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I have not posted in a while as I was touring Ethiopia. I see I have many posts to reply to and I will get to each one in turn.

There is lots of history and information in Africa (where I now live) that has direct bearing on the persons of God and Christ. This has been carefully kept away from most persons – especially those of us who live in the Americas and in Europe. The view of God and Christ as taught by the religious system called by men – Christianity – is a one-sided one and it presents God and Christ from a European point of view, rather than from an “all-of-mankind” view which consists of a variety of people of various languages and races; not just European. Evidence of this one-sided view can be seen in how God and Christ, Adam and Eve, The Prophets, The Apostles, Angels and others are portrayed in art, film, literature and within Christianity. It is an arrogant in-your-face-we-don’t-care type thing that the man of European descent has done. He nor any man from any racial group has the right to portray the Creator and those from the heavens or persons who were on the earth below as they see fit. It is disrespectful to the Most High God and it smacks Him in the face as men are say that they are God. People, something is wrong with us if we blindly accept this as truth without question, challenge and investigation.

When I first began in Christianity more than 45 years ago I always envisioned in my mind God, Christ, Angels, Adam, Eve, Noah, The Prophets and The Apostles as somehow in the color of White. I always associated them with White people. I come to know that no one in recent times – or in ancient times – has ever seen God, Angels, Adam and Eve or Christ himself to portray them in the likeness of any race among the human family. (Exodus 33:20, John 1:18, John 6:46, and 1 John 4:12)

Any who so easily dismiss it without a fair and open-minded hearing is like a person who is bigoted or racist and looks at the outer appearance of a person rather what one is on the inside.

What is called by men – Christianity – is external. It is all about external appearance and images and ritual. It is not about what is on “the inside.”

It is more concerned about “being right” than it is about the real possibility that it is in gross error and that it has not and does not represent the Christ or his teachings.

It should be appalling to all who claim discipleship to Christ to see him portrayed as a man of European descent (a White man), but it doesn’t. Why should it appall one? Because the Master is no longer in the form of a man today; the form of any race among the human family. He is like his heavenly Father an invisible spirit being who has returned home and resides in heaven.

To insist on portraying him in a form that he is not in shows gross ignorance and a lack of respect for The Most High God, Christ and all who live in heaven. To portray him as a man really amounts to the service and worship of men. To portray him as a White man really amounts to the worship of the White male on earth as saviors of the world. And, this is exactly what the religious system called by men – Christianity – looks like. It looks like a system that promotes the service to and worship of the White male.

The Catholic church has its Popes, who have all been traditionally White men. The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society has its Governing Body who have traditionally an a White mans club. Indeed all of the major denominations within what is called Christianity has sitting at the top of them White men. Is this by God or is it of men.

The invisible God I know is impartial and has no favorites. (Acts 10:34)

Most White people I speak to (as well as many indoctrinated Blacks) take offense at any discussion that the Christ is not a man; a White man at that.

The most disturbing thing I have seen in my travels throughout Africa over the past two years is an intense fear of the White man among Africans who have adopted what is called Christianity. Many Africans I have met have little respect for a Black man in a leadership position. They look to White men to be in those positions. The reason is because Christianity has made it such (by its missionaries) to elevateand associate White skin and images with God and Christ. As I have stated earlier, this is what the African man, woman and child sees on a constant basis in the literature presented to them when they join the religious system. Nothing portrayed in the heavens above or on the earth below looks like them. They are told that they need to be saved by a long-haired white man in a white robe named Jesus Christ.

The Jesus Christ portayed by Christianity is a false Christ. The real Christ is not a man. Since the images of the Messiah is false, so are the teachings associated with those false images. This is the false Christs we were warned about coming. These are false portrayals and false teachings associated with them.

