildren. They are cultivated to believe in God and Christ without someone else imposition and false portrayals. They do not see color.

      But when someone pushes these persons of Scripture in the likeness of the the European man – THEY are the one creating the divisions among men. Placing one race above the other and using God, Christ, Adam, Eve, and the others we read about to carry out their evil and misleading agenda.

      I will NEVER accept the “race does not matter” line UNTIL someone stops portraying one race above others in everything, even in matters of God and Christ.

      Yet, they refuse to do it

  2. Forgot to add that there is definitly no way of knowing what Noah, Adam or Eve looked like (Far too long ago). Maybe can support and educated guess of Moses because he did live amognst Egyptians but by that he likely would have been darker skinned as well. Angels we would have even less knowlege except that they likely didn't look even that human sometimes. again, depends where you get your information tho.

    1. The main point I was attempting to make was, Who arrogated a certain race among God’s human creation” to portray these persons in the likeness of the man of European descent in religion, art, film and literature? They should not be portrayed in the likeness of ANY race among men.

      Angels are not flesh and blood and do not “look like humans.” So in their natural state they cannot be seen. Yet, angels were allowed to appear “as men” at times, that does not make them flesh and blood. Yet, even something in it’s naturally invisible state is made to look like men of European descent.

      Some persons would think this is racist. I would counter and say “foul ball.” Why would challenging these assumptions be racist? It would be ethnocentric to expect all of the world to accept such portrayals.

  3. Hebrews were black people. Seriously, do you think that it's a coincidence that African tribal names are throughout the Hebrew Scriptures…Obadiyah, Habakkuk, Zephaniyah etc. The oldest and most diverse DNA belongs to East Africans. The Almighty did not put two pale ass people butt naked in a garden to get sunburned. A lack of melanin is an imperfection that causes sunburn and skin cancer and other skin ailments, the Almighty is perfect and equipped the first man and women to be perfectly comfortable in the sun. Which is why the were heavily melanated people of color, DARK PEOPLE!


    1. ALL of us should recognize that circles of understanding each of us possesses are not the same. Some are smaller, some larger, some deeper, some shallower. Knowing this should prevent insult to the other or demeaning them. Many of us cannot help ourselves: We are too quick to jump on persons because they do not see things as WE do. The beginning of wisdom is knowing that. I remember 30 years ago the things I used to believe – that I no longer believe now. I remember that. Therefore, I can appreciate that there will be others who will go throough a process at reaching "their own conclusions." Simply "telling" persons what to believe is not proper. Encouraging them to "think" FOR THEMSELVES is. It is not about what I or you or anyone else wants them to think and believe. Wisdom on our part is to encourage them to question, challenge, research and investigate and reach their own conclusions.

      As far as I am concerned "The Bible" is irrelevant as an authority because it is a European conception and I believe many of the stories in it were plagarized.

      I use the book (The Bible) for the sake of those who cling to it to help them see not only that, but also it shows that the first kingdoms, kings, empires, sciences, great structures, architectures, etc were by Black people according to Genesis. I KNOW we were here first.

      The issue, however,  is NOT who was here first. That is foolish. The issue is THE TRUTH and why White people (persons of European descent) have gone out of there way in art, film, literature, education, etc to keep that truth covered over.

      The world in which we live today – a European conceived one – does not and has not acknowledged the contributions of our African ancestors (descents of Ham) on world stage.

      The portrayals of Adam, Eve, Angels, Jesus, The Prophets, The Apostles, etc in the likeness of the European are false and they fully underscore the dsfunctional and arroagated menality of a race of people who has been lying to the whole world.

      I have no problem with believing that the original Hebrew were Black people. The larger issue and question is that none of us (Black folk) subscribe to the European-conceived explanation of the world and universe. Sadly, too many of us do and THAT is the problem.

      When we start acknowledging THE BIBLE and the people in it are Black then we are still subcribed to that European-concieved explanation. Never should a book that the European fashioned be looked upon as an authority to ascertain the greatness of our ancestors and that they were around long before there was a European.

      The evidence is buried in the earth; and this is what the man of European descent has been working for so long to conceal. He has no business going into the lands within Africa digging up stuff and telling US what everything means.

      When I see great structures like the Sphinx, it provides powerful testimony as to who occupied the land long ago – BEFORE – there were Europeans and their Bible.

      The issue is much bigger than who were Hebrews. It is about WHY all of the lying, concealment and cover up concerning the people – no matter what they were called – who lived in the land from which the first man sprang? Why are our Black children being shown images of White people (Adam and Eve) as being the mother and father of us all? These are lies.

      The Black Church as sold out our people and serves the agenda of those who produced the lies in the first place.

      Sadly, many proponents of Hebrews being Black are just as biased as White people who produced their lies of the Creator and all of the others being White.

      Not White. Not Black. But the truth.

      The evidence is powerful and the truth is that darked-skinned people roamed the earth long before there were paled-skinned people. And, they flourished in the earth and accomplished great things.

