Did Jesus Tell His Followers To Be Known As Christians?

I maintain that a vast majority of those proclaiming to be followers of the Christ do not know him; even though they claim that they do. I also maintain that the vast majority would not recognize his voice if they heard it and if they did, they would not respond to him. I further maintain that the vast majority of these so-called proclaimers have demonstrated a preference to listening to the man-made establishment of the bulk religious system they call Christianity INSTEAD of listening to the Christ.

This listening posture is to the men and women within the religious system who station themselves as authorities and leaders above the flock and feed them teachings not of God and Christ. The flock, in turn, listen to them and are led to believe that this is what God wants them to do.

At John 10:3-5 Jesus makes the following statement:

The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice.

Christs followers would definitely recognize the voice of their Master as he would be the one directing, leading and teaching them. Yet, did the Master direct or teach his followers to be known as Christians? Or, was this expression one created by men and pushed upon the world as if it is from God and Christ? Does it matter?

Did Christ Direct His Followers To Be Known As Christians?

The answer is easily verifiable: No, Jesus did not. There are persons who will disagree and say “The Bible” does. True, the Bible does use the expression “Christian” twice; once at Acts 26:28 and once at 1 Peter  4:16 and the expression “Christians” once at Acts 11:26. Yet, Jesus [the] Christ himself is not speaking here. Additionally, Jesus had already ascended.

Further investigation shows that Jesus NEVER used such expressions in reference to his followers and NEVER do we see these expressions used among his followers. Jesus’ call was very simple: That we be his disciples. John 8:31-32 has Jesus saying:

To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

There are many who use what is written at Acts 11:26 as proof text that Christ directed his followers to be known as Christians. I state again, Christ himself did not mandate this. Let’s take a close look at Acts 11:26 and you will see what I mean.

And when he found him (Saul of Tarsus), he brought him to Antioch. So for a whole year Barnabas and Saul met with the church and taught great numbers of people. The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.

First notice that Christs disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. Also notice that the expression Christians was not used among the disciples, but was rather used about them from persons who were not disciples.

At Acts 26:28 King Agrippa – a person not a disciple – uses the expression Christian with reference to Paul. This shows that the expression was not used by one disciple to reference another disciple. This expression is always used by persons who were not disciples to reference those who were disciples of Christ.

The expression Christian was used by persons not disciples of Christ in a derogatory way to describe persons who were disciples of Christ. 1 Peter 4:16 shows this:

However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.

Here the Apostle Peter is saying if you suffer and people label you with the expression Christian in association with this suffering, then suffer derision gracefully.

As an African American myself, I can certainly appreciate such negative and derogatory labeling. The use of the N-Word is not a label African Americans gave themselves. It was a label given to us by those who held us in derision; and many still do.

Permit me to say that those who call Black people by the N-Word expression are Anti-Black. Furthermore, those Blacks who accept this expression and who use it themselves are Anti-Black; against, their own race as they use a derogatory expression with reference to each other.

Likewise, those who claim to be followers of Christ who accept the derogatory expression of Christian – a label someone who held them in derision gave – then they are anti-christ. Why? Because they accept an expression to describe themselves that someone else – a non-disciple – gave them and they do not primarily take upon themselves the title Jesus told them to be known as: Disciples. They call themselves Christians and Christ says to be known as his disciples.

They oppose Christ and accept a derogatory expression the world gave them.

Yet, what is clear is that the expressions Christian and Christians were used by non-disciples in their persecution against Christs disciples.

Does It Matter?

What we chose to label ourselves as opposed to who Christ said we are to be is very significant. Christs followers are in the business of truth; and, the truth is that Jesus did not tell his followers to be known by the titles Christian and Christians. The truth is that he told us to be known as his disciples and to make disciples to him. (John 8:31-32).

Matthew 28:19-20 has Jesus giving this command:

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

The expressions Christian and Christians were created by non-disciples in reference to the disciples of Jesus and intended to be used in a derogatory manner.

