Bible Worship In Opposition To Christ

Most persons who adopt the man-made title of Christian really believe that reading and studying “The Bible’ is something that they are supposed to do and that it is something that God and Christ has commanded. Is this true? Let’s look at the facts?

Out of the Dark Ages

Christ ascended into heaven more than 2000 years ago. Prior to his ascension, there was no such thing as “The Bible.” There was no book containing 66 smaller books from Genesis to Revelation. During his three-and-a-half year ministry no such book existed or was used by anyone (obviously because it did not exist) and there was no mention of a book called the Bible or prophecied to come in the future. Christ taught – his teachings – via word of mouth. Christ did not teach “the Bible.” So how did his teachings get replaced and merged in with a book that appeared on the scene many hundreds of years after his ascension? So what happened and how did a book called the Bible sneak into the picture? How did it get a holy title “The Word of God” that has been ascribed only to Christ? How did such a book get far far more mention and promotion as a “holy book” as “God’s Word” and as a “Teacher” than Christ himself?

After Christ ascended, the European (Greeks and Romans) usurped for themselves that was not theirs to usurp: Christs teachings. With that usurpation, they changed and deviated away from what he taught.

For more than 1500 years after Christs ascension into heaven, they changed, deviated, concoted and created a religious system not of God and Christ but has sold the entire world a bill of goods that it is of God. That counterfiet religious system is called Christianity.

In fact, 500 years after Christs ascension there was “dead air.” Beginning in the 5th century up until the 15th century, the European usurpers cast the world (really their world) into what was called The Dark Ages. The Dark Ages began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. It was within this 1000 year time period that Christs teachings were debated and changed and a book called the Bible was created and introduced to the world. In other words, it took the European 1000 years to create his lie.

About 50 years prior to the end of the Dark Ages, the first Bible was printed. It was called the Gutenberg Bible. This first Bible was printed within the Dark Ages period. The Roman Catholic Bishops who debated and changed Christs teachings would not allow such a book to be printed unless it contained their deviations of what Christ taught. Thus, that first Bible contained the deviations and lies from Christs teachings.

Today, the numerous Bible translations used by the religious system called by men – Christianity – is nothing but a variation of the first one – The Gutenberg Bible. If the first one was a deviation from what Christ taught, all children translations of it are deviations and lies as well.

The World Completely Misled

I was eating breakfast in a diner one Sunday morning and could not help but observe the many persons with their bibles open and deeply into them. One lady had her Watchtower magazine open alongside her New World Translation bible and was heavily involved in looking up verses within the Watchtower magazine.

I could not help but think that these people are worshiping, giving veneration to, and studying “a book.” Yet, Christ asked that we become his disciples.

There are those who ask, “Well, how else can we learn about Christ and what he taught if it were not for the Bible?” These persons are not thinking deeper about it. I asked, “How to persons learn about Christ before there was a Bible? How were disciples to them made? Did Jesus teach his chosen twelve from a book? Suppose no such book existed to this day, how would one learn about Christ?”

They act as if Christ is dead and unable to teach us in person, so a book is needed.

Jesus said at Matthew 28:20:

And, look! I am with YOU all the days until the conclusion of the system of things.

That Christ lives and is invisible to us, means that we have full access to the One who has all understanding, wisdom, and knowledge: The Father. It is by prayer to the Father in heaven – through Christ – that we learn about God and Christ. On many occasions Christ directed his disciples to pray to the Father. He did not speak about learning through a book. If it was a book that the Most High wanted us to learn from, He would have sent one instead of His Son!

What exactly is a disciple? The word disciple means a student of. Therefore, there must be a teacher. Who is that teacher? Jesus answers at Mathew 23:8 (Also see John 13:13):

But YOU, do not YOU be called Rabbi, for one is YOUR teacher, whereas all YOU are brothers.

Therefore, it is a person who we are disciples of not an inanimate object such as a book. We are are not to be disciples (students of) a book or disciples of religious organizations; but that is exactly what the majority have become.

When they say, “I study the Bible” or “I am a Bible student” or “I study the Bible with others” what are they really saying and practicing? What they are really acknowledging is that Christ is not their teacher, but a book is!

A book and/or a religious organization or system is their teacher and mentors. That they are teaching others to become disciples of a book and a member of religious organization! That is what that means!

That a book and a religious system has replaced Christ (and his teachings), accounts for the strange “us verses them” mentality exhibited by all of the denominations within what men call Christianity.

Even the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses – who claim that only they have the truth – have fallen victim just like all of the others with this “us versus them” mentality as they categorize any not a member of the Watch Tower organization as “Worldly Persons” who are condemned persons. Christ never did such a thing. In fact, it was persons unlike those who claim to be “saved” or “uncondemned” that Christ spent considerable time with. He did not go around condemning others because they did not follow him or join some religion. This is what men do and this evil and condemnatory mentality was created in the Dark Ages and is practiced to this very day by ALL of the so-called religious denominations claiming to be of Christ.