      Yet, within the European conceived world in which we live, this TRUTH will not be widely told. In fact, many Black people are too indoctrinated with Christianity and Europeanized to even care.

      1. I enjoy your writings, I too used to be a JW and left because I just couldn't allow the falsehoods I was seeing be expained away as new light, or any light for that matter. I agree with much of what you say and I realize that we can't "Make" others think or believe as we do, however some people respond better to different methodologies and I say this from a place of experience. High minded people with racist programming sometimes respond better to a swift mental kick (think Bruce Lee) than a soft whisper. Not a rant, not an argument, but a firm factual point made with strength and conviction in a timely manner.

        We each have our own way of doing things and at the end of the day, it's results that count. I worked around racism and many times I was the only black man on the job… when confronted or challenged with racist views, communication or confrontation I found out what worked best through practice… my experience  has been that using the mouth as a sword is far more powerful than the feather (representative of treading lightly). My job became easier, because they already knew I was not to be toyed with…

        In any case, the term Jesus is a part of the programming from Christianity, the term God is also a part of that programming, the origin and usage of these words is part of  the Christianizational Brainwashing that we all have been exposed to. There are many gods, there are many named Jesus, but only one Almighty Yah and MessiYah…

        And yes…much of the bible has stolen stories (or borrowed if you prefer)… and for those that say it doesn't matter what color the people of the bible are portrayed as, I still say you can only worship the Almighty with Spirit and Truth…as His Word says in scripture (yes Almighty-Breathed)…You cannot portray people in a way that science has proven to be false and then worship with Spirit and Truth.

        Geneticist already know what color everyone was from almost all ancient cultures, this DNA thing has been going on for a long time.. http://www.genome.gov/25520232 if there's any truth to this link then you tell me how they could fail to know the true identity and make up of the people who lived in the various geographic areas mentioned in Scripture…especially when they have been extracting DNA from fossil bones for decades: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1023/A:1021902125382

        I'm not looking for a debate, I'm just saying… they know! And I know, and you probably know what color many of the ancient North Africans (Middle Eastern Construct is part of their programming as well) were as well…and yes the Middle East was not called such until the 1930's…when it was put on the first world maps as such.

        I'm out…



        1. Thank you and understood.

          I was a baptized JW for more than 25 years – and even before that while I was in the Air Force – I attended each meeting for more than five years and then got baptized a few months after I discharged at the next District Assembly.

          Several years ago I “quietly” disassociated myself because oftentimes “the organization” will not let you leave unless they place a foul stench upon you.

          I too entered into the job I am currently in (with the Federal Government) more than 20 years ago as the only Black man in an all “White-Redneck-We-Don’t-Want-You-Around-Here-Club”; this being in the deep south. I was an anomaly to these White persons because I did not speak like the local southerners who showed a certain fear of them.

          I weathered the “racist storm” by giving the racist the thing they fear the most: Intelligence in Black a Black person. They quake in their shoes and become very agitated when Black people speak articulately, think for themselves and like themselves; no longer relying upon the childen of the slave masters to tell us what to think.

          Sadly, many of us still do rely upon them. One Black sister I knew in the South said to me, “You sound like a White man.” Meaning that Black folk “ain’t” supposed to sound like they are intelligent. Oftentimes, we (Black people) enable one another not to be thinkers and intelligent because it is likened to “being White.”

          This “impostor” called by men, Christianity, serves the purpose of keeping Black people all over the world “kindergarten-Level”, non-thinking and Europeanized. It conditions Black people to revere and worship “White skin” and White people and to believe the things they tell us.

          I live in West Africa now and I see great preparations being made by my African brothers and sisters in celebrating the Christmas holiday. I see images of pale-skinned White angels, Jesus and other that they venerate. The sad part is that many of them cannot articulate why they do it. The White man (Missionaries) told them so. It is so deeply entrenched in the earth, it is very dificult to get persons to see what it really is.

          Christianity is an infectious disease that strips away entire cultures and identities and imposes a European one. 

          JWs are just as guilty as the other religious organizations within Christianity (even over here) with infecting people of color in the world with these false images and the teachings that enslaves the mind to them. All of it is about power and control over persons of African ancestry and to “Europeanize” the African mind. And, it is working in a very large scale.

          I know that American and European scientist know the truth – not only in what the DNA tells them – but also from what is hidden in the earth when they dig. They know and it is what they know that they need to cover up and conceal.

          One of the most effective ways to prevent the truth from being known (or having an interest in it) is to turn the people one is trying to mislead and deceive into “one of them.” Europeanize the mind. Take away their identities and give them new names. Impose upon them a religion and culture not their own. In time – and after successive generations – where they come from is forgotten. Interest in their own ancestry is lost. They defend and champion and ancestry not theirs.

          I do not view or visualize the Creator as someone who can be seen. I know that He exists because the air I inhale I (or any human) created it. I simply refuse to subscribe to Christianity’s (The Man of European Descent) explanation of Him and those who live in His presence.

          That “man” is a liar.

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