Something else to consider: The expressions Christian and Christians are used today by Popes and Presidents, homosexual and child-molesting clergymen, persons preaching from the pulpit, TV Evangelizers, Hollywood celebrities, and military persons. The expressions have become associated with vice, corruption and hypocrisy. Not only that, they do nothing to amplify Christ and his teachings. In fact, they confuse and misrepresent Christ and his teachings and causes the world at large to reject them. With friends like these, God and Christ need no enemies, I say.

Many will say, “So, what’s the big deal?” It is this: Truth. There is no little truth or big truth, just truth. And, if we dismiss this as insignificant then the many other things masquerading as Christs teachings will easily be dismissed.

The Apostle John at 1 John 4:1 had this to say:

Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

All things spoken or written that are claimed to come from God must be put to the test to see whether or not they genuinely did. The test is easy: If God and His Spokesman – The Word of God, Jesus [the] Christ – did not speak it, then those things fail the test.

Jesus NEVER said to be known as Christians.

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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  1. ive been reading some of ur post… u make sense but does it matter the live we live today since in another post u talk about Christ 1000 years reign? i saw a youtube video with Creflo Dollar about the truth of hell and this dude totally contracted the bible and im like wow. there were like hundreds of people in front him. secondly, y do u think everyone have so many different interpretation of the bible its really confusing?

    1. Just seeing this. The question we should be asking ourselves why is, “Is it the interpretation of the Bible that one should be concerned with or what Jesus says. The Bible is NOT Jesus. The sayings of Jesus far exceeds anything the Bible would say. This is why so many people are confused: The uphold the Bible as some kind of authority or guidebook and it isn’t. Jesus is the Word of God, not the Bible.

        1. From Mark, Matthew, John, Acts, and Luke. These four scrolls ARE NOT “the Bible.”

          However, PRIMARILY you receive additional sayings/teachings of Jesus through the Holy Spirit that he promised to send us. (John 14:15-17) Jesus is NOT dead and he teaches his true followers today NOT through a book that came on the scene almost 1500 years after his ascension, but through Holy Spirit which we cannot see. Therefore, it takes a leap of faith to accept that Christ’s teachings come to us through Holy Spirit. It takes no faith to read a book that you can see. “We are to walk by faith, not by sight.’

          Jesus taught that his true followers would have to worship the Father with spirit and truth. Why? Because the Father is Spirit (The Spirit of Truth). He cannot be seen and can only be worshiped by faith and not through things we can see. (John 4:23-24)

          Please do not make the mistake to think that “The Bible” is how we are to receive Christ’s teachings today. We receive them by Holy Spirit and ASKING in prayer. A book is NOT the way, the truth, and the life. ONLY Christ is that.

          Ask yourself: On the day of Pentecost 33 CE in the upper room, how were Christ disciples able to teach and speak in languages they never learned? There was NO Bible at that time and Jesus has already ascended. It was by Holy Spirit. (Acts Chapter 2)

          Today, the world has been duped into idolatry by placing a book – that they can see – in a holy place where it does not belong. Only Christ belongs there. (Matthew 24:15)

          Also, ask yourself: Who gave this book its name? Who called it holy? Who authorized it? Who calls it scripture? Who calls it the word of God? Did God do these things or did men? God authorized and sent his Son, not a book.

      1. Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. Who is the Christ? The Christ is the Word of God. And where else can we find the Word of God except within the pages of the Holy bible of God? The Bible is the top best seller book of all time. It is conveniently available to everyone, be it for a price or free from every place in this world. Is there any other book like the Bible? It has so many versions and interpretations indeed, but its only purpose is to proclaim Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God. any are called indeed, but few are chosen. Not everyone who calls Him , ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus Christ is God. Let us not bring Him down to the level of man.

        1. You ask, “Where else can we find the Word of God except within the pages of the Holy Bible?” I will tell you, from the Father through prayer.

