Is Jesus The Word of God or Is The Bible?

This is a question all who claim to worship God and follow Jesus should seriously consider? There is much confusion about this topic as a lot of people in their conversations about “the Bible” refer to it as the Word of God. My questions are: “Then what is Jesus? Is he not the Word of God? Are there two Words of God? Who has priority? Who did God send, His Son or a book? Why so many refer to the Bible as the Word of God? Are they right? Are they in error?

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R. Jerome Harris

A Disciple of Christ in the strictest sense. I belong to no religious organization. I view Christ as my only Head, Master, Teacher, Owner, and Lord. (John 8:31-32, 1Cor 11:3) His God is my God and I champion his teachings above anything issuing out of ANY religious organization.

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Is The Bible The Word of God?