Greetings and welcome to e-Prophetic.com. My name is R. Jerome Harris.

I started e-Prophetic.com out of an urgency concerning what appeared to me to something had gone very wrong within the sphere and world of what is called Christianity and Christendom.

What I observed subtly happening was a migration from the teachings of Christ to the worship and service of men and their organizations, the teachings that issue forth out of them – and more importantly – the idolization of a book as “The Word of God” rather than Christ himself as the only Word of God.

r. Jerome Harris

Men and their organizations were speaking a voice that was not the voice of Christ. They were more interested in bringing the masses into themselves as members of those organizations rather than directing the masses past themselves and onto service and membership with Christ. Thus, what has occurred is that these organizations have usurped the Master’s property. His property is the world of mankind for which he paid the price for.

I am an ex-Jehovah’s Witness of more than 25 years. No former Jehovah’s Witness had to rescue me. I left quietly under my own steam (by disassociation) after very careful consideration. It was not an easy decision to make because the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society was my family.

Contrary to what many may believe or have been told, Jehovah’s Witnesses are some of the most decent people you would find anywhere. They are basically honest and sincere. They believe that what they are doing is what God and Christ want them to do. I do not have qualms with anyone who is sincere in their beliefs. However, honesty, integrity, and sincerity do not mean that the teachings are teachings of Christ.

My issue is not with any individual Jehovah’s Witness. I know that they are – in a sense – children – who have a parent that looms above them. That parent is the Watch Tower organization itself. That parent feeds them. Individual Jehovah’s Witnesses are good and obedient children to that parent.

My issue is with the parent and who it claims itself to be in relation to God and Christ and in relation to those in the congregation below. My issue is with what this parent is feeding its children.

Not only do I take issue with the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, but also with what men call, Christianity. I take issue with the many teachings that issue out of her as well.

I am a very concerned writer as my conscience and everything that I know and inside tells me that something is very wrong with what men call Christianity. It does not have the face, the mentality and the kind heart of the Christ. It is an impostor and a cruel and death-dealing one at that.

I am not here to win arguments or to champion the teaching of one religious organization over another. I care little about what any of them teach. It is what Christ teaches that is tantamount. Neither do I engage besmirching members belonging to the various religious organizations because their views are not in alignment with what I write. It brings me no pleasure seeing others engaging in such activity and I refuse to be drawn into joining others when they do it. It is not the way of the Master.

Differences of viewpoint on my part will most certainly be misconstrued as besmirching, unfaithfulness, rebelliousness, disloyalty, and disobedience to God by those loyal to the religious organizations they belong to. In good conscience, I cannot give such loyalty to human entities. That loyalty belongs to God and Christ. I will never accept a teaching or viewpoint no matter how well conceived if it is not something Christ taught and still teaches via Holy Spirit. 

For those who like using the expressions “The Bible says …” or “The Bible teaches …” must understand that I do not view the Bible as a Teacher or my Teacher. Christ is my Master and my Teacher so my mental viewpoint is always “Christ teaches …” or “Christ says …”

The more I sat in the meetings held at the Kingdom Halls, I eventually noticed that many within the congregations were more in fear of “The Organization” and the visiting Overseers. This was a fear of men, not a fear of God!

I could sit back – as I have for many years – passively going along with the flow and shielding my inner feelings from what had been gnawing at me inside. I could sit back hearing something spoken from the podium or read in a publication and not question and remain silent because that was what was expected of me. Yet, calling out to my God in prayer, I asked Him what is this I am feeling? What is it powerfully agitating me so?

The answer became clear: My God-given faculty of thinking and reasoning for myself was in prison and it sought to escape to be allowed the freedom to think and reason and conclude matters for itself. It could not reconcile much of what it was receiving my way of talks and information read in publications of a religious organization.

There was a liberation for me; I was freed from the clutches of a religious organization who to this day hold millions of captives. The same controlling clutches Jesus freed his first twelve Disciples from.

I  refuse to enter into or allow myself to be taken captive by any religious organization again. I will not join or become a member of any of them. I belong to and I am membered to Christ. They are all impostors and counterfeits as far as I am concerned and their creation was not authorized By God or Christ. They authorized themselves. Something men are good at doing.

No longer can I take a morally “sitting” posture and just go along with things as they are being taught by what is called by men, Christianity. It is misleading persons away from Christ and bringing persons to “themselves” by
placing false Christ (teachings) before persons as bait as a lure.

The major lure is the “truthful” acknowledgment that Jesus is the Messiah. This attracts the fish. Yet, once hooked and caught, the campaigns of misleading begins. (Matthew 24:4-5)

I am no one special. I am not of some special class. Yet, I see what has occurred so clearly and I must write and warn those who would listen. A great misleader stands before all of you and it blocks the way to the Father; that way is Christ himself. This website represents an effort to expose and awaken to sobriety the many who are in a state of slumber.

I am well aware that what I write will not be taken kindly and it will agitate and anger many. I have already witnessed this is a very large way. It is not my intent to offend anyone, but I will write as I see it. I cannot be overly concerned about persons taking offense at what I write because most who take offense feel strongly about what they believe and are very eager to let others know them. I get it.

I also know that many persons have an emotional attachment to their beliefs and lash out in an emotional way rather than a rational and reasoning manner without giving due diligence to the topic under discussion that they are upset about.

And too, I know that there are those who seek blind accept to their viewpoint without question, challenge, or investigation because they may feel that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

And, lastly, there are the hardcore threatening types. They threaten eternal torment and punishment in a fiery hell if one does not accept their view (accepting Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior). Jesus never threatened and he never condemned. So individuals like this – as far as I am concerned – are far removed from the one they claim to follow and I do my best to reason with them that Christ never did such a thing. I must say that it very hard labor to talk to many of these individuals. It is almost as if they take pleasure in torture and pain. Sadly, they link Christ with this viewpoint but are never able to show that Christ thought or taught such a thing.

It is truly appalling to read the hateful comments coming out of the mouths of the many claiming to follow Christ. That in itself is a powerful testimony of the depth Christ’s teachings have taken root in them, if indeed what has taken root are Christ’s teachings. Or, are these really Christ’s teachings within them.

I reject all religious titles. I reject the title “Christian” as well because my Master never told me or any of his disciples to be known by such. And, neither have my Brothers in his day (disciples) called each other by such a title. I am simply what my Master told me to be called and to go out and make: His disciple. Nothing more and nothing else. Any other title is from men and thus, what they want me to be called and the wall they want to encamp me in.

Yet, I thank you for visiting and considering my writings on this website. They are written to get you to think, to question, to challenge, to investigate, and to put to the test those teachings that claim that they are from God and Christ.

More importantly, what I write is to assist one to sit next to me – not in the front or in the back, but next to me – as we all together to listen to our Master – who is alive and who is still teaching in a very large way via Holy Spirit.

The Most High God’s command at Luke 9:35  is obeyed by me.