          It is not about the Bible being a best seller.

          King Solomon, the wisest of all men did not have a Bible. How did he become so wise and knowledgeable? What Job, the Prophets, Moses, Noah … and even the one called Ieosus (Jesus. There is no “J” in the Greek language). They had no Bible. What did they have? Faith in the invisible God and prayer to him.

          It is not possible for ALL of God’s wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to be contained in some 1600 pages of a book that men crafted 1500 years AFTER Christ ascended.

          Neither is it possible for ALL of Christ’s teachings to be contained in a book of some 1600 pages.

          The power is in prayer to the Father and asking for teaching, illumination, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. No book can complete those things.

          We MUST worship the Father with Spirit and truth, Jesus said. (John 4:23-24) That means doing and communicating with the Father as Jesus did in a spiritual way (look mom, no book) and engaging in prayer (communication with God) on a constant basis and PRIVATELY. We breath so many times per minute. Our thoughts and prayers to God should be like breathing air.

          The world does not do this. It channels the masses into a book and it keeps them there. But prayer to the Father for the things I mentioned will, in time, infuse one with understanding and knowledge so great, that those who listen to you will think you are crazy as many of them will not understand you. But, what it really is, is that your spiritual education (by Christ from heaven) will be unlike that of the world that really has not received it. The world’s reward is a book instead. They prefer what they can see rather than what comes from the One we cannot see. Jesus calls them an unfaithful generation.

      2. I don’t understand you are the only person that that I have ever giving prophecy about jesus coming and everyone dieing first and being raised again for 1000 yrs only to then have satan released your not in line with revelations or some of the bible where did you get your teaching from and you say you’re not apart of any church clearly that’s not biblical and what bible are you getting your knowledge from just trying to get some clarity

        1. You are correct. I am NOT Biblical. I am NOT of any Church on earth. I am of Christ. He teaches me via the Holy Spirit (The Helper) that he promised he would ask the Father to send those who ask for it.

          Jesus said that no slave is greater than his master. That Jesus is mankind’s Head, Lord, and Master (1 Cor 11:3), if he died so will we. If he was resurrected back to life again, so will we.

          In his discussion with the wise Pharisee Nicodemus, Jesus told him that it is not possible to “see” (no less enter) God’s Kingdom unless one is born again. Nicodemus did not understand Jesus. But Jesus spoke a great truth here. He was explaining to Nicodemus that unless one dies FIRST and is BORN AGAIN from the dead (that is, resurrected) he cannot see the Kingdom of God. (John 3:1-8)

          If anyone thinks that they will escape death, then they are really saying that they are greater than the Master. Jesus died. So will we because dying and being raised up from the dead (born again) is the only anyone can see God’s kingdom.

          Jesus promised at John 5:28-29 that ALL in their graves will hear his voice and come out. This is the “born again” experience ALL will experience. There is no escaping death in a rapture and going up to heaven. If that was the case then those who believe they will be raptured away are saying that they are greater than their master.

          There are two types of death that Jesus taught about: A first death (that we all will have) and a second death (everyone will not have).

          There are also two types of life that Jesus spoke of: The life we have now, which ends with old age, sickness, etc. And, eternal life (everyone could have but all will not)

          I say this because when reading passages in the Bible one must be cognizant of which “death” and “life” is being referred to.

          1. Hello Mr. Harris,

            I am intrigued. Do you mind explaining this “If anyone thinks that they will escape death, then they are really saying that they are greater than the Master. Jesus died. So will we because dying and being raised up from the dead (born again) is the only anyone can see God’s kingdom.”

            Did not Enoch ascended without death?

            I am interested to know your answer.

          2. Thank you for visiting e-Prophetic and thank you for your question. Please verify the accuracy of my response yourself. Many “assume” that Enoch “died and then ascended into heaven.” Enoch lived to be 365 years old. His Son was Methuselah, the oldest man we read about in the Bible lived to be 969 years. Yet, Enoch lived only 365 years, an age far below that of most of his contemporaries. So, something happened that caused Enoch’s life to be cut short.

