What Is Keeping The Black Community Enslaved?

Look at the image to the left. This is what Black people have been reduced to Emotionally drugged persons. Scenes such as this can be seen all over America and even here in Africa, thanks to the impostor religious system called by men Christianity. It is a master of control and manipulation and has Black people all over the world in this controlled state. And, this is what we want to pass on to our children?

I was watching an interview with the beautiful and talented Jennifer Hudson and stoic Forest Whitaker and their appearance in the new movie “Black Nativity” which is a contemporary adaptation of Langston Hughes’ Christmas holiday play, Black Nativity.

It is about a street-wise teen from Baltimore who is raised by a single mother. The Black teenager journeys to New York City to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged relatives, a Reverend played by Forest Whitaker and his wife played by Angela Bassett. 

Unwilling to live by the imposing Reverends rules, the frustrated teenager is determined to return home to his mother, Naima, played by Jennifer Hudson. 

The teenager supposedly embarks on an inspirational journey and along with supposedly some divine intervention, discovers the true meaning of faith, healing, and family.

I hate seeing this because it is a clever way to keep Black people enslaved into a European-based mindset. All of the players are there:

  • The Black Church and a Black Reverend who unwittingly promotes the religion imposed upon our African ancestors. A system of religion that keeps them controlled and ignorant and still keeps Blacks controlled and ignorant. 
  • Christmas and other European-based holidays. Christmas, a European-based holiday (a pagan one at that) that has nothing to do with Black people and never did. Yet, it is being promoted. 
  • A false definition of family and faith. This is unrealistic and selfish. How about the millions of Africans in Africa – many of whom are starving, diseased, and destitute? You mean to tell me they do not matter to God. Just “Church-going” African Americans. We have lost all sense of reality!

The movie does the same old thing as many Black movies – where the Black Church is involved – it plays into promoting a religious system that was imposed upon our ancestors for the purpose of keeping us controlled, mentally enslaved and ignorant about God and His Messiah.

It plays into sad-faced persons “going to church” singing year in and year out the SAME “Negro Spirituals” that have not gotten us anywhere. It presents a false notion that all one has to do is “have faith” and “it will be alright.”

Well, things are not alright! In fact, things are all wrong!

The movie also subtly promotes what is “Black Gospel Music.” (There is no such thing as Gospel Music). It subtly promotes it – not for truthful or spiritual reasons – but for monetary gain, while at the same time promoting a pseudo-spiritualism.

We see the same African American actors in most movies that come out now. It is almost as if SOMEONE wants it that way.

I often wonder why the so-called Black Church does not think “African” but rather “European” because it is European-based celebrations that are being promoted as somehow truthful and faith-building. We promote the system of religion that enslaved our African ancestors.

controlWe need to stop saying that, “When I grew up, I remember the magical season of Christmas, Christmas trees, and family.” This mentality is the problem. This mentality plays into nostalgia and emotion and a tradition not really ours. And, this false mentality is passed on to our children by adult African Americans who themselves have shown absolutely no interest in their African ancestry but an interest and maintenance of an ancestry that is not theirs.

The biggest enemy of the African American is the religious system called by men, Christianity. All of it. In particular its harlot, The Black Church who is tasked with keeping Black people everyone enslaved with a particular mindset that is being pushed off as “being Christian” or “spiritual.” It is all a lie.

I know, having been raised in such an environment, that emotionalism is the drug of preference that keeps African Americans in a slumber. So gone are many of us that we do not give thought to what has happened to us or if this is how God wants us to worship Him and render service to His Son.

We flock to the church buildings in droves dressed in our Sunday best while the Black Preacher parades himself at the podium speaking grandiose words but saying nothing. We unthinkingly and subconsciously nod in affirmation with everything he says often times not knowing what he said – but it sounded good – and at the end of the “service” we think we have received something of value. When it is the “church” who is receiving when the plate is passed.

Religion is all about power and control; in particular, the subduing of the minds of the masses.

We are somehow supposed to revere and have respect for the older “church-goers.” That is, Sister Jones over there who is 90 years old, supposedly wise, and who has been here since the Church was built. The younger ones are supposed to listen to the “Sister Jones’.” Well, Sister Jones’ lot in life has not changed. for more than 50 years. She lives in the same broken down house, she has no money, and no health or medical insurance. Her White counterparts across town are doing very well. They live in nice homes, have nice cars and money in the bank.

passed-outYet, we sit day in and day out enabling one another in the Black Church that God blesses us too. The fact of the matter is that White folks are blessing themselves while keeping us controlled and ignorant and promoting their White Jesus, White Adam and Eve, White Virgin Mary, White Prophets and White Apostles. Not to mention the false teachings, not of God and Christ – but of the White man – to keep us kindergarten-level and emotionally-driven and unthinking creatures. he has us exactly where he wants us.

