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What Did They Look Like?

I’ll keep this post short. 

What did Adam, Eve, Angels, Moses, Noah, The Prophets, The Apostles, Jesus and God look like? See below:

adam eve
prophets apostles
jesus christ-present
God no-human

Have you been taken in by the massive flood waters that have you visualizing Adam and Eve, Jesus, The Prophets, The Apostles and others as persons of European descent? Have you been engulfed by the powerful under currents of these flood waters that have you visualizing what cannot be seen – Angels, God and Christ – as flesh and blood creatures? Even as persons of European descent?

Out of his own mouth Jesus said at John 4:24 that:

God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.

Can anyone see a spirit. The Apostle Paul tells us at Col 1:15 that God is invisible. Therefore, a spirit is invisible. Also to mention what Jesus said at John 1:18 concerning no one ever seeing God.

The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

The Son of God ascended back into heaven and exists there in his natural form as a spirit like all of the angels who are also invisible. Thus, it is improper to visualize the living Son of God today as a flesh and blood entity. The images of him as a White man are false. And, let’s suppose he did look like that,what ascended into heaven was not a flesh and blood man, but an invisible Son of God. So Christ should not be visualized or remembered as a baby or a human being. he should be visualized as he exist NOW! As an invisible spirit. Therefore, it requires faith on our parts to believe in him as we cannot see him.

Concerning portrayals of Adam, Eve, The Prophets, The Apostles, Demons and even The Devil; no human today or in this modern age has ever seen these persons to portary them in any fashion. And since demons and the devil are angels, they are invisible sons of God.

The Problem: Religious organization is selling the world a bill of goods and making it full of non-thinkers, non-questioners, ignorant and persons with mental impairments. The mental impairment is what prevents so many from reasoning and thinking. This impairment makes them lash out emotionally; and this emotion is a drug.  The emotional state many are indoctinated into is what causes them to attack the person bringing them the truth, rather than focusing on the topic at hand – which many of them ignore. “Get the person” rather than listening and examining what he has said. Jesus faced a similar situation. Rather than examining the truthfulness of his words and claim to be The Son of God, the Jewish Religious leaders went after him, the person. The religious system called by men – Christianity – mimicks the actions and conduct of those religious leaders in Jesus’ day. Christianity is actually bloodguilty and has the blood of millions on its hands. Yet, it is the first to point a finger at the “other religious” groups as being terrorist. There has been no greater human terror on the  earth than Christianity. It has engaged in the African Slave Trade, The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, The Salem Witch Hunts, WWI, WWII, The Korean War, The Viet Nam War, The Gulf War and the conflicts today. It was a so-called Christian nation that unleashed the most terrible weapon upon another nation: The atomic bomb. The mentally impaired – then and now – think they do a good thing. They have fashioned a god in their likeness and this god goes before them in war, in false words, and deeds. This god is a White man with long hair in a white robe who says with his mouth “peace on earth” but inside his heart has been nothing but “war on earth.” This god has been given the same of Jesus but it is not the true Jesus and Son of God. It is an impostor. 

This is more than a sickness, it is a mental impairment of pandemic proportions. And, those who seek to be true disciples of Christ need to remove themselves far away from such thinking before they are drawn in. Unfortunately, many have already been drawn in and it is a very difficult thing to reach them and get them to think that something has a hold of them.

Because one wants to believe that Adam and Eve were White people – for example – or Jesus was a White-blue-eyed-long-haired gentlemen, does not make it true.

The world is being misled in a very bad way and the shackles of deception are so tight upon individuals, it is very difficult to unlock those shackles and free the persons mind.