            That Enoch did not live as long as his Son (Methuselah) and contemporaries imply something else was going on. It appears that he was in a dire predicament where his enemies threatened to kill him for prophesying, and God “took him” off the scene to spare him from a violent death. (We do not know for sure). WE DO KNOW that he did not go to heaven when he died according to Jesus (John 3:13)

            Jesus taught at John 3:13, “No one has EVER gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man.” (So, the only one that ever ascended into heaven was the only one who came down out of heaven, died, and returned there. Jesus Christ)

            At Genesis 5:24 we read, “Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.” (NIV) (How did God take him away?)
            At Hebrews 11:5, the Apostle Paul tells us, “By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death: “He could not be found, because God had taken him away.”

            I find the expression, “so that he WOULD NOT ‘EXPERIENCE” DEATH” at Hebrews 11:5 very interesting.

            It is NOT that Enoch would not die, it is that he would not “experience” a certain type of death. Some people die peacefully in their sleep. Some die while in pain. Some die in a comatose state where they feel nothing.

            It appears that God placed Enoch in an inanimate/visionary state so that he would not experience the pangs of death at the hands of his persecutors. Like a coma. While in this comatose-like state, God terminated his life. So, Enoch did not die a painful death.

            So, Enoch was “taken away” by God in that God cut his life short. Enoch died. And, like all persons who have died and continue to die, is in a grave somewhere. Enoch, like all descendants of Adam, fell under the curse of death. He would not have been an exception.

            As stated above, Jesus tells that, “No one has EVER gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man.” (So, the only one that ever ascended into heaven was the only one who came down out of heaven, died, and returned there. Jesus Christ)

            The Psalmist, David, asked the question at Psalm 89:48, “Who can live and not see death, or who can escape the power of the grave?” So, did Enoch escape death? No! If he did, would be greater than Jesus, wouldn’t he?

            When it is taught that man – any man ascended into heaven – that teaching calls Jesus’ teaching at John 3:13 a lie.

            Even King David, when he died, did not go to heaven. Like all descendants of Adam, he too lies in a grave somewhere. (Acts 2:34)


      1. Thank you. All one has to do is use common sense and listen to what Christ taught and look at the pattern of what he said and practiced. There is a reason why he never used the expression Christian(s). Christ foretold that this would happen. It will come to pass that the most dangerous people on the earth will be those who call themselves Christians. It is “through” them that Satan extracts devotion, loyalty, and worship. They will condemn anyone to death who do not agree with this religious system. They have done so already. It will only get worse and we will see an increase in mental dysfunction among them. They will really believe that they are doing Gods will. Yet, Christ will say to them, “I never know you.” (Matthew 7:21-23)

  2. The Lord’s expression–“disciples indeed”–implies a distinction between real and merely nominal disciples. And since we desire to continue to be his real, sincere disciples, let us mark the expressed condition: “If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.” The hypocrisy of merely nominal discipleship is an abomination to the Lord.

    1. Many “assume” discipleship to Christ but are not. They are more “disciples” of religious organization and the rules, regulations, and teachings that issue out of them. I would be very careful in saying that “The hypocrisy of merely nominal discipleship is an abomination to the Lord.” Christ never said that it is from men and the devil.

      Either one is a disciple or one is not. I do not see “nominal” discipleship.

  3. I love what you wrote sir. I have struggled with saying I’m a Christian and I do follow the teachings of Jesus. I will day to those that question me from here forward that am A disciple of Jesus not a Christian. Good bless

  4. Well said, I’ve been dealing with this subject from time to time over the past few years and I once again find myself delving into this subject. I continued think that I was never a truly a believers in Christ Jesus because of these fact, among others. How can I attend a church if most people in them hold to these beliefs? I find myself giving into to the sin of my flesh because it’s as if there is no hope, no one is truly saved and even if I we’re then I am alone? I’ve trying to express myself concerning these issues in my blogs but I have not been very successful.

