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The Hit and Runners

There are individuals out there who claim to be followers of Christ, but are more interested in getting persons to follow the teachings of a particular religious organization. I can write an article such as this, and these individuals rarely address the subject matter, they make ME the subject instead. That they rarely address the subject tells me that they are like the Pharisees in Jesus; day: They had no answer for him.

I call these individuals the HRs (no, not Human Resouces), but the hit and runners. They come in, hit you with a personal attack, and run away. They run away from the topic being discussed.  And, here is why? They cannot call Christ a liar directly. So, they do an end-around and call one one bring the messages of truth – the teachings of Christ –  the liar.

Yet, all I am doing is quoting what Christ himself said. The words are not mine and I am sorry if what Christ said is not in harmony with what YOUR particular religious organization teaches. That is not my problem, but yours. YOU will have to be the one to decide who is teaching the truth: Christ or your religious organization. You cannot server two masters: Christ and a religious organization.

And, please don’t ask me to blindly believe YOU or YOUR religious organizations without first putting to the test what you say. (1 John 4:1) Besides, why would you not want someone to test what YOU say? Unless, there is something you wish to conceal. I welcome – and strongly encourage – all that I write on this blog to be put to the test.

Summarily just saying to me that “You are wrong or you are misled” is not a testing. It is merely a statement with substance and a mere dismissal. It is an acknowledgement that you do not desire investigation, but simply a blind acceptance to what you say and any not subscribing to what you say become subject to your un-Christlike attacks. That in itself, is powerful testimony against you that Christ (his teachings) are not in you. For if they were, they would have caused you to exercise restraint. If Christs teachings are not in you, then nothing you say or teach (individuals and religious organization) can be the truth.

I know very well that are aren’t any religious organizations that teach Christ purely. They will have either taken upon themselves some fancy title (JWs, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Catholics, etc), created their own sets of rules, regulations, and rituals; and will have created their own particular brand of teaching that did not originate with Christ (such as 1914, hellfire, rapture, trinity, Saturday being the literal sabbath day, etc). I would never forsake the teachings of my Master for religious organizational teachings. Not going to happen. And, why are so many of you so aggressive in getting persons to join religious organizations. Salavation is not within religious organizations, it is only within Christ, and he is a person. It is he that one should be membering themselves with.

So, they are essentially calling Christ a liar. And, the really shameful thing about the whole thing is that they champion the religious organization, the men who sit at the top of them or their human founders (long dead) as being truthful! They defend them as truth rather than Christ – even when Christ is quoted.

For example, if a religious organization teaches that 1914 is is the year Christ returned invisibly and took kingdom power, I can counter that with Jesus’ own words at Matthew 24:42:

Keep on the watch, therefore, because YOU do not know on what day YOUR Lord is coming.

They get upset at me! (LOL) Jesus said no one but God knows when he will be dispatched out of heaven. (Matthew 24:36 and Acts 1:7)

It is almost as if they get upset that I quoted “The Truth.” (Well, Christ is the truth is he not?) It is as if they do not want others to know what Jesus said. It is as if they want to be listened to as “The Truth.” They seem embarrassed that they have no response to “The Truth.” Jesus’ statement says that they are liars. It also implies that these organizations and the persons within them are not listening to Christ. There are other voices that they listen to that are speaking louder so as to drown out his voice.

Any responses many of them will have will be personal attacks; because it is the truth spoken to them that is warring with them inside and gnawing at them. It is the demon inside that is agitated when the truth is near it. So they lash out emotionally. They will not stop lashing out until the truth has saturated their very being and the demon cannot dwell within them.

So when a human or human agency says and teaches that THEY KNOW when Christ returned, I have a problem with that because Jesus says something entirely different and I begin to wonder what is going on. I begin to question why would anyone – claiming to follow Christ – teach the opposite of what he teaches? And, not only that, hail themselves as the “the truth” or “being in the truth?”

They will even defend “The Organization” and a book called “The Bible” as being what Christ said himself said he is: The Truth and The Word of God.

These persons – many who are sincere –  mention far too often in their conversations, the organizations name and “The Bible” than any mention of Christ.