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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  1. Hi Jerome I have recently come across you web site, I have no affiliation to any church or other religious body, I just question every theory ( leave no stone unturned) in the hope of finding the truth. I find your views interesting and most seem to answer a lot of my questions. However I cannot make sense of lot of your comments, I am not critisicing you in any way but you do seem to blame most of the problems of the world on the people of european decent, I always look at the world as the human race there is evil in all races black, white, brown, whatever. The european did not invent war, the european was  not the first to be involved in slavery, Look at what is happening in the world today, Islamist extremists killing people  for not converting to Islam, rapeing woman or kidnapping them and their children, you can hardly blame christianity for such atrocities, or do you. What is your opinion on Islam, you call chritianity the greatest evil I understand what you mean but I think the way you write some of your blogs is divisive. when it comes to the question of white Jesus white angels etc. yes has a child thats what I imagined, thats how they were portrayed, that would be because there were very few coloured people where I lived, that has changed dramaticly since my childhood. I know better now of course but when I imagine Jesus, angels, etc. I have to have a image I can’t imagine a spirit. for instance if I imagine the invisible man I see a man in a suit with bandages wrapped around his head, sorry but thats the best example I can give, and did not God say come let us make man in our image, I think we have to have an image everyones might be different but we do have one.

    Just diviating for a moment to another of your blogs where you again criticise and seemingly mock the european, this time for portraying tarzan as the white man hero of the jungle. Tarzan is the fictional story of a boy born of white parents orphaned then raised by apes, on the other hand the jungle book written by rudyard kipling was a film originally made in the 1940’s starring Sabu about an Indian boy who was raised by wolves, what i am trying to say is there is no white supremacy intended in the story of tarzan, it’s about a white child,the jungle book is about an indian child. I hope to respond to more of your blogs in the future but that’s all for now, thanks for the ear I look forward to your reply best regards Mike

    1. Thank you for your comment. Please understand that I am an African American and speak ALSO from the perspective of living in the turbulent 60s when Black men and women were lynched and hung by the their neck from trees by “church folk” and facilities were segregated and there was much mistreatment of Black people.

      Please understand that what I see in these acts are hypocritical as how can one claim to be of God and Christ and engage in such “hateful” behavior?

      I mention the man of European descent because what is called Christianity TODAY as we see it began there. Portrayals of art, film and literature of God, Jesus, Adam, Eve, Angels, Jesus and others are in the likeness of the European man. These things must be brought to the fore because it shows the extent persons will go to in misrepresenting God and Christ.

      As an African American, I blame the man of European descent with his “brand of Christianity” for his cruelity towards my African ancestors. It was not enough to extract my ancestors from their land and market and sell them as slaves, but something much worse occurred: The violent stripping away of the African identity and the imposition of a European one and religion. My surname is Harris. It is the name of the slave master who owned my ancestors. I will never know my true African name. This is a crime before God. Yet, “Christianity” marches ever so forward as if it is innocent.  BTW, it was a Roman Catholic Pope (a European named Nicholas who endorsed the African Slave Trade).

      These are just facts and truths that many within the religious system called by men find painful. But they should not if they claim they deal in truth only. I cannot speak as a White man because I am not White. I am a Black man whose life’s experiences are not like those of many White people. You know this.

      To me, it is an insult to throw in front of me and anyone else images of Adam, Eve, Angels, Jesus, God and others in the likeness of the European. It would be an insult if they were portrayed in any race among the human familiy. I have stated that on this bling many times.

      The book known today as “The Bible” did not come out of the middle east or Africa. It came out of the 1000 year Dark Ages period by the European man. It was Johannes Gutenberg who just prior to the Dark Ages ending, printed the first Bible. It was another European by the name of Kings James who “authorized” his Bible.

      You get me wrong: I don’t just blame Chrisianity for much killing and murder in the world, I blame ALL religion. They are all bloodguilty.