    PS, I thank God for allowing me to find your website.


  5. Well said, I've been dealing with this subject from time to time over the past few years and I once again find myself delving into this subject. I continued think that I was never a truly a believers in Christ Jesus because of these fact, among others. How can I attend a church if most people in them hold to these beliefs? I find myself giving into to the sin of my flesh because it’s as if there is no hope, no one is truly saved and even if I we’re then I am alone? I've trying to express myself concerning these issues in my blogs but I have not been very successful.


  6. Shalom my brother well said recently TMH work me up to his truth and I had been fighting with the same topic as well.  I know that I am Hebrew a child of Israel which is my nationality and I don't subscribe to any religion because  TMH did not teach any religion. Your article reinsured me even that I am a disciple of the Mashiach. I pray for Yah's children that they heed to his voice and hardent not their hearts. He is awakening his children all over to teach the Gospel to those which are lost. I pray that Israel comes from amongst all religion and turn back to the Father by obeying his Laws, Statues and his commandments.



    1. Hi Tina,

      In the world, many claiming to be godly or followers of the Mashiach are still not getting it. They still fall short in filling the gaps and void that prevent placing them on the path to truth,

      The Mashiach willingly gave up his life so that his property – ALL of mankind, dead and alive – would not have to keep a set of laws, statues and commandments – whose failure to keep would lead to their everlasting destruction. Destruction is much more than death. One can be resurrected from the dead as the Mashiach aptly demonstrated and promised would occur on a massive scale in the future. (John 5:28-29)

      Also, it is the matter of what many call the Gospel. What Gospel? What is this Gospel that is to be taught? Know one I have spoken to can show me “sepcifically” what this Gospel message is that is to be taught. Did the Mashiach leave his disciples with a Gospel? Did the so-called believing world today ASSUME that the Bible and teaching the Bible is the Gospel? No such book called “The Bible” existed when the Mashiach said at Matthew 24:14,

      “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

      Did the world assume that Christ spoke of his followers being entrusted to preach and teach a Gospel message? I believe that it has. For three reasons:

      (1) The “Gospel” message the Mashiach spoke of would have to be preached to the ENTIRE world as a testimony to ALL nations before the end comes. This is simply not possible to accomplish in a world full of religion and a world divided because of religion. There are over 44,000 contending “Christian” demoninations who teach the Mashiach differently and many of them claim the “other” Christian demoninations are wrong. And none of them can tell you or show you specifically what this all important Gospel message to be preached is.

      (2) The Gospel (Good News) message has not been given yet. It cannot be found in the Bible or in any book.

      (3) According to “The Revelation by Jesus Christ (The Mashiach) that God gave him” at Revelation 14:6, humans will be entrusted or commissioned to preach a Gospel to the world. Rather, an angel (one angel) will be. Rev 14;6 reads;

      “Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people.”

      What I see is an entire world alienated from the truth about the Mashiach. 

      I see a world that believes it is enslaved by a set of divine rule, regulations and commandments none of which the Mashiach bound any to, but freed us from. I see a world that stumbles about in the dark unsure of itself concerning what the Gospel message is.

      My Sister, we must be very careful. No Gospel message has been given to mankind to preach or teach. We should not assume that has been given. If it has been given then it should not be a difficult thing for any follower of the Mashiach to detail specifically what that message is and where one can find it written down. Additionally, any person claiming to follow the Mashiach – no matter who they are or where they live in the world – should be able to utter that Gospel message.

      Unfortunately, if one ask 10 different people “What the Gospel message is” one would get 10 different responses.

      Yet, the truth is that no Gospel message has been given to mankind to preach. Even the angel that will be entrusted with declaring it to the world, has not received it yet.

      I simply want us (myself included) to think, ask questions, and not blindly assume matters as truth with regards teachings about The Most High God and his Mashiach.

