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Did Jesus Command A Commemoration Today?

What is called by men – Christianity – must think that it is above God and Christ in intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom.

With more than 41,000 contending “Christian” denominations who all claim to be the “right religion,” which one are persons to believe?

Do people not think that God and Christ see this and know the many “choices” people have placed in front of them? Therefore, not one single religious organization or following can make the lofty claims that they have been making that:

  • If one does not become a born-again Christian they will suffer eternally in a fiery hell, or
  • If one does not join or associate with a particular religious organization that they will lose their lives, or
  • If one does not adhere to a certain set of Church rules and regulations they will not have God’s favor.

Today’s “Christian” situation is as the Apostle Paul stated at 1 Cor 1:13:

The Christ exists divided.

In a few weeks from the writing of this article, an annual celebration will be carried out by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses and also by the International Bible Students called the Memorial of the Lords Evening Meal or “The Memorial.”

These organizations believe that Jesus commanded ALL of his followers to remember him annually at sundown on Nisan (Abib) 14 by eating bread (which stands for his body) and drinking wine (which stands for his shed blood). And, that only a so-called chosen anointed would participate in the actual eating of the bread and drinking of the wine; and all others present, the non-anointed would be observers.

This event is reported on by only two Apostles: Matthew and John.

One can read for themselves at Matthew 20:20-30 and at John 13:1-38.

That this commemoration is supposed to be observed annually, these two organizations refer to Luke 22:19 and 1 Col 11:24.

There are several problems one should really consider.

Jesus was talking to his chosen ones (Apostles) at the time who all would one day be kings with him in his kingdom. All of these men are long dead and awaiting a resurrection. (They will be of the First Resurrection).

All other anointed or “chosen” ones are assumptions made by men today. It is assumed that there have been and still are others today; most of whom have already died leaving only a “remnant” of them alive today. This remnant numbering just under 6000 elderly persons in their eighties and nineties.

I submit to you: Suppose that there are no anointed or chosen ones today since the twelve Jesus chose – yet – and that they have yet to be chosen in the future at the First Resurrection when Christs 1000 year king over the earth begins?

If this is true, then the Watch Tower and Bible Student organizations are in BIG trouble. Why? Because they have built up a belief system that teaches that Jehovah has chosen 144000 and only a remnant of them remain today and – like the 1914 date belief – a great deal of what Jehovah’s Witnesses and The International Bible Students believe hinge on these things being true. These are foundational beliefs; if not true, will cause that foundation not to support the things built upon it. In time, it will weaken and fall. There has already been strong evidence of this weakening foundation as there have been constant flashes of a so-called new light (new understanding) issuing forth out of the Watch Tower. Why would Jehovah or His Christ issue new light? Was not the initial light the truth? The concept of new light is simply a change of mind; a change in direction; a way of saying “We were wrong” without admitting being wrong. The idea of new light is not something Christ taught or to be found written anywhere. It is a convenient expression created by men to use when they need it to cover over error.

As a former “disassociated” twenty-year plus dedicated and baptized Jehovah’s Witness who has traveled all over the world, what I have witnessed is that the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society claims that there is a remnant of the 144000 on earth. They also teach that this remnant will rule as kings with Christ during his 1000 year kingdom over the earth. Yet, the Watch Tower organization does not even know the names of these individuals; they only know their remaining numbers. Too, if this remnant is to be kings with Christ in his kingdom, why are they kept silent? Why doesn’t the Watch Tower seek these persons out and receive input from them? These are supposedly very important persons – to be future Kings! That this is not done raises suspicions in my mind because, at the Watch Tower headquarters in New York, eight or so White men (plus a recently added Black man) called the Governing Body run the organization and decide what goes into the publications and what is taught in the Congregations below.

Note: The addition of Samuel Herd, the more recent member of the Governing Body is an African American. I believe his addition to this group was done as a token jester and out of pressure from persons like me as to why has this group from the beginning been exclusively White men? It is difficult to convince others that this is not a “White Man’s Religion” when, at the top, that is all one sees. The Governing Body was instituted in 1943 and for nearly 70 years the Governing Body has been all White men claiming to be of the anointed. This is odd as it presents God as a “partial” God. God chooses all White men to head His organization? And to this very day, this Status Quo is maintained and the other “unknown” so-called remnant do not participate in the “feeding” of the sheep. Something is wrong with that. If any of this so-called anointed remnant had a different point of view or some other input to something they read in the publications, one would never know it. The Governing Body decides what is “the truth.” Yet, I read nowhere of Jesus telling a small body of 10 or so men to feed his sheep.