      Yes, Islam is in the forefront TODAY so it is easy to pick on them. But Christianity has a bloodier history. As stated earlier, it endorsed the African Slave Trade; it is responsible for the Crusades; it is responsible for The Spanish Inquisition; It is responsible for the Salem Witch Hunt; it is responsible for the killing of 6 million Jews in Nazi Germany (Yes, if you read Hitlers book “Mein Kampf” he claimed to be a Catholic and was in close association with the Catholic Priesthood in Nazi Germany and he felt it was his Christian duty to kill those who killed his Lord); it was so-called Christian nation who dropped the worse weapon of mass destruction ever devised upon another nation (the Atomic Bomb) and so-called “In God We Trust” nations still use weapons of mass destruction that has killed and injured millions and calls other religious groups and nations terrorist? ALL religion is guilty.

      You say that the movies Tarzan had no white supremist intent? I strongly disagree. I do not know how old you are and I am assuming that you are not a Black person. I am 61 years old and I grew up watching the Black and White Tarzan movies on TV that starred Johhny Weissmuller. In those movies portayed Black people as stupid, bumbling, weak, in need of the White man to direct them (even in their own environment of Africa), and terrified of White people. They get terrified at the Tarzan yell. White people in the movies, on the other hand, were portrayed as strong, intelligent, conquerers, arrogant, hands-on-the-hip saviors and someone to be feared. As a child watching those movies back then, I thought nothing of them. Now, if I see one I get teary eyed and a little angry. I ask myself, “Why in the world are White people in someone else’s land acting as if it is theirs. Why is a White man raised by apes? Apes don’t like black boys to raise them? Why is a White man in a land that is not his and he knows more about the animals than those who have lived their for many generations? Why is it that a White man in a land not his own and he controls the animals and they fear him? Come on now! These are not just stories. Those movies elevated one race above another while putting another down.

      Tarzan was one of many many movies back then that did this: Elevate the White races above all of the others. Even the movie The Ten Commandment starring Charleston Heston showed this. White people were cast as Hebrews and Egyptians! 

      I know it is painful for some to listen to.

      My writings will mention such things because I want persons to see the blindness an hypocrisy in the religious system called by men, Christianity. It is not of God as it is not the God I know.

      The White people I know (mostly good and decent people)  do not apologize about being White or the things they experience in life. They proudly speak of and celebrate the traditions of their ancestors (Christmas, Easter, St. Patricks Day, etc). They are puzzled why I do not. Many of them never stop to think that those things are not of my African ancestry. They are proud of their ancestry, and rightly they should be. Persons of color – in my case, African – should also be just as proud of his own ancestry and not made to feel because he does not get into European-based holidays and the things involved with them, that somehow he is a traitor or ungodly. No person of color should apologize for what they are and should include his/her life’s experiences when appropiate. These should not be held back because a particular race does not want to hear them.

      Many Whites talk about books that they read. You mentioned Rudyard Kipling. I have read some of his works when I was in High School. I remember “Rikki Tikki Tavi” as a required reading in my English class back then. Yet, many Whites don’t speak of African authors and their works? I mention this only because perspectives are one-sided in this world. It is almost as if the views, opinions, commentary, and authorship of Black people are worthless when presented in a world dominated by “white authority.” 

      I see this on my blog. I see nasty and hateful emails from persons who claim to be “Christian” who actually believe that persons of color such as myself are not qualified to speak as I do about God and Christ. (Granted, I understand that many of them think I pick on God and Christ when I “decolored” them.

      I personally think that the man of European descent started something that has set the world ablaze with lies. When he made God and Christ and Adam and Eve and Angels in their likeness and pushed those portrayals before the world and packaged it as “Christianity” he made a major mistake.

      When White and Black co-workers argue me down that “Jesus is a White man” I recoil and think to myself “How far gone they are.” And, what is more is that they cannot perceive him in any other way. Not even as invisible and not a man.

      I am not stupid and when things do not add up, then the equation needs to be re-worked and looked at again.

      What the world has been taught about God and Christ has to be re-worked because the world is bathed in lies about them. And yes, the man of European descent created the lies and perpetuates them. One of the biggest eveidences that their is for all to see are the portrayals I mentioned earlier in the likeness of the European. Who told them to do that? God? These portrayals are false. They are lies and there is nothing with identifying their source and their perpetuators.

