The Fallacy of Christmas

Most of you have heard the various explanations about Christmas being a commercial holiday far removed from truly honoring God and His Messiah. A supposedly festive time for family and friends with no-enemies-allowed. The real dichotomy being that we live in a world so full of religion yet a most dangerous place to live. The world in which the nations claiming to be trustees in God and Christ historically with the most blood on their hands and guilty of the taking of much human life.

In this article, I am going to take the discussion about Christmas a little further to show how we live in a world where lies and practice of tradition are preferred over the truth. The many responses on this blog from persons claiming to follow Christ’s teachings  – in itself –  are powerful testimonies that most individuals care very little about the truth as Christ spoke and taught it and prefer the teachings that issue out of the many so-called Christian denominations or from national and political entities.

The Apostle Paul would say to the world today what he said back in his day. At Romans 1:24-25 the Apostle stated:

Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised.

In this article, I will show the world of today bathed completely in lies about the truth about God for “a lie.” The lie that has been created has duped and misled an entire world to worship and serve the things that MEN have created rather than God Himself.

A European Conceived Universe

The basis and foundation upon which the lie was created begin with a “created” world that has built upon it – brick-by-brick and teaching-by-teaching – a religious system that has misled the world about the truth about God. This religious system has been able to effectively dupe the world into venerating the icons that IT has created rather than properly leading the world to worship the CREATOR.

The created icons within this world are the religious system created by men – Christianity; a book it has created called The Bible; false images it has created of Adam, Eve, Angels, The Prophets, etc in the likeness of a particular race within the human family;  created false portrayals of God and Christ; created saints that venerate a particular race; crosses, rosary beads, statues and other created icons.

In every direction, one looks, they will see that we all have been forced into subscribing to a European-conceived universe. In the explanation of world history, it is the man of European descent who takes credit for almost everything in the world’s development and triumphs and who makes the greatest contribution to the human family. People of color are discounted and portrayed as non-contributors, backward and in need of being subdued and converted.

Today, we see that this man is relentless in keeping it that way. He feels that he has to explain all in the world and universe from his viewpoint.

From a religious standpoint, a religious system was established by the man of European descent and he gave it a name: Christianity. This man also created an image to his religious system and he named it The Bible. Within this religious system, he has portrayed Adam, Eve, Angels, Jesus, God, Moses, Noah, The Prophets and The Apostles in his likeness. 

The so-called “Holy Day” called Christmas is purely a European creation and it was not fashioned with people of color in mind. That should tell people of color who celebrate it something. However, sadly it does not. Glazy-eyed and unthinkingly they engage in the celebration and festivities of this day and even defend it. They tell their children the lie that a jolly and fictitious character called Santa Claus (a White man) will bring them presents if they are good. In other words, the White man will reward you if you subscribe to his world, but will not reward you – perhaps punish you – if you are naughty and do not comply and subscribe to his conceived universe.

Christmas Is A Bald Face Lie

My parents – while not church-goers – celebrated Christmas. We had a tree and my brothers and sisters and I looked eagerly on awakening the next day to see what we go for Christmas. Being from Wisconsin, there was almost always snow. The environment was conducive to the European winter wonderland stories. As children, we had an excuse for not knowing the truth: We were children. Our parents did not know either. They did not purposefully lie to us and neither did their parents lie to them. Our African ancestors were lied to and has this lie implanted them. This something very few White people would ever appreciate.

I hear parents all the time who say they would never lie to their children and would always protect them. Well, if they do not stop the cycle of and the passing from one generation to the next the lie about Christmas and a great many things within Christianity, then they are not protecting them and they are allowing them to believe the lie.

Most persons who believe and celebrate Christmas love all of the trappings that surround it. They love the colors, the lights, the smells, the snow and ice, and the season. The very people claiming to follow Christ and who believe in it become upset at you when you try to get them to look at this thing called Christmas and what it is: A complete fabrication and a lie. They do not want to hear the truth. Their preference is in maintaining a tradition – even if that tradition has nothing to do with the ancestry of the person – rather than wanting the truth. They want to believe the lie and the wish to wallow in it as if it is a protective covering.

Many parents have no clue about Christmas and its origins. They just celebrate it because everyone else does. Their children go to school and the schools promote Christmas so children EXPECT their parents to follow the tradition because their classmate’s parents do. Sadly, most parents do not care, and blindly go along with the flow and do not take courage in being different and taking the responsibility in teaching their children to be different and not being afraid to be different. They allow the passing on of this lie and disease of Christmas from themselves to their children and their children to their children.

The BELIEF IN and CLAIMS of a “Jolly Fat Man” in a red suit who rides through the night sky in his sleigh being pulled by flying reindeer; landing on roof tops and squeezing himself down a chimney that is 12 inches in diameter without soiling his suit and delivering gifts to children who did not “pout or cry” and who “were not naughty, but nice.”  The claim to this activity and the belief in such a thing, or to teach or speak such a thing may be considered a psychopathological activity… professionally speaking.