      1. Isn't the Gospel, the Truth in fact Jesus? Isn't the Law of Love the message of the Gospel? When it speaks about the Fruit of the Spirit and there being no law against them, law meaning no restriction, is that not the message we are to give the world? Or are you saying there is a specifically laid out plan that should be stated in the Bible that here is the Gospel message that should be given? Why would God give Jesus toHe become Truth and be the example of Love and how His Disciples should live if He in fact,. His character and His Spirit is not the message that we as learners and followers of Christ should take to the world?

        1. No, the Gospel is NOT the truth. May I ask who told you that? Jesus said that he is the truth. (and the way and the life).

          Obey God command at Luke 9:35 to listen to His Son, not to a book that someone gave a name to and call Gospel and Word of God.

          Satan is quoted in this book also. Are his sayings Gospel?

          Only that which is spoken by God and Christ is what one is to listen to.

          Anything else we want to know, we ask the Father – through His Son – for. There is no book or volumes in this world that can provide God’s wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to us. No book is the way, the truth, and the life.

          It shows a lack of faith to rely upon and consult a book; something God did not send us. He sent his Son. And, when his son ascended, that son said that he would send us a Helper/Comforter (The Holy Spirit). It would teach us. Not a book.

      2. Dear Jerome. Thank you for your effort and your consoling words, which I can follow most of the time.

        However I am a bit confused. Even though it says in 2 Timothy 3:16 that “Every holy Writing which comes from God is of profit” you say that there is no book for worshipers of the great maker and his son? If I understand you correctly you say that it does not matter what others wrote, like Paul to Timothy or maybe even writers like Moses? Only what God and his son say or said really matters. And there is no other way to learn about them but to “listen” to them?

        I learned the Gospel is the written record of the Christs’ life on earth. If we see (or read) him (about him) then we also understand who the father is and what we are supposed to do with our life. This was we can come to the father.

        Then aren’t we supposed to believe the “Gospel”, i.e. the books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

        And if you say there is no scripture at all for disciples of Jesus how come you quote from many other bible books which were composed by other bible writers than the above mentioned?

        Finally one remark concerning the message that goes out into all the world. In the well known words in Matthew 28:18 we learn that Jesus has all the authority (again you would lean upon the written record if you believe this). Only after making his point he says to his disciples (not the angel in midheaven) to go and make disciples and in 20: “Teaching them to keep all the rules which I have given you”. People and not angles are supposed to go. Why do you believe John / Revelation rather than Jesus / Matthew when it comes to this work?

        Jesus is refering to all the things he has said. Not some things he will say or give to them later in the future. Thus if we can now what he told his first disciples we too can spread the same word.

        According to the 4 books, Jesus did not give many commands. Only a few and principles too. Also he lead by example. In this respect also he is “the way”, if we do what he did.

        He told us how we should pray. The father’s name may be kept holy, his will and kingdom is mentioned in that prayer, forgiveness and contentment with things as well. Jesus was loving in word and deed and self sacrificing and humble because this would be especially pleasing to the father.

        Therefore I am sure we can learn exactly what the Gospel / good news is from the written record, especially the 4 aforementioned books, but also the others and then spread this message of love and reconcilliation, but first of all live it by imitating the loving man Jesus.

        1. The final word is that of Christ. Not those he taught and not a book. That is God’s command at Luke 9:35. I am not saying that one not read the writings of Matthew, Luke, Mark, John, Paul, Timothy or the others. What I AM saying is that THEY and neither is a BOOK called the Bible is THE WORD OF GOD. Christ Jesus is.

          Who told you that the writings of Matthew, Luke, Mark and John are “Gospels?” Those four men certainly did not. God did not. Christ did not. Men did.

          What many fail to understand that there was no such thing as “The Bible” when Christ ascended. The first “Bible” did not come into being for some 1500 years after he ascended. So, how is it that it is called “The Word of God” or “The Gospels” or “Holy” or “Scripture.” Men! Man say this, not God or His Son.