A Pseudo Love

Most members within the religious system called by men – Christianity – are hypocrites. The pretend to love and concern for others. They often times confuse acts of kindness with love. (These two completely different things). They enter into their respective religious organizations wearing fake smiles. This is nothing but an outer covering. Yet, inside they are quite something else; especially when outside of the church or congregational doors.

I have had bigots and racists in my workplace – and a professed KKK supporter buy me coffee or a cold beverage. One even helped to two my broken down vehicle off the road (for a price). These are acts of kindness, not love.

They enter into their repective religious organizations wearing fake smiles. This is nothing but an outer covering. Yet, inside they are quite something else; especially when outside of the church or congregational doors.

They even pretend to love one another. I attended the same Kingdom Hall for more than 15 years and many of the persons rarely associated with one another or even knew the other persons names. Yet, they say that they are Brothers and Sisters? 

I remember myself in a grocery store in a city in North Carolina several years back and seeing the wife of the Presiding Overseer of the congregation approaching me in the opposite direction in the ilse and she did not even recognize me. I acknowledged her and she did not even know my name! I could see that she was embarrassed. And, I was a member within the same congregation for 15 years! 

She is a White woman and I am a Black man. I believe that in public, Black people are invisible to many White persons within the congregations.

Several weeks afterward, this woman approaches me in the Kingdom Hall – after I had finished the usual Watchtower magazine reading – to apologize to me. She probably had to ask someone my name first.

I have seen intense hatred and disrespect – even an arrogance – displayed by Jehovah’s Witnesses when they learn that you no longer agree with all of the teachings of the Watch Tower organization. (Notice I said teachings of the Watch Tower organization and NOT the teachings of Christ). 

I told a Jehovah’s Witness who knows me very well that God has no earthly organization that He is using to dispense truth; that is what His Son was used for. The problem is that none of you wish to listen to His Son. Rather, you prefer to listen to “the organization.” (Luke 9:35)

This person became so upset at me that she will not even talk to me to this very day. Yet, I pushed Christ to the forefront as the one we have been commanded to listen to. She did not like that. She preferred “the organization” as being the entity that should be listened to and that if one is NOT within the organization, they will perish.

She did not realize that by making the organization the agent of salvation, she removed Christ from that exclusive position. Essentially to her and all Jehovah’s Witnesses Christ is not the way, the truth and the life; an organization was. Christ is not her teacher, an organization was.

Yes, Witnesses will say that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, but in actual practice the Watchtower organization is as far as Jehovah’s Witnesses are concerned. Membership with and attachment to “the organization” is everything to the Jehovah’s Witness. Yet, the Apostle Paul taught with reference to membership and attachment:

Do YOU not know that YOUR bodies are members of Christ …?

The Apostle also says at Romans 12:5:

so we, although many, are one body in union with Christ, but members belonging individually to one another.

In other words, our membership, attachment and union is to be with Christ, not religious organizations!

This is where the Watch Tower organization and indeed all religious organizations claiming to be of God and Christ have gone horribly astray. And I mean horribly! And, they refuse to hear this truth! They prefer “the organization” and “the system” rather than the person of Christ. The organization – and all of the religious system of Christianity – has fully demonstrated by what it teaches, they it is in opposition to what Christ teaches. It promotes hatred, division, and intolerance among the masses. Their motto is, “Either you are with us or you are against us. And, if you are against us, you will lose out on eternal life.”

Jesus did not leave his disciples with instructions to condemn and judge the world. This God and Christ will do. Christ taught his disciples to treat others as he did and to teach others as he did. Christ did not condemn anyone! So what is this strange religious system that bears his title that does the opposite?

The Bible Has Replaced Christ

The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society publication “Insight To The Scriptures” Volume 1, page 1167 defines idolatry this way:

An idol is an image, a representation of anything, or a symbol that is an object of passionate devotion, whether material or imagined. Generally speaking, idolatry is the veneration, love, worship, or adoration of an idol.

The Bible and all of the many publications that issue forth out of that organization are nothing but a representation of that organization. This same rule applies to all religious organizations. Jehovah’s Witnesses have a passionate devotion to study and dissemination of those publications. They even teach that one of those publications is “The Word of God!” How can that be when only God’s Son is The Word of God? (Revelation 19:13)

There cannot be two Words of God.

That the Watch Tower organization pushes “The Bible” and their many publications makes it a practicer of dolatry.

It has even created its own message – really a practice – called the Good News of the Kingdom. Yet, no one can produce from “Scripture” what exactly that Good News message is or where it is written. No one!