As stated earlier, everything about Christmas is “White” or European-based. The religious system called by men – Christianity – is very powerful and has been able to indoctrinate people of color to such an extent that those persons actually celebrate, champion and defend a tradition that did not stem from THEIR ancestry.

I am grateful that I have stopped that cycle within myself. This lie will not be passed on from me to another. I believe it serves my African ancestry justice. The wise Creator created man in a variety of colors. He did not command or direct any particular color of man to establish a system of religion that venerates one race over another.

Think Christmas is the truth and godly. Then look at the lies about it. Nothing from God is a lie. So after you examine what I have provided below, ask yourself, if lies do not come from God, where do they come from and who is the originator of the lie. (John 8:44-46)

Why Should People of Color Care About This? Why Do They? Who Has Put These Lies Into Their Minds? Why Do They Defend These Lies Even Though No One In The Above (False) Images Look Like Them? What Would Arrogate ANY Race Among The Human Family To Impose These Images Off On People of Color and INSIST That They Accept Them As Truth? Why? Why? Why?

Lie Number One: Christmas Is Not Something Christ Taught and It Was Unheard of By His Disciples.

Nowhere in the Bible and any of the teachings of Christ within this book do we read of such a thing as Christmas. It was created by men and it is designed to serve and venerate a particular race among men. Why do this religious system and its membership become agitated when you call them out on this? One would think they would champion the truth about what Christ taught.

Lie Number Two: God Did Not Send a Star

Why would God make a star appear to so-called Wise Men – Kings From The East – and have them follow this star for years on a trek to Bethlehem and have that star point out to them where the Christ would be and then those wise men return to King Herod who would have his intel from them and then have the child killed? That doesn’t make sense. If God made a star appear, why would not thousands of people see it and follow it too? If God made a star appear, why not make it appear to the Shepherds or others? Why men “from the East?”

These so-called wise men were NOT kings and they were not wise men in the sense of being “thinkers.” These men were magi or astrologers. Astrology was their craft. Thus, they were wise in the sense that THEY were skilled at astrology. The Scriptures does not say that God showed them a star, it says that THEY saw a star while THEY were in the East. Of course THEY – and no one else saw a star – because they were looking for one. They probably calculated and the predicted the appearance of a comet and was expecting it. No one else would have been in expectation of a comet.

Lie Number Three: Nowhere Are We Told That These “Wise Men” Where Three Men

I am amazed at this one. In the nativity scenes one sees plastered all over the world during the Christmas holiday, we see this lie being displayed. 

Lie Number Four: The So-Called Wise Men Were Not Present When Christ Was Born

Those nativity scenes that millions are lyingly indoctrinated that show the human mother of Jesus (Mary), Joseph, the Shepherds, Angels, animals, and three Wise Men present at this birth. Boy, their timing must have been “Timex” accurate and they knew EXACTLY where to find the baby in the manger? The story does not have these men arriving in Bethlehem until nearly two years AFTER he was born. When they arrived, Jesus was already a young child in “a house” and not in a manger. Jesus must have been approaching two years of age by the time these men arrived from the East. That is why King Herod had all of the male children of two years old murdered.

Lie Number Five: The Gift Giving Tradition Many Celebrate Today Did Not Come From Those Close To Jesus’ Family

The only persons present at the birth of Jesus was the few Shepherds who worked in the field and the angels of heaven (and they are invisible). Joseph and his wife Mary came from another town and they knew no one there in Bethlehem and the people there did not know them. Joseph had a heck of a time trying to find shelter for his pregnant wife and had to settle for an animal manger. It would make no sense for people who had no clue has to who Joseph and Mary were to all of a sudden to show up and give them gifts. If they had foreknowledge about them, they would not have been placed in a manager.

In time, some of the people in the region came to understand what was written about the coming of a Messiah. It is obvious that only a few people entertained the idea that this child might be the one. If ALL believed it, then why is it in Jesus’ 29 years of life before he was baptized in water by John the Baptizer that we read NOTHING about people hailing him as The Messiah? Even his parents did not hail him as the Messiah. Neither did Jesus prior to his baptism identify himself as The Messiah. Why? Because he did not know who he was UNTIL he as baptized in his 29th year of life and God identified him as His Son. Then Jesus knew about his pre-human existence in heaven as an angelic Son of God who was sent from there into the world of mankind through the woman Mary.

The gift giving tradition followed by celebrators of this holiday called Christmas, emulates the Magio, unwitting partners in a plot to kill Jesus. The Shepherds who were present simply thanked and gave glory to God. The giving of “Glory to God” is not what the system of religion called by men, Christianity, has led people to do.

