Jesus Christ a White Man?

How Do You View Jesus?

When I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses the publications always portrayed Jesus as shown in the April 5, 2012, Watchtower magazine shown below. And, it still does slowly and subtly cycling through a different looking that implants in the sub conscious a Jew. For instance, an illustration might from time to time show him with a slightly larger nose. But, then following publications always gravitate back to ones shown below. As far as I am concerned, if any organization has the audacity to portray Adam and Eve as they are presented below – and at the same time – claim they have the truth, raises a large red flag in my mind. Does anyone really think Adam and Eve looked like that?

Please understand that when the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society asks the question: “How Do You View Jesus?”  they are asking do you view him as a newborn baby, a dying man or an exalted king? While Jesus is none of these, the images shown in the Watchtower magazine has another more misleading thing in them. What? Jesus is portrayed as a White man.


So another question needs to be answered: “Should we view or visualize Jesus in the manner portrayed above or in the likeness of ANY race of man?

The son of man who came into the world came from the lineage of the Jews. Jesus was not of European (Greek or Roman) descent. Yet, in Watchtower magazines, he is always portrayed as a White man. Look at a few of the images below which come out of Watch Tower publications.

Even Images of Adam and Eve Are False

Even if attempts were made to portray him as a Jew, these too, would be false because no one today knows what he looked like as a Jew.

False Images and False Christs

Jesus warned at Mark 13:22:

For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will give signs and wonders to lead astray, if possible, the chosen ones.

Many think that a false Christ is just a person. A false Christ is also false images of him as well as teaching him falsely. When I see images of Jesus portrayed as above I reject them in my mind. They are not true portrayals of him. If they are not true portrayals, then they are false portrayals. They are false Christs.

Let’s say that the year is 3013 and I have been dead for nearly 1000 years. Someone in that year wants to write a book about me and places the image below in the book and widely disseminates it all over the world and tells people that it is me; R. Jerome Harris.


Well, would that image be a true or false image of me? Obviously, a false image. It is a false R. Jerome Harris. It is an imposed image or impostor. A counterfeit. Why would anyone settle for the idea that the image above – that is not me – is just an illustration?

Personally, would be insulted if some presented and portrayed me falsely. So why are so many willing to settle with the Son of God being portrayed in the likeness of a European-descendant or any race of man, as a baby, and as a king? The Christ is invisible and not a man. So any and all portrayals of him visibly are false. They would be false Christs.

The first image I showed you in this article is cleverly presented to the reader of that magazine. How so? Because it never holds out the possibility that ALL of the ways people may view Jesus is incorrect; it has to be one of the images as far as they are concerned. The reader is not given the option: None.

It’s Just An Illustration, What’s The Big Deal?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that expression. I used to use it often in Field Service when I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Unknown to me then, but known to me now, is that it was a canned and convenient and brush-off-the-questioner response that was supposed to answer the question and satisfy the householder who would ask why Jesus is portrayed in the ways discussed in this article.

Yet, it is not just an illustration, it is a very dangerous, misleading, and false (untrue) portrayal of Jesus then – when he walked on earth as a man – and now, a powerful invisible spirit creature in heaven.

I would question why would Christendom and all other so-called “Christian” organizations portray him in a form that he is not in. At present, he not a man! He is not flesh and blood! So why would the many want people to have these false images of him implanted in the minds of people? Almost no one visualizes The Son of God as someone unseen. He is almost always portrayed as a man – even in heaven – and as a White man at that! There is something very very wrong with that and sinister.

I saw a program on TV a few years back where small Black children were given a choice between choosing a Black doll and a White doll. All chose the White blue-eyed doll! I wonder why? (A rhetorical question).

If small impressionable non-White children see in art, film and literature Adam, Eve, Jesus, Noah, Moses, Angels, etc portrayed as White people, what race among men do you think they will revere? How will they visualize God and Christ? As White people; White flesh and blood men! Further, how will they view White people, in general, and themselves?

So it is a big deal not only because these images are false and a lie, but also because of what they do to the young fertile mind.

This is a major problem in the world because what is called Christianity – I believe the foretold impostor and misleader of many – leads the charge of White Supremacy in the world. The true soldiers are the so-called “Christian” missionaries who enter into the non-European based lands such as Africa, India, Asia and elsewhere with their brand of Christianity replete with the false images of Christ (and others) and teach them to the natives. This is an indoctrination and Europeanization of them. The end result is people who accept the false images (and teachings) and will defend them as the truth.

In many countries in Africa – such as the one I live in at present – it is very common to see people as black as night hoisting high on placards images of a White woman (Mary) and her baby (Jesus) in worship and adoration. I find this disturbing. What I find even more disturbing are the White missionaries who taught them, stand there proudly as if they have done a good thing!

It is no different in the country of my birth and citizenry, The United States of America. Each year on December 25, Black people do the same thing. They dress up as Santa Claus and lie to their children that a White man brings them presents. They lie to their kids too about a Santa Claus. Yet, they learn in the same religious system that lying in a sin. Go figure. But to them: It’s no big deal. It is for the kids. At what price? 