Jehovah’s Witnesses think by placing their publications in the hands of people and starting “Bible Studies” with them is “preaching” that Good News message. Notice that these are not called “Christ Studies” but are called “Bible Studies.” This is powerful testimony and a glimpse into the agenda and mentality of the Watch Tower organization: To teach and promote a book (and other publications) rather than a person: Christ himself.

Visit the official Watch Tower website and notice how often Christ is mentioned compare to the number of times “The Bible” and “The Organization” is mentioned.

When speaking with Jehovah’s Witnesses, notice what and who dominates their discussions: The Bible and the Organization!

They made up their own Good News of the Kingdom and have convinced many to join them disemminating a false gospel that God has not given yet and when He does give it, will not entrust men to preach it.

Here is proof that God will not give imperfect men to preach His perfect Good News of His Kingdom message. Read Revelation 14:6:

And I saw another angel flying in midheaven, and he had everlasting good news to declare as glad tidings to those who dwell on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people.

Notice who has the Good News to declare to the world. It is an angel; a solitary angel, not humans.

So what is it that Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to be preaching? A false message. Indeed all of Christianity is false and it does not speak the truth as there is no truth within it.

Christ foretold and warned that his disciples be on the watch for such false Prophets.

Has the Watch Tower organization ever uttered something false and it did not come to pass? Yes!

In 1966 the Watch Tower Society issued the first of what became a sequence of statements on the importance of a new date—1975—that raised the possibility of that year heralding the beginning of Christ’s millennial reign and, along with it, doom for unbelievers.

Well, 1975 came and went without event and many lost faith in the Watch Tower organization and left it. This should be a powerful lesson that faith is not to be placed in men and their organizations, but only in God and His Son.

Yet, millions still place faith in “organizations” and follow their bidding (rules and reguations) to the letter as if there is life and salvation within them. This is modern-day idolatry. It is a placing faith in structures of stone, mortar, wood and metal and the so-called leaders at the top. This is no different from what was occurring in ancient times; the names just change.

The book at came out of the Dark Ages called “The Bible” is the biggest image or idol of all. It has been the cause of some of the worst atrocities committed upon the human family. Even to this very day the religious system called by men Christianity reigns terror upon the nations of people in “the name of God” or “fighting terrorism.”

It is evil incarnate, a sheep in wolves covering.

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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  1. I am to assume that it is by prayer through Christ that you received the scripture you use to try and prove your point.  How do we determine which verses are okay and which are not? Ask you?  You seem to know the ones that are fact since you use them in your blog.




    1. Not trying to prove anything as it is not up to anyone to prove what God has already spoken to us through His Son.

      Ones viewpoint should not be to “prove which verses are OK” because that would assume that the Bible is the Word of God – which it is not. The Bible IS NOT to be viewed as a meaure of what is true, only CHRIST is “the truth.”

      How does know what is true from God. First, unlearn all that one has been taught about a book that men authorized, named and made holy: The Bible. It has NOTHING to do with the truth about God and Christ. Truth from the Most High God does not come to us through a book, but through his Son. (Luke 9:35 and John 14:6)

      Secondly, do what Jesus instructed us to do with regards “ASKING AND RECEIVING” from God. In other words, when one needs knowledge, wisdom, and understanding does one need to consult a book? No! We ask the Father in heaven in prayer in the name (through the one God chose and authorized) for those things. This requires FAITH. Faith that the invisible God can provide us those things when we ask for them.

      THE PROBLEM: 99.9 percent of so-called believers are obsessed with something that they can see: The Bible. They turn to it for answers and this is a bif mistake. God did not send us a book, he sent us his Son and he told us to listen to him. This book calle the Bible did not come on the scene for some 1000 years after Christ ascended. It has crept in and replaced the Christ as The Word of God to the extent that “The Bible” is even defended. 

      This I can tell you: It requires no faith to believe in the Bible as it is something that one can see. God is an invisible Spirit and worship of him cannot be through animate objects that can be seen such as books and religious organizations. Accurate knowledge of him can only come through the invisible Son of God – who is the ONLY Word of God – and since he is invisible like his Father in heaven, it requires faith on our parts. (John 4:23-24 and 2 Cor 5:7)

      Any viewing, defending, and relying on “The Bible” as The Word of God and “go-to” reference are faithless and make up that unfaithless and unbelieving generation Jesu spoke of at Mark 9:19. Quite frankly, the Master (Jesus [the] Christ would ask the many claiming to follow him, “What is this book called ‘The Bible’ that you follow and consult? Did I instruct you to believe in a book? Did my Father in heaven?’ You are to believe in me and be MY disciple, not disciples of books and religious organizations! Who did my Father tell you to listen to? A book called the Bible? Or me?” Why have you not obeyed the Father? Why have you not exercised Faith in approaching the Father and relying upon him to provide you with the things you ask such as his wisdom, understanding and knowledge?”(Luke 9:35)

      Like ancient Israel who were encamped at the base of Mount Sinai, they waited until Moses departed away from them to create their Golden Calf. Likewise, the world waited until Christ ascended into heaven and in his absence have acted like the people of ancient Israel. It has created a Golden Calf called The Bible and they turn to it rather than to the True Word of God. The world has created an image that it can see.