Thus, by promoting movies like “Black Nativity” the Motion Picture Industry uses its vast wealth and resources to “buy” African American actors and they can create any type of “mentality” it chooses to create in people.

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of seeing movies where Black people are cast in roles as “Butlers” or some other low-level position while White people are portrayed, major contributors (only contributors to) to civilization, as heroes and as saviors of the world.

Religion is the biggest pusher of the narcotic of emotionalism. It creates a dependency in the religious organization’s narcotic thus producing an emotionally drugged and spiritually inebriated persons. It creates an unfaithful person because they become more dependent upon the organizations narcotic that God and His Son.

While they bathe and shower themselves with the wealth of the world, we – African Americans – wallow in the mire of an imposed ignorance singing “We Shall Overcome.”

We will not overcome anything until we come out of this slumber we are in.

shamefulYou Black Preachers and Ministers, what are you doing! YOU need to wake up and stop being an unwitting (some are witting) partners in promoting the White man’s lying teachings about God and Christ and having our people engage in these European-based celebrations, teachings, and mindset.

We all (all persons of God and Christ) are to be spiritual persons as God and Christ are spirits. (John 4:23-24 and Col 1:15)

Yet, we have become emotional, non-spiritual and faithless persons who are more concerned about the things that we can see; seeing with the physical eye requires no faith.

Guess who made us that way? The persons who imposed the lie to our African ancestors trained them to pass on the lie and we today were lied to by our parents and grandparents and great grand parents.

Black ministers are the agents of the very entity that enslaved our African ancestors. To this very day they teach their membership to show more interest in a European-based religion and ancestry rather than an African one.

African Americans are a White man’s creation. Look at us! Really! Look at us! We are nothing but a reflection of his mentality. 

That we promote, celebrate and defend his lying teachings about God and Christ – who he has made look like him – and follow his traditions are a powerful testimony of that.

It is better that we STOP and tell our Black youth the truth about how we – African Americans – “got religion.”

Our Black youth are not stupid. They see the hypocrisy within all of Christianity and in particular what is called “The Black Church.” They know something is not right and they know when something does not feel right. 

They wonder how can White people appear to have everything and Black people have relatively nothing. What! Does not God bless us too?

Just like it is not a natural thing to place chains on an individual, African American youth know that something is unnatural about Christianity and this “Black Church” thing. Many of these youth might not have made the connection yet, but I will tell you what it is:

Your mind is an African one. Somone over the generations has been trying to impose a European-based mindset into you. THAT is what is UNNATURAL! Like a show that does not fit, a European-based mindset, celebrations, traditions, heritage will not fit NATURALLY into and African mind.

When that mindset is imposed, then you become confused because you are no longer truly you: African. You are a Black person possessing an imposed European mindset. This comes to you via the educational system and via Christianity.

That is why you believe in and defend a White God and a White Jesus.That is why there is a mimicking the “White Church” by setting up a “Black Church.”

You have been made to forget and to have absolutely no interest in YOUR African roots and YOUR African ancestors and knowledge of them BEFORE they were taken by the European from their homeland called Africa.

YOU are talking about Christmas and Easter – both pagan and European-based holidays. You will spend your money to go see this new movie “The Black Nativity” to become further and emotionally drawn into a European mindset and false religion as Christianity is. (It is not from God).

The European-based religion that lied to our African ancestors have trained many Black agents and they are very active today in keeping Black people everywhere kindergarten-level and an emotionally drugged people.

TO ALL AFRICAN MOTHERS AND FATHER (no matter where you live): Rather than working feverishly hard in trying to get our children “into Church” we need to work feverishly hard in educating them and telling them the truth. 

Why are we lying to them by teaching them Christmas, Santa Claus, Easter Bunnies and flying reindeer? You see! The White man now has us lying for them to further keep us ignorant. We need to speak TRUTHFULLY to our children.

We want our children to be thinkers, reasoners, and questioners. Not emotionally-driven as the White man wants us to be. The so-called Black Church is a pusher of a drug upon our people. That drug is called emotionalism.

As long as we remain in this drunken and “dependent” state, we will never think, reason or question what the White man has done to our people. We need to stop the cycle.black3

Movies like “Black Nativity” should not be supported no matter who is acting in them. Movies like the new “Son of God” and “Noah” should be questioned and critiqued as to why The Motion Picture Industry is pushing a White Jesus and a White Noah and not telling the stories correctly. A non-emotionally drugged person would ask these types of questions.