Yet, the 143988 yet to be chosen (12 Apostles already chosen) will be of the First Resurrection that begins when Christ begins his 1000 year kingdom over the earth. Contrary to what has been taught, the First Resurrection is not to life in heaven, it is to life on earth. These persons are resurrected first because Christ will prepare them to administer his kingdom on earth while he remains in heaven. They will have kingly authority on the earth for 1000 years. Though not physically with Christ for the 1000 years, they are “with” him in that they are kings in his kingdom. They will be his visible representatives.

Once they have been prepared, then the Second Resurrection occurs. This encompasses each and every person born since Adam, to include Adam. This is truly a vast and Great Crowd of persons no man can count.

These 144000 are tasked with ensuring all entrusted to them “remember” what Christ did for them. “Look!” they are alive again and in his paradise of 1000 years. That robber that died on that dreadful day over 2000 years ago that Jesus promised “paradise” is there too!

This remembrance is important within those days of 1000 years because after Christ’s kingdom ends, a great misleading will occur when Satan is released from the Abyss and many will forget what Christ did and cease to be “watchful.” (Rev 20:6-8)

So this “ritual” today of the Lord’s Evening Meal is without substance and not something Christ intended for us to do today. It is a false observance no different from other false holidays such as Christmas and Easter celebrated by Christendom.

Think of it this way: Suppose a person does not observe “The Lords Evening Meal?” Does that mean Jesus will break his promise at John 5:28-29 of all being resurrected? Of course not. What about the billions who lived who never knew of a Jesus or Messiah? What about the millions today who have no idea what any of this is all about? Will they be condemned and Jesus’ promise to them of a resurrection broken? No!

This commemoration is not for this time period, but for the one to come.

Many will say at this point that Jesus said it must be done “until he comes.” Yes, it does say that. But why is it assumed that Jesus meant his “Second Coming?”

Many, no doubt, are thinking Jesus only comes a “second” time. WRONG! JESUS COMES BACK A THIRD TIME.

Jesus Second Coming is when he sets up his kingdom over the earth. He will be king over the earth from heaven. A king does not have to be physically present to administer a kingdom. He will appoint kings – 144000 of them – to be visibly and physically present to administer his kingdom. He will be their king. (Rev 1:5, Rev 5:10)

Yet, when Christs 1000 year kingdom ends, he is no longer king over it. He will then sit next to his Father in heaven with a share in His Father’s “indefinite” kingdom. It is now his Father’s kingdom – which he will have authority in – that will “come down” or be felt over the earth. And who is with his Father when his Father’s kingdom comes down: The Son of God, The Christ. He comes a third time but this last time “within his Father’s Kingdom.” Read for yourself at Revelation 21:1-27.

In particular, notice Revelation 21:22 where it shows Christ with his Father as His Fathers kingdom comes down:

And I did not see a temple in it, for Jehovah God the Almighty is its temple, also the Lamb is.

Revelation Chapter 22 shows “the throne of God and of the Lamb” as coming down. Nowhere do we see any 144000 coming down out of heaven. They are already on earth. Someone has sold a bill of goods that the 144000 automatically go to heaven when they are resurrected. No true! There is not one pattern where a resurrection was performed on a dead person and they went into heaven. All resurrections were back to life on earth, NEVER to heaven. When man adds things and makes up things, what they are really doing is twisting Christ’s teachings to make them into their own brand of teachings to make them fit what they want them to be. And, they then sell them as truth and Christ’s teachings.

Too many erroneous assumptions have been made about this 144000 and the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society as well as The International Bible Students are in gross error and have done nothing but make a “celebrated name for THEMSELVES” and “chose” themselves.

Jehovah is not a selfish God to set up an earthly organization ran primarily by persons of European descent.

Look at the images within the many Watch Tower and Bible Student publications. In whose likeness to we see Adam, Eve, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Angels, The Prophets, The Apostles, and others? I think you all know.

This would not come from an impartial God. It would, however, come from men.