I consider myself a reasonably intelligent and Black man with many years of experience in Bible knowledge and application. Yet, I man I know who recently became a Seventh Day Adventist (less than one year) has no respect for what I know. Deep inside he knows that what I speak is the truth. My presence disturbs him because he fears I will engage him in a discussion about something in the Bible. Previous discussions the two of us have had has showed what he was tell others was in error. Yet, he blindly moves forward and teaches others error. He knows that the persons he is speaking with have little to no knowledge of the Bible and he can tell them anything. With me, he knows he cannot do that. I show him things that he was not aware was there. He, like so many persons who member themselves with a religious organization, care very little about what Christ taught. They stand to defend the teachings of a religious organization.

I remember asking this person why he wanted to become a Seventh Day Adventist and not a Catholic or a Jehovah’s Witness. His answer was “Because those religions are wrong and my religion is the truth.” I said, “You know, they same the same thing about their religion and yours. That they are right and you are wrong.”

Then he asked me, “What is your religion?” I said, “I do not have any religion. I am a disciple of Christ.” He said, “Then Christianity is your religion.” I said, “No, Christianity is a man-made expression and Christ never commanded his disciples to be called Christians or called them to form a religious system called Christianity. Men did this on their own. The same men who are tell you to be a Seventh Day Adventist are doing it as well. The same men who tell others to be Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses (for example) are doing it. Christ never told any of his disciples to be known by such titles. So I reject such titles and take upon myself the only title told us to be known as: His disciples.”

There are many who love to drag a Red Herring and assume that I know nothing because it does not agree with what they believe. Many have accused be of being arroagant. It is not arrogance, but boldness on my part.

And now, Jehovah, give attention to their threats, and grant your slaves to keep speaking your word with all boldness, while you stretch out your hand for healing and while signs and portents occur through the name of your holy servant Jesus. (Acts 4:29-30)

I find that many persons within what is called Christianity have problems with persons such as myself – especially a person of color – who speak with boldness and confidence and who question and challenge their portrayals and false teachings that they claim are from God and Christ. They do not like it.

I know this because I have been told so my many in “cowardly” emails. Rather than post their true feelings, they hide them behind cowardly emails.

Then there are those who simply play the “you need to read the Bible more” assuming that I in my 60 years of life have never done so. What it all really amounts to is an attack on a person rather than dealing with what is written and spoken here.

The most uncanny thing I have seen EVERYWHERE is that persons of European descent are OK with the false portrayals we see everywhere. They say nothing to address it. Yet, the truth is that no one has ever seen Adam and Eve, an angel, Christ and other to know what they looked like.

So why is one race among the human family portraying them ina form in their likeness?

If God is a Spirit and all who live in heaven are spirit beings (this includes The Son of God) no one on earth can rightly or accurately portray them.

Problem is: Christianity has never asked itself whether it should. 

I believe much has been hidden from the world at large and a religious system called Christianity is the primary tool Satan is using to mislead the entire world today away from God and Christ.

Jesus stated long ago that …

Every kingdom divided against itself comes to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

Satan has used religion to create a divided city and house within the human family. Each against the other. Yet, all claim themselves enlighted and as having the truth and God being with them and not the others. Christianity is a part of that divided house.

I am no one special. I am no better or lesser than you, dear reader. I am but a disciple of Christ and a true listener of what he taught and still teaches today via God’s Holy Spirit. (The true baptism). Like my Brothers of old John and Peter I cannot stop speaking of the things I have seen and heard (not of men).

Whether it is righteous in the sight of God to listen to YOU rather than to God, judge for yourselves. But as for us, we cannot stop speaking about the things we have seen and heard.

I cannot in good conscience listen to men and their religious organizations. They are but the voices and words of men who have showed no humility before God.  I must obey God and listen to him. (Luke 9:35)

And, this is what I encourage all of my readers to do: Listen to the one The Most High God sent. Why would you not?

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R. Jerome Harris

No one of importance. A disciple (student) of Christ apart from the established religious systems who reasons, thinks and concludes matters for myself. Something is not right with the state of religion in the world. The real dichotomy is that we live in a world so full of religion, yet is an evil, immoral, and dangerous place to live. A mental and spiritual separation from this world that Jesus said his kingdom is no part of is the first step to a "break-through" to freedom and entry into a much larger spiritual world where God and Christ resides and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God can be accessed.

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