How Important Is Freedom In Our Worship?

Just as important as faith, love, and truth … FREEDOM is equally and arguably more important than the aforementioned. Why?

Because with freedom – that is, the freedom that Jesus taught – it is not possible to be faithful; not possible to fully show love towards all sorts of people as Jesus did (even his enemies); and it is not possible to know the truth about God and Christ because a lack of freedom would restrict and hinder an accurate knowledge of them.

Who would restrict or hinder that freedom? Primarily a system of religion that claims that it is of God and Christ! Within that system are thousands of contending denominations all claiming to know and teach God and Christ! Yet, they teach them differently. So who to believe?

Additionally, each one has its own set of rules, regulations, and regulations they require for acceptance and membership within them. They all require that you believe as they teach and preach. Essentially, little to no thinking or examination required on your part as they have done the thinking, examination, and concluding for you. Dare think on your own, question, challenge, or conclude matters for yourself can get you excommunicated, disfellowshipped, or labeled a doubter, dissenter, or apostate. What a dangerous and enslaving thing that is!

We live in a world in which Jesus said his kingdom is no part of. Therefore, nothing godly or of God can come out or be born of this world, which belongs to Satan. (John 18:36, Col 1:15)

Satan’s world is restrictive and enslaving. That explains why the number one thing people fight, rebel against, and go to war for is FREEDOM from something. 

Satan’s restrictive world is by design. It is fashioned to prevent one from being free to expressive love towards one’s neighbor (people of the world); prevents them from being exclusively faithful to God and Christ. Satan wants to be worshiped too! His worship is through the things he has set up in his world. Allegiance to governments, devotion, and loyalty to religious organizations, men, and women; veneration of idols that cannot see or speak, namely flags.

By transforming himself into an angel of light (illumination), the kingdoms of his world think they are enlightened or on the path to enlightenment. Satan is leading them to destruction because he knows his time for destruction is short and certain to come by God’s spokesman, Jesus Christ. (2 Cor 11:15, Matt 7:13-14, Rev 12:12, and Rev 20:20)

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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