Should Bread and Wine Be Ritualized? What Was Jesus Teaching His Disciples?

Jesus’ bread was to do his Father’s will. He did not make a ritual out of it. He also gave his precious blood on our behalf. He did not make a ritual out of that.

That he is the bread out of heaven and “the bread of life” and that his blood was poured out on our behalf, we “remember” him by doing what he did in relation to his Head: His Father’s will; as Christ is our Head. (1 Cor 11:3)

He DID NOT make a ritual (annual or otherwise) in the doing of the will of his Head. So, what is this thing that so many do on Nisan 14? What are you doing?

At Matthew 4:3-4, Jesus had this exchange with the Devil:

The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

So as far as Jesus was concerned, the words or utterances out of God’s mouth his food or “bread.” Who is Christ’s Head? The Father,  God. (1 Cor 11:3)

Jesus is also on record as saying at John 4:34:

My food is for me to do the will of him that sent me and to finish his work.

So Jesus’ bread was to do as His Father directed him; to do his Father’s will. Jesus did not ritualize the doing of that will. As Lord of the Sabbath, the doing of his Father’s will was something he did each and every day; not remembering to do it on some special night. It was always on his mind.

Concerning our relationship with Christ, he is our (mankind’s) Head. (1 Cor 11:3)

And of himself Jesus said at John 6:35-38:

Jesus said to them: “I am the bread of life. He that comes to me will not get hungry at all, and he that exercises faith in me will never get thirsty at all. But I have said to YOU, YOU have even seen me and yet do not believe. Everything the Father gives me will come to me, and the one that comes to me I will by no means drive away; because I have come down from heaven to do, not my will, but the will of him that sent me.

In a figurative sense, what should be our bread? The Christ! To do as he directs us. And what is it that he directs? That we too do the will of his Father. This is only possible if we are his disciples and listen to him as he teaches us how to accomplish that will.

So concerning the bread, he broke with his disciples on that evening more than 2000 years ago, he was telling them to “remember” what he – as their Head – taught them. Those teaching are to serve as their food. And, they make more disciples by giving others this “bread” or teachings. “Do not forget them.”

But men make a ritual out of it.

What about the wine? Well, it was not the wine, it was the “cup.”

This cup means the new covenant by virtue of my blood, which is to be poured out in YOUR behalf.” (Luke 22:20)

Jesus was STILL referring to his body when he mentioned the cup. That this cup would be emptied of its contents. In other words, his blood would be poured out. Many of his disciples in the future will have to give up their bodies and have their life’s force poured out (blood) on behalf of their Brothers. (Matthew 24:9; John 15:13) This is what we are also to remember.

The bread is his body that he will give on behalf of all of mankind. The mention of the “cup” would be “how”  that body would be given up on behalf of all: Its blood poured out.

So when it is taught that the emblems are bread and wine, this is incorrect. In fact, there are no emblems. Just a misunderstanding of what Christ was teaching.

Sadly, many today claiming to follow him and the world to come after Christ’s 1000 kingdom ends will forget and not remember him.

And, as far a The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, it is no different from the denominations within Christendom who are ritual-laden; it too, has fallen for the deception of “the ritual.” There is nothing spiritual about it. Far from it. (John 4:23-24)

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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  1. Perhaps the word “emblem” above was confused with the word element, when referring to the bread and wine.
    But the bottom line, is in those words,
    “Do this in memory of me”…………,
    said not once but a number of times.
    I think these are to be taken most seriously, and observed on a regular basis.

    1. I appreciate your comment. Thank you. I would question “who” it is Jesus was referring to at the time he said this as he did not invite a large number of disciples … and “when’ and “how long” this “remembering” would occur. If I invite special friends to an event and I tell them that I was going to die and gave THEM instructions about what I would like THEM to do after my death, then my instruction was given to them … not to someone I did not invite. Plus, after those persons, I gave the instructions to grow old and die, are no longer around, it is not possible to continue with my instruction.

      It appears what Jesus was teaching would have a much larger fulfillment of something future.

      What many today do with “do this in memory of me” is ritualism. It is no different from what the Catholic church does with its communion ritual.

      To play devils advocate here; If this is to be taken literally, then the Catholic Church does more “remembering” than the Watch Tower.

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