What has occurred right under their closed eyes is that Christ – the one The Most High God sent – has been replaced by religious organization and a book. How so?

Jesus said at John 14:6:

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

So any religious organization proclaiming itself as “The Truth” has usurped a title that does not belong to it.

The Most High God has said at Luke 9:35:

This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.

He did not say, listen to human agencies claiming to be what only Christ can be or to listen to a book that men of European descent put together after the Lord ascended.

The Apostle John at Revelation 19:13 specifically identifies ONE Word of God:

He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.

No book is dressed in a White robe and dipped blood.

If one visits websites such as the official website of the Watchtower or the International Bible Students Association, take a very close look at the content. You will find what is mentioned far more frequently than Christ (The Word of God) is the Bible.

Also, what is featured more than the one God says to listen to are men such as Charles Taze Russell! (This in the case of the International Bible Students Association website and the Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses website). It is men – of a particular race among the human family- who are attempting to subtly get people to follow and revere organizations and their human founders. And, they dare persons – like me – to say anything about it. It is human worship! Not only am my to worship their false portrayals of God and Christ, but also listen to and revere their human founders and leaders today.

On all of these websites, it is “The Bible” that they mention as “Teaching,” not Christ. If you visit the Watch Tower website, you will see a link in the top menu that says “Bible Teachings.” That in itself shows who this organization has placed in a holy position as The Word of God: The Bible.

I find it most curious why the Watch Tower does not place a link in their menu that says “Christs Teachings.” I find this most curious for an organization that claims that it has the truth. If Jesus is the truth and if God says listen to him, why then is he not featured as Teacher?

Jesus himself said at Matthew 23:8:

But YOU, do not YOU be called Rabbi, for one is YOUR teacher, whereas all YOU are brothers.

Therefore, no book can be our teacher. One is our teacher: Christ himself.

Yet, what I have written here is from God and Christ, not from me. Yet, the individuals within these organizations will still defend them and their book as being “The Truth” and The Word of God.”

The content on their websites and in their publications provide powerful testimony that it is not Christ and his teachings that are in the forefront, it is the teachings of religious organizations and a book called the Bible that are.

It is not the command of The Most High God at Luke 9:35 that they obey, it is the commands of “the organization” and the men – past and present – that they obey.

One look at these websites and it does not take a rocket scientist for one to see that what they are subtly into is the deification of the White race. This is very sad. Go to the Watch Tower website and look at how Jesus is portrayed. He is a White man! This is disturbing. Why would anyone portray not only him in this manner, but also Adam, Angels, and others?

Go to the official International Bible Students Association website and the Friends of Jehovahs Witnesses website and one would think that Charles Taze Russell is The Word of God.

Yet, those persons will defend these icons rather than God and Christ.

They have some nerve (and blind arrogance) to counsel me that I am misled because I reject human and human agency worship and cling to what Christ taught.

What they really want is to take people captives into their organizations so that they can take control over them. To control what is not theirs to control, Christs property: mankind.

No human agency died for mankind and paid for them with their blood. Only Christ did that. Therefore, he is our owner, not religious organizations. That Christ is our owner (Head), we listen only to him, not to a book and not to religious organizations and the men and women in them.

Too, think abou this: Why would the persons in these religious organizations want so badly for you to join them? This should raise high a red flag? It should especially raise a red flag if they go “emotional” on you or get upset at you when you ask them hard and difficult questions of if you are not quick to join them. Think!

Worship God and serve our ower, Christ.

Get out of religious organization, keep your senses, and do not let persons within those organizations make you seem like there is something wrong with you! If it is God and His Christ that you have placed in front of you, you cannot go wrong. And in the end, the persons who have tried to get you will be exposed by Christ as false and they will be shocked and ashamed because they have not obeyed him. As Christ will say to them, “Why have you made yourself disciples of religious organizations instead of my disciples?” He will say to them, “Why have you not listened to my Fathers voice and not obeyed that voice? Instead your have listened to and obyed the voices of others.” Jesus will say to them:

Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’ And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew YOU! Get away from me, YOU workers of lawlessness.

Dear reader, wake up!

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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