      Truth is truth and facts are facts. I have no problem with any race of mankind. I am obligated to geninely love them and I do. Any who have met me and know me knows this. My White friends will even defend me in that matter. They know that cut through all of the layers of fat and I am the “real deal” who loves my Creator intensely and my Master (The Son of God) just as much.

      Truth cuts like a two-edge sword and what I have stated about those who started a fires of lies is “the truth.”

      When Jesus arrived on the scene more than 2000 years ago, he spoke the truth and it was more than many of the hearers could bear. They sought to silence him. That was truth does.

      Mike, never be afraid to speak the truth but always always direct persons of all sorts to the invisible and colorless one – The Son of God – and to discipleship with him.

      1. Thanks for the reply Jerome, I better understand and respect you. I have said  I have no wish to criticise you, and that is the truth.

        I want very much  to make sense in my own mind about  your (theories, points of view,) I am not sure what to call them, and I hope you don't 

        mind or take offense if I occasionally question or challenge you on certain statements that you make. 

        Best regards mike

        1. No, not at all. I know persons, see, perceive, and believe differently. The topic of religion is almost always accompanied by disagreements because it is so personal.

          It would be unreasonable of me to expect everyone to accept what I write. I am actually not looking for persons to be agreeable. That would be fine but it is an unreasonable expectation as I am no one. I write as I do to challenge persons to think “outside” the confines established “for them” by religion of all types. To challenge persons to “think for themselves” and to reach their own conclusions and not have matters “concluded for them” by religious organizations. To challenge persons to take a deep look at whether they are really listening to Christ or listening to religious organizations claiming to be of God and Christ. (Luke 9:25)

          To take a deep look at WHO is directing them: Is it Christ or is it religious organization.

          I just think that too many assumptions have been made historically about God and Christ and these assumptions have been accepted without question and challenge. 

          If you have been reading my articles you know that one assumption made – that I write about – is the protrayals of Adam, Eve, Angels, Jesus, God, The Prophets, The Apostles and others in the likeness of the person of European descent. While many minimize this as “much ado over nothing”, I do not. It is something big indeed. These are false portrayals and lies that are being “accepted.” This is odd for a religious system that is supposed to be dealing strictly with the truth. If an religious system pushes and teaches such false portrayals, then it would do the same when it comes to “the teaching.” It would also promote false teachings as well.

          What I contend with is persons who seek to defend “their religion” rather than defend what Christ taught. I know this all to well because I was one of those persons when I was a Jehovah’s Witness for more than 30 years of my life and before that a “born-again Christian.” I also know that must contend with persons who think that they are right and that I am wrong. And, they feel it is their mission to convert me and sway me. What they do not know is that I am immune to all of that. The reason is because I no longer trust or believe what issues out of religious organizations. Their are too many voices coming out of them that teach God and Christ differently. Each one thinks it has the truth and the “other ones” do not.

          I simply resolved in my mind to do as God commanded at Luke 9:35 to “listen to his son.” Not humans or human agencies. They cannot be trusted.

          Jesus said to the Devil at Matthew 4:4:

          “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

          This sealed it for me. It is what God says that I MUST live by, not by the mouths of religious organizations (who are not God’s spokesmen).

          And, since Christ Jesus has been identitied as the ONLY Word of God, then it is by what he says I MUST live by.

          To me it is that simple; and, that is what puts me “naturally” at odds with persons who belong to religious organizations. I do not listen or trust what comes out of them. I listen to Christ and trust what he says.

          That some persons of the various religious try so hard to get one to join them is most curious to me. 

          Religion today is the enemy of God and Christ. God and Christs biggest human adversary is Christianity. It is an imposter. Christianity contends with Christ. 

          Christ foretold its coming.

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