Lie Number 6: The Date of Jesus Birth Unknowable

Ask most persons the question when Jesus was born they would blindly say: December 25. It is just accepted. Most persons do not care and they do not want you to shake them away from the lie. They want to be left alone. Back in Jesus day, there was no such thing as December. All of the “Whiteness” and wintery wonderland that is associated with the birth of Jesus does not even coincide with the story surrounding Christ’s birth. The story has the Shepherds “in the field” tending their flocks. If there was snow on the ground neither would the Shepherds or the flocks be in the field! For what purpose? If snow was on the ground or if the ground was hardened, there would be nothing for the flocks to graze on. 

The December 25 date came from a Roman (European) tradition for the worship of the Roman God Saturn. The Saturnalia, originally a one-day festival in his honor, was later expanded into a seven-day celebration in the latter half of December. The event was marked by great revelry. Gifts, such as waxen fruits and candles, were exchanged, and clay dolls were especially given to the children.

So those who engage in this so-called holiday called Christmas honor a Roman (European) deity, not Christ.

But it all comes back to what I said at the beginning of this article: A European-conceived world has been pushed upon people of color and most have blindly subscribed to it without question, challenge or investigation. The religious system called by men – Christianity – has ensured that Roman (European) God is worshiped and venerated.

That is why we see portrayals of Adam, Eve, Angels, Jesus, God, Moses, Noah, The Prophets and The Apostles in the likeness of persons of European descent. The Jesus THEY have created in THEIR likeness is a Roman god that they have been able to get the world at large to call God and venerate.

Lie Number 7: Jesus Is No Longer Flesh and Blood. He Has Returned to the Place and the Original Form He Had Before Being Sent to Mankind.

Today, the world insists on portraying the Son of God as a flesh and blood person; and predominately as a person of European descent. The Son of God ascended back to the place he came: Heaven. When in heaven with his Father before he was dispatched in the world, he was NOT a man, he was an angel. Flesh and does not reside in heaven. 

Yet, even that he has ascended, the lie being taught is that he is a flesh and blood White-man. The truth about God and His Christ has been exchanged for the lie. It is a lie that Christ exists today as a flesh and blood man. 

Look at Romans 1:24-25 again and notice that it says “They … worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.”

Lie Number 8: The Son of God Is Human

Col 1:15 and Revelation 3:14 both clearly teach that the Son of God was created. Son of God meaning an angel. The one the world knows as Christ was the first of Gods creations. God created him directly. This Son of God was not named Jesus when he was created. The name Jesus was the name given the human that was born from Mary. The human – when he was baptized by John the Baptizer – learned only at the moment he emerged from the water who he is and where he came from. He knew that the human shell he occupied was not his natural and original form. He knew that once his mission on earth was completed, that this human shell would be cast off and he would return to his permanent residence and original form in heaven.

The world today has lost its way in this regard and has insisted in viewing him as a man – a White man – and a person it has never seen.

The lie that the Son of God is a human being is one of the greatest lies being taught today. This lie has misled many to visualize him incorrectly.

No One Has Seen Jesus

No one today – or in recent history – has ever seen the man Jesus to know what he looked like. So why would one race among the human family arrogate itself to make him in their likeness? Such things should be left alone and no effort should be made to make him in the likeness of ANY race within the human family.

That Jesus was Hebrew still is no reason to make him in the likeness of the Hebrew because no one knows what he looked like as a Jew! So why would a particular race among the human family arrogate itself to make Jesus and those who reside in heaven in THEIR likeness?

The answer is obvious: To infect the world with “the lie” and misleading it away from “the truth” about God and Christ (Messiah). With a world saturated with all of the lies (Christmas a major player and enabler), it would become a very difficult thing to uproot those lies and get persons to (at a minimum) investigate it. Yet, many refuse to even investigate. One of the most difficult things I have discovered is to get my own people (persons of African descent) to listen. Many of them are so Europeanized and indoctrinated, they defend the persons who enslaved our ancestors and infected them with these lies and false portrayals I spoke of.

No Human Has Ever Seen God

Out of his own mouth, Jesus says at John 1:18:

No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made him known.

Do you know that persons claiming to follow God and Christ still fight with me over the issue of Jesus being God, despite reading what Jesus himself has stated! What does that tell you! These persons prefer to believe the lie about God and Christ. (See 1 John 4:12)

The Christmas Holiday Venerates That Which Was Created, Not the Creator

As Romans 1:24-25, the world will be embroiled in worshiping and giving service created things and not to the Creator. “They … worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.”

Think about the created expression Christmas itself. Now think about the holiday in its entirety. What is it supposed to be about? The celebration of the birth of Christ. I have already shown from Col 1:15 and Rev 3:14 that the Christ was created by God. Christmas is not about the Creator. 

There is no God-mas day.