      I recommend ALL to ask the Father in heaven – through the office and authorization of his Son – for his wisdom, understanding and knowledge and see what happens. One must keep asking. 

      Prayer to the Most High was one of the first things Jesus taught his disciples to do. Why? Because the Father is the source of all wisdom, understanding and knowledge. NOT a book. Jesus NEVER mentioned a book in that regard.

      It would be by the same channel (way) that one asks the Father that they will receive from the Father: The Son of God, and no other person or thing. There is no other way or name given other than the Son of God.

      Religious organization has the world duped in a very large way. In fact, religious organization has created unfaithful persons with regard God and Christ. It makes persons “faithful and loyal” to the religious organization and its image: The Bible.

      It has produced in men and women unspirtitual persons who will spend a lifetime defending religion and a book and placing faith in that book rather than simply obeying the Father in heaven and doing as Christ told us to do. Religion creates “emotionally drunk” and mentally impaired creatures rather than loving, forgiving, tolerant and reasonable creatures. Religion creates division. 

      If the choice presented is to extract wisdom, understanding and knowledge from a book called the Bible of some 1500 or so pages (limited) OR get it from “The Source” itself where there is no limit, I will do as Christ did and set the example of and pray to the Father (in Christs name) for those things. My faith is in God and Christ, not a book or any religous organization.

      It is my hope that e-Prophetic will waken many so that they will see what the Bible and religious organization is and that they will turn to utilizing prayer to the Father in heaven for his wisdom, understanding and knowledge and remove from before them reliance upon a book and religious organizations. They are in captivity – slaves – and do not even know it.


    2. No, it is not by prayer through Christ that I RECEIVED THE SCRIPTURES. I never said that.

      It is by prayer to the Father through Christ that intelligence, wisdom and understanding is received FROM God THROUGH his Son. What is called Scriptures have nothing to with it. I do not view “The Bible” as Scripture or “The Word of God” and so I do not put my confidence in it.

      I place my confidence in the one who is “The Word of God” Christ Jesus. Since he is alive, I do not need to lean upon a book. I lean upon him and I KNOW he is able to teach his disciples from the heavenly realm. Why would I substitute a book for him? Why would anyone?

      You ask a good question: “How do we determine which verses are okay and which are not? Ask you?””

      I am no one. Do not ask me, ask God through his son. 

      If you ask me and I answer you, you had better put to the test anything I say to see if it is from God. (I encourage this).

      How do you test what others say? Again, by asking God through his son for illumination. This is what he is expecting us to do. Many do not reach out in faith and do this. They revert back to a book for answers thinking God speaks to them through a book. That would be impossible because Jesus has identified himself as the ONLY way (channel) to the Father. Not a book nor a person or a religious organization.

      John 4:23-24 holds the answer for how we are to view God and approach him in worship. The sad part is that many turn to the things that they can see. If you can see a thing, no faith is required and it could be false.

      God is a Spirit. He cannot be seen. We cannot worship him through things seen such as a book, crosses and other icons, or religious organizations. If we do, then there is NO TRUTH THERE.

      I tell you, if you RELY on prayer to the Father through his only authorized channel, your wisdom and understanding will increase manyfold. It must become a habit to ask of the Father and to receive from him. The moment you revert to consulting and “relying” upon a book or any religious system, you show a lack of faith and become like the Apostle Peter who began to sink when Christ called him out on the water. (Matthew 14:23-34)

      I have ceased apologizing because I know things.

      If religious organization and their membership can be so bold as to claim to know things, so can I.

      The problem is that I am a threat and thorn to them. It is not that I am purposefully trying to be. But it is like the Apostle Peter said at Acts 4:20:

      “But as for us, we cannot stop speaking about the things we have seen and heard.”


      I am not a Prophet. I am not anyone special. I am just a disciple of Christ who have actually placed my reliance in a God (The Father) and Master (Christ Jesus) who I cannot see but knows that they are alive and fully able to provide me with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

      I am not bound to a book called the Bible. I am free. Free to approach the Father and ask Him for his wisdom, his knowledge and his understanding.

      If you notice: Everything in creation relys upon the Father (Creator) except mankind. Mankind has created “things” that he places trust in. The Bible being one of those things.

      Mankind has more faith in their religious organizations and holy books than the one who created them. Mankind has not really “Tasted God to see that he is Good.” They taste their religions and books.

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