          We DO NOT follow Matthew, Mark, John and the others, we follow the teachings of Christ. Satan has misled the world in a very large way to get it to focus on and defend a book rather than the one The Most High sent.

          Matthew 28:18 are not the words of Matthew, these are the words of Christ himself. And Jesus does command his disciples to “go” to the people of all the nations and make disciples. This statement was made when there was no such thing as a Bible. So, how do you suppose the disciples back then made other disciples? Why is it we today need a book while Christs disciples back then did not? Satan. Satan has cleverly and subtly misdirected the worlds attention from the one God sent (Christ Jesus) to something God did not send (a book).

          With regards what “Jesus” said at Matthew 28:18-20 and what “Jesus” gave to an angel to tell John to write down that is stated at Revelation 14:6 are two different things.

          Jesus’ command at Matthew 28:18-20 is referring to “making disciples” to him, NOT declaring The Good News of the Kingdom.

          Revelation 14:6 clearly shows that it is an angel (a solitary angel) that has been given andn entrusted the “Good News” to declare, not any human. I say this respectfully: Why would you assume that God has given this tasks to us? Because a religious organization says so?

          Something else, show me “what” that Good news message is and “where” it is written?

          No one on earth can! Why? Because it will not be given to humans to declare. That message will be important and it is a holy one. We are not holy incapable of disseminating such a message. It has not been given yet.

          So this “work” you refer to and as to why I do not share in that work. I do not share in it because it is not my place to. God will entrust the declaration of “The Good News of the Kingdom” to that one angel who I believe is Michael (Jesus’ heavenly name).

          It is a gross assumption that some goodnews of the kingdom is being preached. No one … and I mean no one can show me what that message is and where it is written is. I would look foolish telling someone that I am giving them the good news of the kingdom if I cannot show them where it is stated. No, I will obey Christ and make disciples to him and teach them what he has taught me. And, what I have been taught and continue to be taught is not from a book called the Bible. The Bible is not a teacher. Because I quote the Bible does not mean I view it as my teacher or source of knowledge. The knowledge and understanding I have comes from the “living” Christ in a spiritual way. It comes simply by “asking and receiving.”

          If I “believed in” the Bible, then I am saying that the Bible is “the way, truth, and the life” and it is the way to the Father.

          The world and the many professing to believe in Christ are unfaithful to him because they think that they need a book! They “walk by sight, not by faith (in the unseen).

          They have not taken advantage of the gift of prayer in asking the Father for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. They need the book and the book has them.

  7. Shalom my brother well said recently TMH awakened me up to his truth and I had been fighting with the same topic as well.  I know that I am Hebrew a child of Israel which is my nationality and I don't subscribe to any religion because  TMH did not teach any religion. Your article reinsured me even that I am a disciple of the Mashiach. I pray for Yah's children that they heed to his voice and hardent not their hearts. He is awakening his children all over to teach the Gospel to those which are lost. I pray that Israel comes from amongst all religion and turn back to the Father by obeying his Laws, Statues and his commandments.



  8. GREAT article Jerome.   I totally agree with you. 

    I am a devout follower of the Word of GOD and the 

    Biblically documented life of His Son Yeshua. 

    About 10 years ago I stopped using the words 

    Christian and Christianity.  They were NEVER

    used Yeshua or any of his Apostles.  Also calling 

    myself that name associates me with hundreds of 

    millions of FALSE "Christians". 

  9. Hello,
    I have been telling people for years that I was not a Christian but a disciple of Christ. When you tell people that that are church goers, they gasp at the thought even after you explain with scripture. I just ran across you article today and I was elated to see that you used much of the same terminology. Thank you

  10. Thank you, my beloved, in the LORD. You did an awesome job explaining this. Hopefully, my fellow disciples of Jesus Christ will focus on the truth, because Jesus is the truth.

    Once again, thank you.

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