The Saturnalia

The pagan holidays celebrated today such as Christmas (Christs Mass) do not have an African origin, it is of European origin. Yet, persons of African descent and other non-European descent persons follow these traditions.

The Euro-Gentile-Greco-Romans looked forward to his December 21 solstice. In fact, he would “bug” out because it appeared that the sun was getting further away and leaving them. Then on December 21, it looked like the sun stopped and made a u-turn and started coming back towards them. This is what they celebrated. They got happy about that. It is called the Winter Solstice.

The Euro-Gentile-Greco-Romans had no knowledge of the earth being tilted on its axis or rotating around the sun! In fact, he thought the earth was flat; and if one kept sailing he would eventually fall over the edge!

The sun was viewed as God’s sun. The sun was the light of the world. And, when the sun stopped, it died in their view. When the sun made the U-turn and came back, God resurrected His sun. For three days the sun would not move. The sun rose on the third day!

On the Saturnalia, there was merriment and exchanges of gifts. All persons on this day – including slaves – were viewed as the equals (goodwill towards all men). So the Christmas celebration of today is an extension of the Pagan celebration of Saturnalia.

Yet, in 325 C.E. (some 1168 years earlier) the Euro-Gentile-Greco-Romans were defining a book called by them the Bible and teaching it as truth!

So what makes one think that if they did not have accurate knowledge about the earth being round, why they would have an accurate knowledge of God?

Concerning the lie of Christmas, New Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3, page 656 says:

“The date of Christ’s birth is not known. The Gospels indicate neither the day nor the month.”

So the Euro-Gentile-Greco-Romans who gave us (Black people) this lie, know it is a lie! But the people who the lie was given to will fight you tooth and nail in defense of it!

A World Being Made Drunk With Emotionalism

The system of religion called by men – Christianity – has an intoxicating drink that it serves the world that keeps it drunk: Emotionalism.

If one is made emotionally drunk, one ceases to be rational, reasonable and alert enough or long enough to think clearly so as to ask questions and investigate matters. Ever try to reason and talk to a person who is drunk with alcohol?

Whenever I listen to sermons from the pulpit, they are designed to elicit and stir up the emotion of the listener. In short order, the emotionally-stirred (drunk) agrees with everything spoken by the persons and religious organizations serving them the drink of emotionalism. They become addicted. Thus, serving them the drink and medicine of “truth” is what their systems will reject. They do want “sobriety” or to hear the truth. They want more lies to drink.

It Takes Courage To Be Different

Many each year ask me to come to their Christmas parties where they drink and eat in excess and exchange gifts and worship the Roman (European) God Saturn. When I respectfully refuse, they look at me as if there is something wrong with me and being “Un-American” or “Un-Christian” or something.

Yet, when I ask many of them why they “do” celebrate Christmas, most of the responses are “It’s Jesus birthday.” Many have no clue why they do it. When I ask many if they are “Christians” or attend church services they say “Not really” and they “Do not go to Church or know the Bible or Christ’s teachings as they should.” I then ask, “Then why are you celebrating Jesus’ birthday?” They become agitated because they have been exposed as hypocrites.

I for one have completely ceased to follow the crowd. All that I do and believe, I can give an answer as to why I do or do not. Any asking me will know why or why not. I have an answer. They might not like my answers, but at least I show that I am NOT following the crowd and the blind. I ask questions, I investigate and I challenge – if necessary – whether a teaching is not from God and Christ.

When persons greet each other with the simple expression “Merry Christmas” it is a very powerful mantra that subconsciously keeps them enslaved and locked into that European-conceived universe. Persons who “wake up” from this slumber and who do not respond – in kind – to that expression will have come to realize what they had been doing: Perpetuating the lie about God and Christ.

Christmas is a lie and not from God or His Christ. 

So, if you claim to follow Christ, why are you engaged in venerating a Roman deity, a god Christ did not teach or explain to you?

Do you really know what you are doing? Do you really know who Christ is? He will expect you to.

Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

I see millions of persons within this shameful day called Christmas act like persons in an orgy blindly following the things associated with this day and they do not know Christ. It is one thing to pay lip service to claim to know him or saying one believes in him, but it is not the same as knowing him. If one truly knows him, then they would do as His Father instructed. Jesus gives the reason why he will say I never knew you to the persons claiming they know him.

That reason is: Those persons will not have done the will of His Father. They do the will of men and serve their created things.

The Most High God’s will and command to those who would be Christs followers is found in Luke 9:35:

This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.

Ask yourself honestly: Your involvement with the worship of the Roman God, Saturn (Christmas), is it obeying what God stated in Luke 9:35?

Or are you in fear of men and what they might think about you if you do go along with them in their madness concerning this lie? Maybe you don’t care?

I see the fear of men and no respect for God or His Messiah.

They are being dishonored.

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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