The image above and to the right shows that nothing has changed. The ultimate goal is to turn those of African desent into a pliable and controlled people who will gladly pass on to their chidren the lie.

Black Church Ministers: Why won’t you speak and teach the truth. Is it that difficult?

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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  1. I am trying to upload an image of the earliest known picture painted of Christ. It is in Egypt and is in a Coptic Church.

    You photo upload seems to require a url address ?  Could you explain how this functions since my uploads fail.

    The Christ figure depicted is dark skinned and curly haired and beardless.  Even though you are living in Africa, much of what you say seems to be heavily influenced by your American experience and your association with Jehovah’s Witnesses. As you know there were several  “homemade” religions in the USA, started by Ellen G White, Mary Baker Eddy, Joseph Smith and Charles Taze Russell, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell,  other American religions were imported from Europe and were based on the teachings of Calvin (the Puritans came from Calvanism )   In South Africa there is the Dutch Reformed with its Biblical justifications of Apartheid.   

    Since you are American you have a strong reference to the black experience in the USA of 300 years of slavery.  I have a grand daughter with an African father and two other grandchildren with American black fathers. I am white, but not American. I am Canadian.  I lived in California and attended the University of California in the 70’s.  I was a memeber of the JW’s at 15 years of age, because I fell easy victim since I had no religious information in childhood, since my father and mother were an atheist and an agnostic.  The doctrines took hold in my mind at an early age and I finally began to question seriously in my thirties, because of the lack of charitbale works, and the application of Matthew 25:35-40 being applied to serving the GB.   I saw this as a self serving and wicked interpretation. 

    The Bible says clearly that God is a Spirit and those worshipping him must worship in spirit and truth.   Jesus was an ethnic Jew and all his followers during his 33 years on earth were ethnic Jews living in the Middle east and certainly not blond nordic types, but dark skinned, curly haired semetic  Jews, all of them.  Every single one.  Only the most ignorant and uneducated person would believe that Jesus was fair skinned.  But there are a lot of ignorant and uneducated people who go to evangelical churches.  What seems to happen in the absence of education, is, people simply “fill in the gaps” with nonsense and superstition.  

    Example: There is a popular notion going around that there is something called “The Lost Ten Tribes”  this was a topic on xjwsforchrist recently.  A poster claimed Jesus had come to her in a dream and told her the Palestinians were the Lost ten Tribes.   Palestinian is Latin for Philistine.   The book of James is addressed in its opening to the 
    Twelve Tribes abroad ”   Nothing ever appears in the Bible saying that 10 tribes were “lost”.  Its a Mormon doctrine made up by Joeseph Smith who believed the American Indians were the Lost Ten Tribes, yet here we have a woman with a web site who backs herself up by saying Jesus himself is talking to her and telling her things.  And the web site is directed at Ex-JW’s and claims to be “for Christ”  This is the quality of information out there for JW’s trying to escape the WT.

    The problem people struggle with in sorting out a trinity concept is that; Jesus is prayed to.     Praying to anyone besides God himself is clearly forbidden as idolatry.     The question is, could God exist in two places at the same time?    Quantum mechanics has proven mathimatically that there are two dimensions in which all things can exist in two different places or dimensions simultaneously.    May be this is beyond our comprehension.   Since God’s being is invisible and mystical and unknown to us trying to define or limit the being or location of God is a futile exercise since our minds and references are not adequate to the task.  Its  a mystery.  We see in a mirror darkly, as Paul put it. In other words what is really possible is obscured to us and cannot be defined.

    I believe in a universal priesthood of all believers that does not depend on race OR sex.   “You are neither male nor female, but you are all one in the Christ ”   Oneness, One Hope, One Faith, On Baptism.  Jesus spoke of this kind of unity and indwelling of holy spirit and a mystical union where the father and son dwell in you.  This is what Jesus preached.  He said ” I am not from this world”.   

    I read Crisis of Conscience and it did free me. I think it is an important gateway out.  I do not believe in one single doctrine the WT teaches.  I used to.  I left but still clung to “basic” doctrines.  Until I realized there was not one single unique or “special” doctrine being taught by the WT, that was not lifted from William Miller who influenced Russell in the 19th century.   The witnesses believe they have “Special Knowledge”.  There is no “special knowledge’.  That is the lie.   The WT is anti-Christ because they teach that there is a “class” of people who are “anointed” and another class who are “domestics”  These classes do not exist.  The WT keeps people from becoming part of the Body of Christ. And each year they gather people together to pass around “emblems” of bread and wine and symbolically reject Christ and refuse to do what he commanded every single believer to do, which is to , drink his blood and eat his flesh and become part of the universal Body of Christ.   

    I do enjoy you comments on jwn –  Diane



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