BTW: Google “Jesus” and then click on the image link. What do you see? I think what you see is most telling and it is a real shame and insult to all other races of persons within the human family. It is also a real shame that millions have been misled by these images and believe in them. It is an insult to both God and Christ to be represented falsely in this manner.

Shame on those of you who teach that the teachings such as hellfire, rapture and trinity are false teachings – and they are – BUT WHO present such images of the invisible one: The Son of God. You are no different from those you point a finger at as teaching false things. That makes you a hypocrite, yet you do not see yourself as such. It is a most difficult thing to get you to see yourself or to even listen to reason and truth.

I challenge anyone claiming to be a follower of Christ and claim to know the truth: Tell me that the images you see above are representative of The Son of God?

The Son of God Is Not A Man

The Son of God before he came to the earth and after he ascended back into heaven was and is an invisible spirit creature. He is not flesh and blood. So it would be in error to portray him as someone visible.

I certainly do not view Jesus portrayed in any of those images. They are all false and none of them is my Master.

The Deification of a Particular Race Within The Human Family

I am convinced that no religious organization on earth has the truth or in a position to receive it. What I see are men who – like the people on the Plain of Shinar in Nimrods day – seek to make a celebrated name for themselves. Think of it: Each and every denomination within Christianity (Christendom) has a unique name. There are over 41000 denominations in the world. They all claim to teach Christ and they all claim to be the right religion, yet they fight and contend with each other. That makes no sense.

Most, if not all, portray Jesus, Adam and Eve, Angels, Noah, Moses, etc as persons of European descent. That makes no sense either. These false portrayals are so prevalent and deeply rooted in the world that we see them in art, film, and literature. To have them portrayed in any other way would bring protest.

When I see Popes as White men and people kneeling before them and kissing their ring and calling them “Holy Father,” I know for a certainty that this is wrong and that most people have been misled. If there is a misleading, there is a misleader.

What I see in the world is a deification of persons of European descent. Adolph Hitler wanted to establish such a system; that system is already in place, except there is no Swastika. The cross is still there, though.

No effort and no discussion by so-called Christian organizations have been made to address this issue. This alone is powerful testimony that it is OK with presenting such false portrayals to the world as truth. This is a misleading and so-called Christian religious organizations are the misleaders. If it was the truth they would champion and be concerned about, then they would put a stop to the spread of these false portrayals. 

I am sorry, I am not about to kneel before a White man or any man, call him Holy Father, or kiss his ring. I am not about to pray to a God that is presented to my mind’s eye as a White man or pray to him through His Son portrayed as a White man. Neither, will I allow myself to think that my Father – Adam – was a White man. No can do.

My God (The Father) and His Son and my Master (The Son)  are invisible and I worship the Father as one who is invisible. (John 4:23-24 and Col 1:15)

Neither will I put before my children and grandchildren these false portrayals so they while fear and view White people as superior to themselves (as God and Christ are portrayed as White). The idea being sold by these misleaders of men is to present God and Christ, Adam and Eve, Angels, The Prophets, The Apostles, etc as White persons. Once this idea takes root and grows and spreads (as it has), people of color who become “Christians” sub consciously fear White people and dare not question or challenge them because it is synonymous with questioning and challenging God and Christ. This is evil.

When I see Black people (persons of African descent, my people) all over the world celebrate a European-based holiday – Christmas – replete with White angels, White baby Jesus, Santa Claus, etc, and see Black people argue and defend  a tradition and culture that is not their own, this tells me that the agenda of the misleader (Christianity) of portraying the persons mentioned in this article as White, is working and has been very effective in misleading the world.

I am an honest person; many accuse me of being too honest. But as a child, young man, and even into my adult years, my mind would not allow me to visualize God and Christ and the others I mentioned as being none other than White persons. I would fight and defend any other portrayals. I would feel guilty if I viewed them any other way. I felt I was being unfaithful and rebellious if I did. This is the danger of indoctrinating persons with these false images.

Like the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar who placed all in his kingdom to bow down to his image, there is a push in the world today coming out of what men call Christianity, to get men, women, and children to bow down to images of a White God, White Christ, White Angels, etc.

Wake up and realize that your God and Christ have no color. They are INVISIBLE. Reject the false portrayals of them.

And, if you are a White person reading this article, why are YOU OK with this? Why are YOU not saying anything? YOUR silence in this matter says you want persons to view God, Christ, Angels, Adam and Eve, etc as White persons. Because you say nothing, do not come to me with your false portrayals and messages of salvation. Those messages are false as well because the images that accompany those messages are false.

I go on public record to educate my people why they should reject the images and the message you bring. I know many of you are sincere and think you do a good thing, but you are selling deception and a lie.

I will tell my people the truth about God and His Messiah. They are invisible and cannot be portrayed in the likeness of any race among mankind. Our worship to The Most High God must be as one who is invisible. (John 4:23-24)

I know many will not like what I have stated, but it is the truth. I cease to worry about what people do not want to hear. I have a responsibility.

It is an arrogant thing to present God, Christ, Angels, Adam and Eve, etc as White people. How dare you? And, what is wrong with those of you who do it? Why?

You are not going to like me. 🙂

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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